Sunday, October 24, 2010

Happy Birthday !!!

Happy Birthday Baby!!

We had a party for your birthday. Most of our family was there. Here's a picture of most everyone in the living room while you were opening your presents.

You and Jenna looked pretty cute reading a book together.

Here's a picture of your awesome birthday cake.

Here's a picture of Mommy bringing the cake to you.

After the party, we went outside to play. You and Jenna had lots of fun.

Happy Birthday Baby!
I love you!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Halloween Party, Sad Face / Happy Face, Etc

Hi Silly Baby!

Halloween Party

We took you to a preschool halloween party at the Cornwall Civic centre today. It was pretty fun. You had a great time. You looked so pretty in your fairy dress. There were lots of decorations, dim lights, tables to colour at, face painting and a table to decorate your own cookies. There were lots of little kids there. You spent most of your time there stomping all around the room, weaving around people, and screaming. You had such fun.

Here's one of the pictures of you running around like a mad fool :)

Here you are at the colouring table. You're so cute.

Here you are dancing with the a bunch of other kids at the party.

Reading a Book

Tonight, we were laying in your bed and I was reading your books to you. At one point, I was laying down reading one of your books out loud. You were laying beside me with another book open, and you were reading it too. It was pretty cute. You had the book open and you were talking jibberish.

So Funny, Locking Daddy Out

Tonight I was thinking about something you did a few weeks ago. You are so funny and cute. I was laying down with you in our bed, trying to get you to sleep. You didn't want to go to sleep, so you climbed out of bed and trotted out dragging your blanket behind you. You shut the hall door behind you, smirking back at me while you were closing it, shutting me back in the hall way. I think you even said "byyye" when you closed the door. Then I heard you go over to Mommy in the living room and say "aa daddee?" (that is... "where's daddee?"). You're such a cute little monkey :)
Laughing at TV

You were on the couch with Mommy and I this evening watching America's Funniest Videos. You are so cute. You were snuggled up in your blanket, sucking your thumb. You kept laughing at the funny videos by making a quick laughing exhale out of your nose. It was cute. You did it one other time a week or so ago. Last weeks show was much funnier and you were laughing more. It was pretty funny.

Sad Face - Happy Face

You're so funny. Sometimes when we tell you to do a sad face, you furrow your brow, purse your lips and make a groan. Sometimes you even fold your arms when you do it. Then you switch and make a big happy face and say "happpppy". Sometimes you even raise your arms in the air. Here's a couple photos of you posing.
Saaaad Faaaaace ....

Haaaappppeeeeee ....

Saaaad faaaace with arms folded ....

You're such an adorable little baby! I love you!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Portrait With Jenna

Hi Sweetie!

We took you to Sears to get pictures taken with Jenna. Grammie has been asking for a while, so we finally decided to get you both together for some photos. We're going to give the picture to Grammie for Christmas, so we have to keep it secret until then. You both looked so cute in your dresses. Getting pictures wasn't too easy. Jenna was kinda scared and didn't want to get in front of the background. When we finally got you both together in front of the camera, it was hard to get you both looking at the camera and smiling. We did get a few good photos.

Here's a picture of you and Jenna playing quietly at the photo studio. I think most of the time, you weren't quietly playing ... I was chasing you all around.

Here are a couple of the awesome photos we got.

We went out for lunch afterwards. You and Jenna really started to warm up. You were hugging and holding hands. Outside, you were running around together. It was pretty cute. You were both pretty sad when we had to leave. Here are a bunch of the cute photos.

I love you beautiful baby!

Thursday, October 14, 2010


Hi Baby!

Saying Lots Of Words

You are saying so many words now. You repeat things randomly. Sometimes you repeat them really well. Sometimes we just know what you're saying because it sounds similar to something that someone just said.


You were playing with your Iggle Piggle and Upsy Daisy. You made them hug and said "awwww". It was pretty dute. Here's a photo.

I love you baby girl!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Where's Your Hand !?

Hi Cute Baby!

I've been playing a game with you for as long as I remember. When I'm dressing you with a shirt or a jacket, and you put your arm in the sleeve, I wait until your hand is near the end, then I shake your arm and say "where's your hand ?!?! oh no !! where's your hand !?" Then I pop your hand out and say "there it is". You always find it amusing. I recently heard you saying it to one of your dolls when you were dressing her. It was pretty cute. You also do it now quite often when I'm dressing you ... I don't even have to say it. You say something like "aaa-a hannn .... aaar it is." Here's a picture of you with your hand missing.

I love you sweet baby girl!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Not Afraid of Scary Halloween Decorations

Hiya little baby!

When were visitng at the cottage, we went over to look at the decorations at Judie's. You had fun looking at and poking the decorations. Here's picture of you touching a scary skull while Campbell watches you. When you press the button on his head, he laughs and talks in a scary voice. It sure didn't scare you. You just thought it was amusing.... cute silly baby.

Luv u baby!

Monday, October 4, 2010

Big Girl Bed

Hi Sweet Baby!

We put your new big-girl captains bed together. You were helping to put it together. Here you are trying to tighten a screw on one of the drawers.

Here you are helping me put the bed frame together.

You were excited and bouncing around while we were putting your bed together. Here you are climbing around the bed frame.

As soon as we put the blankets on your new bed, you were so very excited to climb in. Here you are under the blankets right after we put them on the bed. You're talking to one of Brenna's friends on the phone too.

You weren't so excited about sleeping in it at bedtime, but you did OK.

You're getting to be such a big girl.
I love you little baby!