Monday, January 24, 2011

Washing Dishes, Don't Push Me, You're in My Way, Piggy Back Ride

Hi Kiddo!

Wassha aaa Ditthesss

So, you helped me wash the dishes tonite. Well, you got in my way, prevented me from washing dishes, and made a mess of the counter, your jammies and the floor, but we had fun. I was washing the dishes, and you came along asking to "wassha aaa hannnds". It started out as a request but typical Emma fashion became more demanding. Soooo, I picked you up and let you splash in the water, and play with the scrubbing brush, etc. After a couple minutes I took you down and told you that you had enough. You sat on the floor and cried and kept screaming "aaaa wass-shaa-handdds". I carried you to the living room and sat with you, but you were still sobbing and screaming your line over and over. I was gonna grab my camera and take a video of you being such a sooky. After a couple minutes of that I gave in and asked you if you would like to help me wash the dishes. You immediately stopped crying ... and sat there looking off into space with such a sad silent look on your face.
So, I got a step stool and pushed it up against the counter. You climbed up right away and began playing and splashing. You said "aaa wassha aaa ditthess".

It wasn't easy, but I continued to wash the dishes around you. You kept grabbing wooden spoons and cups from the washed pile and playing with them in the water. You kept pouring cups of water, sometimes on yourself and all over the floor. There was so much water at one point, I had to move you and clean it up. You were pretty upset that I took you down off the stool... but I spoke to you sternly and told you that I had to clean up your mess that you made and that you could go back when I was done.

Don't Push Me

While I was sopping up your mess, you took a couple casual steps toward me, gave me a little push on my shoulder and stepped back. You did this twice. It was kinda like a spiteful little push. So I reached over and gave you a little push on the shoulder. You responded in a slightly high pitched voice, "dooon pusssh meeee". Its so funny when I head you say something for the first time. I don't even know where you learn these things.

Anyway, you played for a bit longer, and then needed to drink from a cup that you filled from the tap several times, then I pulled the plug. You whined a bit, but were OK.

You're In My Way

I was putting some wood in the fire place when I heard you say "dadddeeee, you're innn myy waaayy". You were on the couch watching Iggle Piggle on In the Night Garden and were cranky that I got in your way. You also said "Iiii cannnntt seeee". Oh, you're a cute one.

Swimming At Nikki's

When we picked you up this evening, Nikki started swinging her arms like she was swimming and asked if I knew what it meant. She said you were running around the house today swinging your arms like you were swimming. I told her that you've been taking swimming lessons and were doing that last night. It all made sense to her then. You silly girl.

Piggy Back Ride

Tonight, and a few other times before, you climbed up onto my back for a piggy back ride. I was sitting on your bed when you did it tonight. You hold on tight around my neck and I stand up, you say "hollddd onnnn". You then went for a ride on Cameron's back.

Popping Open The Child Locks

Yeah, so..... the child proof gadgets on your dresser aren't too Emma-proof. It wasn't long after we put them on (many many months ago), that you figured out how to open them. You either open and close the drawer until it pops, or you pick it with your fingers like you're doing in this picture. You're such a smart baby.

I love you baby girl!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Musical Baby

Hi Baby!

You're quite a musical baby. I think you will be quite musically talented when you get older.

Humming and Singing

I hear you humming and signing quietly a lot. I notice it sometimes when you're off playing or doing something. I'll ask you "are you singing?" ... and you reply by nodding your head or saying "yep".

Drumming and Piano

I already told you before about your love for drums and the piano. There have been a few times when you see us with wooden spoons or sticks and you you want them.... we're trying to put them away and you are whining "drummm ... drummmm".

Singing Tonight

Tonight when we were playing in your bedroom, you were singing into the microphone of your kittie keyboard. You stick the microphone right up to your mouth and just make noises. You were even singing "twinkle twinkle little star". Its kinda cute and funny. I took a couple videos of it. Here's a photo of you singing.


You like playing the flute too. Your flute is actually a the plastic handle from a toy mop. You call it "myyy fluuuuute". You walk around the house playing it and making musical noise. I think you learned to like the flute when you're playing with Brenna. She plays flute.


You also like playing with my guitar. You climb up on the ledge behind the couch to play with the strings. You usually play the strings a little rough. I say "gentle.. play softly" .. you then rub the strings gently and say "naaacccce .... niiiiceeee". You learned that from us. I can remember back many months ago, maybe even before you were one year old, when were were teaching you to be nice... if you were rough with us or hit us a little hard ... we would correct you by saying "nice daddy" or "nice mommy" while we rubbing our face, arm, etc. You would follow by rubbing either of us gently saying "naaaaaceee ... niicccce". You now do it when we tell you to be gentle with something. Here's a picture of you up by my guitar.

I sometimes bring the guitar down and let you strum the strings. Its hard for you to keep being gentle.... you often strum the strings pretty hard.

I luv u baby!

Swimming Lessons - Doing Great

Hi cute little fishie!

You had fun at swimming lessons today. Last week, Mommy got in the pool with you. Today, I got in with you. The class started out with all the little ones wearing a PFD. I let you float around for a while. I even let you go and let you float around on your back all by yourself. You were OK with that for a short while, but you were pretty nervous. You did lots of squealing when I left you floating on your back too long.

You jumped in the pool a couple times when I sat you up on the edge. When I stood you up on the edge, you wouldn't jump in by yourself.... I had to pull you in.

For the last half of the class, you weren't wearing the PFD. You and the class were doing things like kicking your feet, blowing bubbles, etc. You were so funny. The water in the small pool was up to your chin. I let you go and you proceeded to walk around all over the pool with your chin in the air to stay above the water. Mommy was watching and was scared and horrified that I was letting you go all over the pool. It actually looked to Mommy like you were swimming. You did great... but it did look kinda funny.

Tonight when we were asking you if you had fun swimming and telling you that you did a great job, you would smile and wave your arms in a swimming motion. We asked, what did you do today, and you kept smiling and waving your arms.

I love you cute baby!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Artist and Painting Hands & Feet

Hi My Little Artist!

Tonight I brought out some paints, brushes and canvases. I wanted to get you to paint a picture, and I also wanted to get some impressions of your hands and feet. You loved painting on the canvas.

You were OK with me painting your hand and pushing it onto a canvas, but you did not want to get your feet painted. I asked you a bunch of times and you kept replying “NO!”.

You were so proud of your painting. You kept turning it towards me and saying “look daddeee!”. You kept asking for more paint. You’d say “more green” or “more yellow”, etc.
Your painting turned out pretty darn good. I should have stopped you a little earlier. It was full of such nice colours, but all the brushing you did at the end blended the colours into a brown. I’ll probably let you add some colour to it some day.

At the same time, you and I also worked on a painting. It turned out pretty nice too.

We got an impression of each of your hands. I finally convinced to get your feet painted. I put a blank canvas on the floor and showed you how to walk on it. Once you were comfortable with that, I picked you up and Mommy rubbed your feet in the leftover paints from when we were painting. She then pushed your feet down on the canvas. We took two impressions. They turned out pretty nice too.

Here are the paintings of your hands and feet.

I love you cute baby!

Friday, January 21, 2011

Snuggly Baby and Playing Hide & Seek

Hi Wonderful Baby!

Cute Snuggly Baby

This morning when I was in the kitchen getting some breakfast ready, you stumbled out to see me. Usually we have to drag you out of bed. You were looking cute standing there in your jammies. I picked you up and you put your arms around me and layed your head on my shoulder. You’re so cute and snuggly.

Snuggling At Breakfast & Daaaat Clossssse

This morning, like many mornings, you were tired an lazy and just want to sit on my knee at the table. You refuse to sit in your own chair. Oh yeah, on that topic, you haven’t sat in your high chair in a long time. You sit in a regular chair. You haven’t fallen out yet, but we watch you pretty closely. You like to climb up onto the chairs.
Anyway, its pretty cute. You sit on my knee and snuggle your head in to my chest. We shared some toast and mini-wheats. You were calling them mini meeets. When we were done, I was trying to close up the box of cereal but it was hard because I was holding you up on my knee. While I was closing the box, it slipped from my hand. I reached down quickly and grabbed it before it fell. You said “daaaat closssssse” ..... it was cute. You amaze me with the things you know and the things you can say.

Hide & Seek

Tonight Mommy and I played hide and seek with you. You had lots of fun. You stood in the living room and covered your eyes and counted “feee fooor twwooo feee fooor...”

I ran and hid under the comforter on your bed. You found me right away. Then I counted while you went and hid in your bedroom. I ran and found you on the bed. You screamed when I found you.

We took turns finding each other. Mommy played too. She hid in your closet and you had a hard time finding her until I pointed you towards the closet. You then thought the closet was a really good idea. You kept going in there an closing the door. Here you are after one of the times I found you in the closet.


When I was laying down with you at bedtime tonight, you decided you wanted you’re “my little pony”. You have two little ones and one bigger one. You said “ponnieeee” in a bit of a sooky voice. I just wanted you to go to sleep so I said I didn’t know where your ponies were. You pointed beside the bed and said “right - daaarrr - onnn - daaa - flooor”. Actually, that’s where your smaller ponies were the last time I saw them. After you said that a couple times, I asked “where”, and you replied with “dowwnn - darrrr” while pointing to the floor beside you. I got up and picked up your two small ponies. You were happy to get them.

Cover Up

While we were laying in bed, you sat up and reached for the comforter at the end of the bed and said “coverr up”. So, I grabbed the comforter and pulled it up over us both. You then snuggled in close.

I love you sweet baby!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Aaah Byyaah Mysefff, Drawing, and Lots of Words

Hi Smart Baby!

Its amazing how smart you are. Nikki still continues to say how amazed she is with how smart you are. You just seem to be talking more and more every day. Last Saturday, you spent the day with Grumpy. When you came home I was amazed at how much more you were saying and how much further advanced your body language was just after being away for the day.

Aaah Byyaah Mysefff

For the last couple days, you've been saying this. It started out as you being proud of your self for doing something like climbing up into a chair, or climbing out of a chair. You'd say an excited "aaaa byyaah mysefff". Then you sometimes day "I didddd itttt!" Now you're starting to say it in a stern or angry way if we try to help you do something. Tonight while I was laying down in bed with you, you decided that you needed socks on. I got up and got you a pair of socks and tried to put them on you. You stopped me with your hands and a stern "Aaaah byyaaah mysefff!!" Each time I tried to help you, you would push my hands away and say "nooooo daddeeee! aaah byyaah myseff!" I finally got a sock from you, and showed you how to put both of your thumbs in and stretch it out, and pull it over your toes. You tried a few times but didn't get it. So then I demonstrated by pulling a sock over your toes. You tried... and let me help a little, and you did it. You said an excited "Iii didddd ittt!"


You still love colouring with crayons and your markers. You say "aaaah colourrrr" when you want to colour.

Drawing House, Kittie, Puppie, Moon

You love scribbling on with crayons, pens and pencils. You're so cute. You'll scribble a bit and then point to what you had drawn and say "Emma maaka puppie". You also make a house a kittie, a moon... and even a door. If you don't announce it, I'll ask you... what's that. You'll reply with one of the above ... a kittie, a moon.

Lots of Words and Sentences

I think you pretty much understand everything we say to you. You say many things now, and your vocabulary gets larger every day. You say things like ....
- ovver deaaaar
- riiiight deaaaar
- I doooon wannt to
- I dooon likeee-it
- aaah washaaa hannds
- uuughhhh haaavveeee (while straining and lifting something)
- aaaah brusssha teeeeeth
- aaah reeeeeeeeed-dit (asking us to read a book)
- aaah hooood-dup (when you want your jacket hood up)

Gooooo! Snow!

Tonight when we picked you up at Nikki's, it was kinda windy and snowy and cold. While I was buckling you in, the wind blowing in on you. Several times, with you elbow on the seat arm rest, and your hand up, you pointed your finger outside and said "Goooo! Snowww!". You're a funny girl.

Aaaah Wasshaa Hannds

You've been saying this a lot lately. At least once a day, you want to waassha hannds. I lift you up to a sink and let you play. Sometimes I put a bit of water in the sink to let you play. Sometimes you just play with the running water. You even grab the soap sometimes. On the weekend, to keep you occupied, she put a step stool up to the kitchen sink. You were able to climb up and stand there while you wasssha your hannds. That may have been a mistake, because you grab the stool every time you see it and struggle and strain to carry it to a sink.

Goooo Dattt Way

Its funny, lately when we're driving, you'll point in a direction and say "goooo dattt wayyy!"

Know Your Books

You love us to read books to you. I'm amazed at how well you know your books now. When we read your books to you, you are always pointing out things in the pictures and saying what it is.

When we read your Franklin book to you, point to Franklin or others when they seem happy, and you say happpeee or aaah lafffffin. You point to his mother and say aah mommmeee.

Tonight when I picked up your "Mamma's Right Here Book" you said "Aaah mamma heeeyah" I was impressed because I don't think that book has been read to you in quite a while.

Tonight you brought your Tommy the Tugboat to Brenna and said Aaaah Tommmmeeee. You pointed out lots of things like saying "sad" or "happy" or "broken" when the bridge was broken, etc. You're so darn smart.

I love you brilliant baby!!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Blow Your Nose & Books At Bedtime

Hi Baby!

Blow Your Nose

You’ve been getting a cold for the past couple days. Your nose is running and getting stuffy. Its funny to hear the sound of your little voice change because you have a cold. You are really good to let us wipe your runny nose, and you can also blow your nose. We put a tissue to your nose and say “blow” then you blow lightly out your nose. Its pretty cute.


You love reading books. You really love your Franklin (the turtle) book. You whine and sook for me to read that book to you. You say “lake-in” or “lake-lin” or “fanklin”. The book is where Franklin is scared of the dark and doesn’t want to go in his shell. You sometimes listen quietly, but sometimes you move around and kick your feet and move your arms, and point to pictures in the book and say what they are... like fanklin, or froggy, or you point at Franklin's mommy and say "mommy" or "daddy" or point at Franklin and describe his emotion as "sad" or "happy".

Books At Bedtime

Sometimes at bedtime, when I’m laying down with you, you are more interested in getting up and reading books. You crawl out of bed and then look through the drawers of your mates bed where we keep your books, grab a book, then climb up the side of your bed and safety rail, and fall over the rail into bed. You sometimes say in a demanding voice “reeeeee - dittttt”.

I love you baby girl!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Catching Football, Lotsa Talking, I Love You

Hi Sweet Baby Girl!

I Love You

You now say I love you. On the weekend, you were wearing your I love mommy bib. We told you what it said, and you said “I love Mommy” over and over. Tonight when we were laying in bed, I told you I love you ... and you said “nite nite .... daddeee .... I love you”. Such a sweet girl.

Dooont Doooo Thattt

It was just you and me in the van on the way home tonight. You were making noise and I was making noise too. When I made a noise, you would scream and yell even louder. When it got too loud, we stopped. After a couple minutes of quiet I started making weird noises again. You let me know that I was bothering you by saying “Daaaa aaaaa deeee”. Then you said in a stern voice a couple times “dooont doooo thatttt ........ doooont dooo thatttt ..... Toooooo louuuud”. Haha... you’re so cute.

Cammmennn ... Come Heeaaa .... Layy Down

After supper, you were running around everywhere playing and having fun. You came into the living room and layed down in your Dora bed/couch. You crawled under the blanket and snuggled in. You yelled to Cameron ... “Cammmmennn ... come - heeaaa .... Lay downnn” So he came over and layed down on your couch with you. You then said “covvver” telling him to cover up with your blanket. Here's a picture of you and Cameron. You’re pretty cute.

You Know Everyone In Pictures

Before bed, you wanted to look at pictures on the computer. We looked at one picture of a whole bunch of us at Old Nanny’s 90th birthday party. There was Emma, Daddy, Mommy, Jenna, Ben, Noah, Christa, Grammie and Old Nanny. You named every person in the picture. You’re so smart.

Catching & Throwing a Football

This evening, we were playing with a soft toy football. We taught you how to catch. You did so great catching the ball. You were so proud of yourself smiling when we cheered. You also threw the ball to me, Brenna and Cameron. You reached down low, the sprang up throwing the ball up in the air. You were really good at throwing too. Here's picture of you looking very proud of yourself after you just caught the football.

I love you baby girl!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

First Swimming Lesson

Hi little baby girl!

First Swimming Lesson

You had your first swimming lesson today at the CARI pool. There were about 10 others in the little pool with their parents. I got in the pool with you and Mommy watched. You sure had lots of fun. You floated on your belly, you floated on your back, you blew bubbles in the water, you jumped into the pool into my arms from your bum and while standing a whole bunch of times. You kicked your feet and splashed water. I even dunked your head under the water a couple times. I told you to close your mouth... I showed you by closing my mouth and then dunking my own head. You did really great.

Few More Words


This morning at breakfast, you were sitting beside Mommy. She said to me “can you get some coffee for me”. You then repeated, “ aaaa gettt aa cofffeeee for mommmeeee”. It was pretty cute. You're always repeating things we say.


Its funny. Sometimes when I put on a pair of comfortable pajama-type pants, you tap the pants on my leg with your finger or hand and say “cuuuuffeeeeee?” or “cuuumffeee?” Now you say it to Mommy too when she puts on pajama pants. You also now say it when you put on comfy pajama pants yourself.

Can't Reach

Tonight at supper, you were trying to get something from me and couldn't reach. You said "iiii cannnnnt reeaaach it". Recently you've also said "iii cannnt dooo it".

I love you baby!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Few Updates

Hi Baby Girl!

Impressive Talking

One day this week when I picked you up, Nikki said she’s amazed at sentences you can put together. You said “I dooon liiikke that”. You say that, and “I liiike that” a lot at home. She was impressed that you could say so many words in a sentence. You are our smart baby.

Emma Tired

You've been pretty good to go to bed lately. You willingly go in, but you sometimes don't settle and then get up again. When I'm laying down with you, I sometimes say, "Daddy's tired" ... you sometimes reply by saying "Emma tired too" or "I tired too" it a soft cute voice.

More often than being good, you can be a brat. When we ask you if you want to go to bed, you give us a definate "no". When I'm laying down with you, you want me to read you books. You crawl out of bed to pick out books. You get up and go out to the living room. You do everything except for going to bed.

Stuck Under Chair

At the moment, as I’m typing this, you are under a kitchen chair, saying “iiii stuckk” I snapped a picture before I helped you out. You’ve been playing under the table this afternoon. You were under there with your pink Dora blankie. I guess you were making a fort. Speaking of blankie and fort.....


Yes, you still love your pink Dora yangggie! You carry it around.... it goes to Nikki’s with you... You take it when you leave ... It sits on you in your car seat .. You sleep with it ... and you usually ask for it, after you settle in to our bed around 5 am every morning, and Daddy or Mommy has to go up and get it for you.

Fooo - watttt

Haha... When we asked you if you were making a fort under the table, you repeated ... “fooo - watttt”. It made me laugh. You also call a fork a “fooo - wakkk”. Haha.. You’re so cute.

Supper Ready?

As I’m typing, Mommy is cooking supper on the stove. After I freed you from under the chair, you walked over and asked Mommy... “ aaa supppper readdy?”. It made me laugh. Its so cute. You crack me up. You constantly amaze me with all the new things you say.

Washhh aaaa Hannnds

Quite often you want to wash your hands. Its usually when we’re washing our hands or washing the dishes. You come up to us and say “aaa wasssh aa hannnds”. You say sometimes will say it over and over... and sometimes in a sooky voice. I roll up your sleeves, pick you up, lean your belly on the edge of the sink, and turn the water on. You play with the water, try to turn the taps on faster, etc. Then I take you down, dry your hands and send you on your way.

I love you sweet baby!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Better Going To Bed, Silly Games and Sooo Smart

Hi Baby Girl!

Better at Going To Bed

You've been better to go to bed lately. A few recent evenings, while we're in the living room, you quietly said to me "time fooo bed".
Tonight and a couple other recent nights, I've been playing with you in your room. I just shut the light off and layed down with you and read a book to you. After a quick story, you'd drift off to sleep.

Silly Games

You still like to be silly when we're laying in bed. The latest game is when we're laying down, we're facing each other. We close our eyes, and then start to squint and open them to look at each other. You then crack up laughing... and it makes me laugh. We do it a couple times. Then I say, OK, that's enough, lets go to sleep. Tonight after a few laughs, you looked at me and said "nuffff ??"

So Smart

You're so smart. Its amazing. You know what everything is and you're getting better every day at being able to say it. You notice the funniest things. We were shopping at the grocery store a few weeks ago. You were pointing and saying "snowman". You were pointing at a couple big snowmen, on display in the store. They were way up high, where most people, like me, don't see.
We were watching one of your Treehouse Channel TV shows, Max and Ruby today. While the characters were playing inside, in the background, you could see through a small window that it appeared to be raining outside. You pointed and said "itt rainnning".

We were at a grocery store tonight. You were in the cart, and were pointing towards the bananas and started saying something. I wasn't sure what you were saying. You were getting upset... you really wanted something. I finally figured out that you were saying "birdie... aa touch it". In behind the bananas, there were a few trees and things, and a strange looking foam white bird with a white cotton fur on the outside of it. You wanted it. I picked it up out of the display and brought it over to you. You smiled and had a look at it... then I put it back. It was another one of those things when I didn't even notice the display or the birds.

You Recognize Emotion in Pictures

You are sooo smart. When I'm reading books to you, you point at the illustration and describe the emotion. You point at a happy face and say "happpppy", or point at a sad face and say "saddd", or say "kyyyying" if someone is crying. You point at the obvious parent, whether its a human, a cat, a dog or a turtle, and say "the mommy" or "the daddy".

I love you brilliant baby!