Sunday, January 23, 2011

Swimming Lessons - Doing Great

Hi cute little fishie!

You had fun at swimming lessons today. Last week, Mommy got in the pool with you. Today, I got in with you. The class started out with all the little ones wearing a PFD. I let you float around for a while. I even let you go and let you float around on your back all by yourself. You were OK with that for a short while, but you were pretty nervous. You did lots of squealing when I left you floating on your back too long.

You jumped in the pool a couple times when I sat you up on the edge. When I stood you up on the edge, you wouldn't jump in by yourself.... I had to pull you in.

For the last half of the class, you weren't wearing the PFD. You and the class were doing things like kicking your feet, blowing bubbles, etc. You were so funny. The water in the small pool was up to your chin. I let you go and you proceeded to walk around all over the pool with your chin in the air to stay above the water. Mommy was watching and was scared and horrified that I was letting you go all over the pool. It actually looked to Mommy like you were swimming. You did great... but it did look kinda funny.

Tonight when we were asking you if you had fun swimming and telling you that you did a great job, you would smile and wave your arms in a swimming motion. We asked, what did you do today, and you kept smiling and waving your arms.

I love you cute baby!

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