Monday, November 23, 2009

Feeding Yourself With Fork

Hi Cute Baby Emma Doodle!

You are getting so good at feeding yourself. Yesterday, we were feeding you some baby food at supper. You wanted to have the fork yourself, so we gave you one. While you held the fork, we helped you to scoop some food out of the bowl. You then put it in your mouth. A few times you grabbed the food off the end of the fork with your other hand and made a mess. You even took a few scoops out of the bowl and ate it all by yourself. You ate a lot of that meal kinda by yourself. Here's a picture of you in action.

You were making funny faces while you, Mommy and I were out shopping on Friday evening. It was so cute. You were opening your eyes and mouth big to make a silly face. It was funny. Even funnier was how proud you were of yourself. You grinned and laughed when we laughed at you or made a face back at you. You are turning into quite a show-off. You're a pretty cute comedian.

You sure made a mess eating chocolate cake two weekends ago when Nana & Grumpy came over for supper. It was obvious that you had a lot of fun. Here's a picture of your mess.

Mommy and I raked the leaves in the front yard last weekend. We sat you down in one of the big piles of leaves. I took a few photos of you. Here's one. It would have been nicer if we had taken the pictures a couple weeks ago when the leaves still had colour. I gave you one of your rubber blocks to add some colour to the picture :)

You are such a beautiful and wonderful girl. I love experiencing every day with you.
I love you baby girl!

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  1. feedding herself with a fork!!!!!!!!!!!!! amazing . smart littel baby,are ya