Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Blow Your Nose & Books At Bedtime

Hi Baby!

Blow Your Nose

You’ve been getting a cold for the past couple days. Your nose is running and getting stuffy. Its funny to hear the sound of your little voice change because you have a cold. You are really good to let us wipe your runny nose, and you can also blow your nose. We put a tissue to your nose and say “blow” then you blow lightly out your nose. Its pretty cute.


You love reading books. You really love your Franklin (the turtle) book. You whine and sook for me to read that book to you. You say “lake-in” or “lake-lin” or “fanklin”. The book is where Franklin is scared of the dark and doesn’t want to go in his shell. You sometimes listen quietly, but sometimes you move around and kick your feet and move your arms, and point to pictures in the book and say what they are... like fanklin, or froggy, or you point at Franklin's mommy and say "mommy" or "daddy" or point at Franklin and describe his emotion as "sad" or "happy".

Books At Bedtime

Sometimes at bedtime, when I’m laying down with you, you are more interested in getting up and reading books. You crawl out of bed and then look through the drawers of your mates bed where we keep your books, grab a book, then climb up the side of your bed and safety rail, and fall over the rail into bed. You sometimes say in a demanding voice “reeeeee - dittttt”.

I love you baby girl!

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