Friday, November 27, 2009

Kissing Nana & Grumpy, Eating Cheesies, Holding Your Bottle By Yourself

Hi Cutie Emma!

Nana and Grumpy were over on Tuesday night to have supper with us for Mommy's birthday. Her birthday was actually the next day. We had a great ham and scallop potato supper. You had some ham... mmmmm. Nana made a birthday cake for Mommy. You helped Mommy blow out the candles. Well, you didn't actually blow out any candles. Maybe you can help me blow out the candles on my birthday cake.

Grumpy was lifting you up and playing with you before they left. You were giving them both lots of kisses. Several times, you also turned away from their kisses like a bad little pup :)

For a couple days before the supper, you hadn't been eating or drinking very much, probably because you weren't feeling ... you had a cold. We were trying hard to get you to eat and drink for a couple days. I dropped you off at Nana and Grumpy's in the afternoon and they took you home to our house to start making supper. They bought you a small bag of cheesies. You almost all of them. We were so impressed. You sure loved them. You were eating them three at a time.

Oh yeah, later that same evening, I sat down with you on the couch to give you a bottle before your bedtime. You grabbed the bottle, tipped it up and started drinking. This was the first time I ever saw you do this. You've briefly held your bottle before, but you've never really held it up properly. Usually you just don't bother to hold it, even when we try to get you to do it. You might rest your hands on the bottle, tap the bottle with your hands, touch our faces, or just have your hands by your side. You sure are growing up :)

I love you baby girl!

Monday, November 23, 2009

Feeding Yourself With Fork

Hi Cute Baby Emma Doodle!

You are getting so good at feeding yourself. Yesterday, we were feeding you some baby food at supper. You wanted to have the fork yourself, so we gave you one. While you held the fork, we helped you to scoop some food out of the bowl. You then put it in your mouth. A few times you grabbed the food off the end of the fork with your other hand and made a mess. You even took a few scoops out of the bowl and ate it all by yourself. You ate a lot of that meal kinda by yourself. Here's a picture of you in action.

You were making funny faces while you, Mommy and I were out shopping on Friday evening. It was so cute. You were opening your eyes and mouth big to make a silly face. It was funny. Even funnier was how proud you were of yourself. You grinned and laughed when we laughed at you or made a face back at you. You are turning into quite a show-off. You're a pretty cute comedian.

You sure made a mess eating chocolate cake two weekends ago when Nana & Grumpy came over for supper. It was obvious that you had a lot of fun. Here's a picture of your mess.

Mommy and I raked the leaves in the front yard last weekend. We sat you down in one of the big piles of leaves. I took a few photos of you. Here's one. It would have been nicer if we had taken the pictures a couple weeks ago when the leaves still had colour. I gave you one of your rubber blocks to add some colour to the picture :)

You are such a beautiful and wonderful girl. I love experiencing every day with you.
I love you baby girl!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

8th Tooth, Saying Raarrr, Walking Car Forward, Lots of Words and Singing With Mommy

Hi sweet baby!

We noticed tonight that you got your 8th tooth, the one to the right of your top front teeth. It must have come in a little while ago, because it is way out. You now have the 4 front top and bottom teeth. We're glad that you don't try to bite us much anymore.

As mommy was telling you, you sure are talking lots lately. More often, you are making different sounds over and over, but you sometimes say a word, or repeat one that we say. You say Hi and Mamma and Dadda. We're still trying to get you to say I love you, but you haven't said all the words clearly yet. You try to repeat after us, but just get all the words yet.

We're always interacting with you and trying to get you to say things like Mamma, Dadda, Hi, etc. This evening on the way home in the van, we were trying to get you to repeat words. Mommy was trying to get you to say Mamma, and you said NO. It was funny, but I don't think you knew what it meant.

Sometimes, Mommy will ask you "Where's Daddy". When you look at me... she pats me on the shoulder, say's good girl, and says nice Daddy. I also say, "Where's Mommy", and you look at her.

When we put you to bed, we usually snuggle you, rock you back and forth and sing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. Tonight Mommy was snuggling with you and singing. Sometimes, like tonight, you quietly hum along with Mommy's singing. You're so cute singing along with Mommy.

You can now sit on your car and walk it forward. We took a short video of it. You're such a big girl.

We recently started asking you "What does a dinosaur say?" Then we'd say RAAARRRRRR. Now, when we ask you that question, you whisper a cute little raarrr. You're so smart.

You are so darn active lately. You are growing into such a crazy active little girl. You are so hard to hold onto. Tonight, we had you on the couch with us, and you were crawling all over us and trying to climb onto the back of the couch. You just wouldn't sit still. When we play with you in your bedroom, you stand up (holding on) at the toy box. You reach in and pull toys out one by one. When you get near the bottom of the box, you stand on your tip-toes and reach way down.... sometimes we think you're going to fall in head first. You are so cute looking standing up and reaching into your toy box.

I love you precious Emma!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Lots of words...

Hi sweet Doodle Doo Bopper,

Looks like Daddy and I have slowed down writing on your blog.  Things have been super busy for us since I started working again.

I needed to tell you all about all the new words you can say.  It started with the word, "Hi"...  You started saying it over and over "Haaayeee, haayee.."  Sometimes it even sounds like you're saying "hello".  "Haawoe, Haayee". 

You also say, "Yeah".   "Ya, Ya".  Sometimes it sounds like you say, "Hi Dad..."  And, the other night when I was putting your jammer jams on, you said "Kisses" was so cute.  We all love trying to get you to say things...and you're getting pretty good at trying to repeat the things we say.

You have a bit of a cold right now...a runny nose and a cough.  It's pretty sad...but you are feeling really happy and great even though you're a little sick.  Cameron is sick, too.  Last night I took him to the hospital and they said he has pneumonia.  He has to take lots of medicine to get better.

Daddy is gone away for a few days for work.  So, while I took Cameron to the hospital, I left you at Nana and Grumpy's house.  You had tons of fun...and, of course, they fed you lots of supper:)  They even gave you a bath and washed your hair.  I don't think you liked that part.

I love you sweet little baby.

Muah - kisses, kisses.

Love, Mama

Monday, November 2, 2009

One-Year Doctor Check up & Some Cute Things

Hiya Cute Doodle Bug!

One-Year Check up & Latest Measurements

You had your one year check up with Doctor Coady today. You didn't get to see him until after 11 AM and didn't get to have a nap in the morning, so you were kinda cranky and hard to entertain while we waited. Your check up went great. You just finished your last antibiotic on the weekend ... so it must have helped make your cold and ear infection all better.

Here's your latest measurements.
- height = 76 cm tall (30 inches) - 90th percentile
- head circumference = 45 cm (18 inches)
- weight = 21 1/2 lbs (9.75 kg) - 75th percentile

I don't really trust the accuracy of the measurements taken at the doctor's office, but I'm sure they're pretty close. They measured your height quickly and weighed you with your clothes on. They are usually much more accurate when you get your vaccination needles at the public health office.


Speaking of the public health office, we took you for your one-year vaccination needles last Thursday. You got two needles in your arm. You cried briefly but were content again in barely any time at all. A few minutes later, in the same building, you got the H1N1 flu vaccination needle in your other arm. Again, you had a brief cry and were content again. You are such a strong and brave girl.

Oh yeah, they didn't take your measurements this time because the nurses were very busy giving the flu vaccine to many, many people.

Your First Nighty

We bought you your first nighty on the weekend. Its a pretty purple "Tinkerbell" nighty. You are wearing it tonight for the first time. I was going to take a picture, but we put you to bed before I got the chance.

Clowning Around At Supper

You are such a silly little bopper. You were in your highchair at the table, eating tortilini pasta with us for supper. After you ate your first serving, we looked over to see you holding your little plastic bowl upside down on your head like a hat. You were looking around at us with excitement as if to say "somebody look at me!!!" We laughed when we noticed you. Upon being noticed and laughed at, you belted out a loud giggling laugh... you were so proud of yourself :)

A little later, I looked over to see you with your plastic fork in your teeth. You were grinning and shaking your head back and forth. You are so silly.

I didn't get a photo of your silliness tonight but here's one I took of you eating on Halloween day. You were kinda doing the same thing with your spoon, except tonight you were being silly and shaking your head with your fork in your mouth.

Dancing With Daddy

A little bit before bedtime tonight, I was carrying you around in my arms. I was rocking you around and spinning with you. You seemed to have some fun. A few times you were quiet and seemed a bit dizzy, but some other times you were smiling and making wooooo sounds. You spit up a little bit after Mommy took you. Ooops, I guess that was my fault :)

Where's Your Toes?

Mommy recently started a fun game with you. She says "Emmaaaaaa, where's your belly?" After she says it a few times, you put your hand on your belly or lift your shirt. She then tickles you and says "I got your belly!" It makes you squeal and laugh like crazy. You don't laugh as hard when I do it. We also say, "Where's your tongue?" You stick out your tongue... you're so silly. I often say to you, "Where's your toes?" Then I bite them. It makes you smile. When I let go, you reach your foot out towards me as if to say, "That was fun .... do it again, Daddy".

You're such a wonderful and beautiful baby. Mommy and I find ourselves saying that to each other many times each day. Each time I look at you having fun or playing or sitting in your car seat or snuggling and sucking your thumb ..... my heart melts..... and I turn to Mommy and say "She's so beautiful" or "She's such a wonderful little baby".

I love you little bopper!