Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Few Silly Updates - Walking & Running, Amazing Trick

Hi Cute Walking Doodle!

Doctor Visit - Have an Ear Infection

We took you to clinic after work to have your ears checked. We're flying to Florida next week and we're afraid that any ear infection will hurt you while flying. You've been getting a cold for a few days... your nose has been running, you've been coughing a bit, you are waking up two times each night and you are rubbing and pulling at your ears. We just had you in to see Dr Coady last week to get your ears checked. Your ears looked fine then. But you screamed and cried when he was looking in your ears. Tonight, when Dr Hooley came into the room, you almost started to cry. He shined the little ear flashlight at you a few times to cheer you up. He looked in one ear and you were fine. You started screaming and crying when he looked in the other ear. Lucky we took you, your right ear is pretty infected. He prescribed you antibiotics. We hope your ears are all better by the time we fly next week.

Walked All Over The Waiting Room - Trying To Run Already

Before we seen the doctor, you walked all over the waiting room for the 20 or so minutes that we were waiting. You walked from the waiting room, into the toy room, back to the waiting room, over through the door to the doctor's exam rooms. You peeked around the corner into Dr Coady's office and his nurse Mary was there. She talked to you for a minute, then you went walking into the waiting room. You tried to go back in to see her about 4 more times. You were so cute taking short little steps all around. You waddle around so cutely, babbling noises the whole time. You've only really be walking for a few days and you're already starting to try to run. Many times while you were walking around, you would start walking faster. I was following you around to make sure you wouldn't fall.

Eating and Playing With Straw

After the doctor visit, we went to eat at the newly built Maid Marians. We sat at a small booth with you in a highchair at the end. The table was so small, it was hard to keep everything out of your reach. We got you some water in a cup with a lid and straw. After you had your fill of drinking, you kept pulling the straw out, and putting it back in. You're so smart and coordinated. Mommy and I shared our supper with you... you had lots.

Amazing Trick - Flipped a Coffee Creamer Like Mom & Dad

While we were waiting for our food to arrive, you were getting impatient, especially seeing everyone around us eating. I decided to entertain you with a silly thing mommy & I do in restaurants. We turn a coffee creamer upside down, then push down on it with our finger, then flick our finger back and down. It makes the creamer flip forward and up in the air. We try to make it flip and land rightside up, or we make it try to land on top of another creamer. Its a fun silly game. Anyway, I flipped a creamer towards you a few times. Then I handed it to you. You turned it upside down on the table, put your finger on it and flipped it. It did a half turn and landed upright. It was your very first try ever... it was awesome. You are so smart :) I have a feeling you'll be silly just like your dad.

I love you silly girl!

Monday, March 29, 2010

Singing Old MacDonald & Saying Cookie

Hi Cute Little Bopper!

Singing Old MacDonald

You started singing Old MacDonald. You sing the "eee iii eee iii ooo" part. You sing that part after we sing a verse. Sometimes you just go around singing that part randomly.

Saying Cookie

You can now can say cookie ... you actually say something more like "kuuh-guuh". Whenever we are near the cupboard where we keep the cookies, you will point and say "kuug-guuh".

Riding Your Little Wagon

You silly girl. You started sitting in a little wagon that is meant to carry your Sesame Street rubber blocks. You sit in it and push or pull yourself around with your feet. Here's a picture. Its not the best picture because your hair is a mess and your nose is running .

I love you cute little baby!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Officially Walking & Other Stuff

Hi Cute Baby Emma!

Fun With Xylophone

We bought you a toy xylophone today. You had lots of fun playing it.

Mommy was playing Mary Had A Little Lamb. You liked listening to her play because you kept bringing it to her to play. You were sitting on the loveseat playing and decided to drop the mallets over the back of the couch ... you drop things behind your toy box all the time and then say uhhh ohhhh. I was taking a video of you. You turned around towards me and started jumping up and down on the couch. I'm glad I was right in front of you, because you fell forward. Your belly landed on the edge of the couch and you were falling head first towards the floor. I reached out and grabbed you just in time. The video shows you starting to fall and you can just see the side of you falling towards the floor. I must have turned the video off as I was reaching out to grab you. Here's a picture of you jumping just before you fell.

Really Officially Walking

You were walking so much today. You were walking all over the house. I guess you are now really officially walking. Well you started walking at this pace a couple days ago.... it would be pretty much on or just after your 17 month birthday.

So Coordinated, Putting Straw In Juice Box

You are getting so coordinated. This morning, I gave you a juice box. You drank about half of it, then started playing with it. You pulled the straw out and then kep trying to put the straw back into the hole in the top. You did it several times. I'm amazed at how coordinated you are. I tried to help you hold the juice box a few times. You would grab my hand and push it away. Haha. You do that a lot when I try to help you.

Putting Bottle On Your Foot

Tonight you were laying on me on the couch while I was giving you a bottle before bed. As usual, you would drink a little, then push the bottle away for a while. While I was holding the bottle off to the side, you started pushing at the bottle with your foot and making uuuuuh uuuuuh noises. I thought you were trying to push it away... because when you don't want food or a cup or bottle, you sometimes throw it away or shove it further away. I realized that you were trying to stick your foot up into the hollow shell of the bottle from the bottom (in where the bottom of the liner is). It was so cute and funny. I started doing that to you a long time ago while we were snuggling and I was giving you a bottle. During the times that you didn't want to drink your bottle, I would sometimes slide the bottle over your bare toes. Its pretty silly but you always had fun. Its cute that you were pushing your foot on the bottle trying to get me to put if over your toes.

Eating Ice Cream With Cameron

Cameron was sitting on the loveseat having some icecream this evening. You were walking around all over the place. You kept walking over to Cameron and opening your mouth for ice cream. When he gave you some, you'd walk around the living room a bit, and go back when you were ready for more.

I love you little baby Emma!

Friday, March 26, 2010

Pigtails, Saying Mooo & More, Nooo Moooaa, Pointing At Light Switch

Hi Little Cutie!


Nikki, your babysitter put pig tails in your hair yesterday. You look so cute. We put them back in your hair this morning.

Talking Lots, Saying Moooo

You've been changing so much lately. You are talking lots. When we ask you what a cow says, you say moooo. You say aeeef aeeef when we ask what a puppy says. You sometimes say meoooow when we ask what a kitty says.

Saying Noooo Mooooaa

When we're feeding you in your highchair, you say nooo moooooa when you've had enough. You're often blabbering non-stop when we're driving you around in your stroller or a shopping cart. We took you out for a walk in your chariot last night. You were making happy babbling sounds the whole time. You get cranky when we stop, but you're happy when we're moving.

Pointing At Light Switch

The past few nights, you took off from the living room to your bedroom. I crawled behind you, then peeked around the corner to see you sitting and playing with your toys. When you looked at me, I'd move my head back ... then you'd laugh. I did it over and over and we shared some big laughs. It was in the evening and getting dark. You pointed to the light switch and made a noise, asking me to turn the light on. It was pretty cute.

Walking Even More

You're walking even more now. You still stagger around, and fall down sometimes but you are walking much better and more now. You even get up on your own and walk. You always look so proud of yourself when you're walking. You'll be running in no time.

I love you!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Talking, Climbing On/In Toybox, Peekaboo, Snuggling

Hiya Baby Emma!

Talking At Supper

We had BBQ pork chops, veggies and boiled baby potatoes tonight for supper. You were getting pretty anxious to eat, so I started talking to you, telling you that it would be ready soon. You were looking back at me intently and making sounds back at me as if to reply. I said the potatoes are pretty well done, then Mommy said maybe she'd get some for you. You replied with a yeeaaah :)
You were so proud of yourself feeding yourself with a fork. When the pork chops were done, we cut some pieces up really small and put them on your tray. You ate the pieces, one hand after the other. You sure love to eat pork chops and steak. We had a hard time keeping up to you. You'd scream for more. We took a few videos of you. I want to start taking more videos of you talking and making noises. Its so cute when you try to talk. Well, you mostly just reply to what we say with single sounds like eeeaa, yuuuu, nuuuu, and other sounds that resemble yes and no.

Climbing On Toy Box & Sliding Off

Tonight when I was playing with you in your room, you were going through your books as usual. You were also crawling into your toy box like you do a lot lately. You put the cover down and crawled on top. When you got up, you sat down, moved over to the edge with your feet hanging over and started bouncing your feet up and down off the side of the toy box. Twice when you were at the edge, you put your arms out and slid off. I reached to catch you. Silly girl!

Climbing In Toy Box

You also like to open your toy box and climb in. I might have told you about this before. Its pretty cute. You lift the heavy lid open. Then you struggle to climb in with all the toys. Its pretty cute. You usually climb in, then climb out, then climb in again ... you usually do it a few times.

Saying "Where's Emma"

Mommy was playing with you in your room before me. We always play peekaboo with you. We'll throw a shirt or pants or a blanket over your face and say "where's emma" "emmmmma". When you pull it off, we excitedly say "there you are... there's emma" Tonight, Mommy put one of your winter hats on your face. Then you started putting it on your face. A couple times you put it on your face and said "emmmma". It was pretty cute. Here's a couple pictures of another time when you were putting a blanket over your head to play peekaboo.

Snuggling In To Read A Book

You later walked over to me, leaned up against my chest, then turned around to stick your bum up against my chest, then slid down to sit down and snuggle in against me. It was cute, it was your way of telling me that you wanted me to read to you. I grabbed one of the many books on the floor and read some of it to you. You hardly ever sit patiently and let me read to you. I can't even finish a page when you are grabbing the pages and flipping through.

I love you sweet baby!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Licking The Bowl & Biting The Spoon

Hi Silly Girl!

You and I had clam chowder for supper. You sure did like it. Here you are trying to get every drop out of the bowl. Silly girl.

You were showing off for the camera as you usually do. You were biting on your spoon and making a silly face.

You're so funny! I love you so much :)

Sunday, March 14, 2010

First Chariot Ride Of The Season

Hi Cute Emma Doodle!

Mommy and I took you for a long walk down the street and to the store in your chariot. It was your first chariot ride of the season. You enjoyed the ride. You were playing with toys, talking and making all kinds of happy sounds.

You were leaning forward and touching the front wheel of the chariot. We kept telling you to stop so you didn't hurt your finger. We were threatening to put the shoulder straps on you to keep you from leaning forward. I think we pulled the screen cover down over the front instead.
Here's a picture of you reaching to touch when wheel while we were stopped. Silly girl, you had a mario doll in your mouth like a puppy.

I love you cute little baby!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Driving Your Car In The Driveway

Hi Emma Doodle!

It was a nice summy day, so Mommy and I took you outside. We slid you down your little plastic slide ... you weren't too impressed with it. We pushed you around the driveway on your car. We pushed you around for a while on a car that we had in the garage. You never rode that car before. We bought it last year at a yard sale. It was old and faded. We put you on your own newer car when we realized that the wheels were cracking and breaking on the old car. You already drove and pushed your newer car lots in the house all winter. You sure loved driving your car. We pushed you up and down the driveway over and over. You were talking and smiling lots. You'd get mad when we stopped.

Here's a picture of you pushing yourself around.

You had lots more fun when we pushed you. Here I am pushing you.

This picture shows how much fun you were having when Mommy was pushing you.

I love you pretty baby!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Peeking Around The Corner

Hi Cute Doodle Doo!

You've been climbing around lots. Today, you started climbing up on the telephone table. You sit on the seat, and you even climbed up onto the top. Mommy went out the the kitchen for something. You climbed up on the telephone table and tried to peek around the corner to see her. Here's a cute picture of you.

This morning, we were in the living room looking at sales flyers. You were into everything as usual, and kept grabbing the pile of flyers and throwing them on the floor. I started setting them on top of your head. You thought it was pretty funny.

We went to Summerside for a drive today. We had lunch at Maid Marions. You sure loved gobbling up fries, hash browns, toast and eggs. You got really hyper and squirmy before we left. We couldn't keep you in your chair. Just before we left, you crawled under the table. You were sitting under there with a big smile on your face and giggling.

We went to the farmers market. We bought you a fabric book of nursery rhymes.

It was a nice sunny day so we stopped at a park. It was warm in the sun, but the wind was cold, so we didn't stay long. We took a couple pictures. Here is one of you on a toy car. Its cute, it looks like you and Mommy are driving a small car.

I love you little baby!

Happy Birthday Daddy!

Hi Doodle Doo Bopper!

Yesterday was Daddy's birthday!  You got him some yummy chocolate for his present...and some kindersurprises for you both to share.  Of course, we had cake and ice cream...Daddy will post pictures later.  I helped you write a birthday poem for Daddy:

Dear Daddy (Happy Birthday!)

I got a little present - for you and me to share;
I hope that (even though it's small) it shows how much I care.
The chocolate we can eat together, as we both always love to do;
You can make the toy for me and then I'll play with you.

Do you remember last year's birthday?  When I was so much smaller?
Don't worry, you'll forever be my hero, Daddy - even when I'm taller...
I love how you can make me laugh and when you bite my belly and toes;
I giggle and squeal really loud - just so everyone knows.

I might be a bit of a handful now, when I bang on the TV,
And climb up on the fireplace and make ya catch up with me.
But, pretty soon, I'll be even bigger than I am right now,
I'll learn to walk and talk (and listen!), you can show me how.

You sure are the bestest Daddy a little girl could ever get;
And, I hope that you have the happiest birthday you've ever had yet!!!

Your Doodle Doo Bopper

Friday, March 5, 2010

Stood Up & Walked, My Birthday Cake, Saying Brenna

Hi Cute Doodle Bopper!

Devon was playing with you this evening your bedroom. He was taking pictures of you with a toy camera. You stood up on your own and started walking towards him. You did this two or three times.

You wrote me a really cute poem for my birthday. Mommy helped you :) It is really cute.

We had cake and ice cream for my birthday. You and Mommy helped be blow out the candles on my cake. Well, we trying to get you to help but I think you just wanted to grab the cake.

You sure loved the cake... as you always do.

Here's a picture of you buttering my nose ... actually it was cake icing ... and actually, Brenna put it on my nose ... you were just rubbing it in :)

You are talking lots more now. You say Mama a lot. You say Dada too. You've started saying Brenna's name .... you say something more like "nenna" or "enna". Sometimes you crawl to the top of the stairs and call to her if she's in the basement.

I love you cute baby Emma!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Cousin Jenna, You Stood Up & Walked, Pushed Dolly Stroller, Sat In Dolly Stroller, Scared of Popup Book

Hi Crazy Bopper!

Jenna Says "doodle oodle doodle doo"

I called to wish my sister Christa a happy birthday. I could hear your cousin Jenna in the background saying "doodle oodle doodle doo". Christa told me that when Jenna puts on clothes that are too tight, she takes them off and hands them to Christa and says "doodle oodle doodle doo". She's saying that she wants to pass her smaller clothes on to you. Its pretty cute.

Stood Up On Your Own & Walked

You stood up on your own tonight in the living room. I backed away from you so you took a couple steps towards me.

Pushed Your Dolly Stroller Around

You walked around pushing your dolly's stroller tonight. You sure enjoyed it. Mommy held onto the handles with you to make sure that you didn't fall over. Later I helped you too. I held onto the handles or the side of the stroller while you pushed it from your bedroom to the living room and back. A few times you stopped to and grabbed my hand and pulled it off the stroller. You didn't want me helping. We have to help though because the stroller is very light and you can fall easily while pushing it by yourself. Here's a silly picture of you and your stroller.

Sitting In Dolly Stroller

On the weekend, you wanted to sit in the stroller. Mommy put you in it and I took some pictures. We pushed you around the living room. You silly baby. You are too big for your dolly's stroller. You kept crying to get in the stroller if we took you out. As soon as we'd put you in it, you'd sit quietly and let us push you around. You had a look on your face like you knew you were doing something silly that you weren't supposed to. We'll have to keep you out of the stroller. Its only a toy, its too small for you and it just might break with you in it. Here's a picture of you silly girl.

Scared Of Pop-Up Book

Tonight you had one of your scared screaming outbursts. You are apparantly are scared of a little dinosaur pop-up book. You aren't scared of dinosaurs, but you scream, freak out, flail your arms and try to get away when the pop-up book is opened near you. Its so strange. Its just like you were scared of the sunflower hat that came on one of your dolls for christmas. You pulled it out of your toy box one day, screamed and cried and threw it away from you. You did it one other time. When we were getting pictures taken of you and the other kids at Sears, the photographer put a bouquet of daisys next to you for one of the photos. You screamed and flailed to get away from it. Its the strangest thing.

I love you silly little girl!

Monday, March 1, 2010

Throwing Diapers On Floor

Hi Little Monkey!

You sure are a handful ... you're always getting into everything that you are not supposed to. Lately, when we're playing in your bedroom, you stand up at your dresser, open the cabinet and start pulling all the diapers off the shelf and throwing them on the floor. Here's a picture of you caught in the act.

I love you silly baby!