Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Dancing, Juuis, Bilk & Waader

Hi little baby!

Talking Lots

You sure do talk lots. Its so cute. You're a little parrot. You repeat things all the time. You also know so many words and phrases.
It was funny, on the weekend, you were in bed with us and you wanted me to get up. You were trying to push me out of bed, and was saying "shuuurt onnnnn dadddeee". When I finally sat up and put a shirt on, you said "pannnts onnnn daddeee". You picked up a pair of my pants, handed them to me and said "heeeree-gooo".

Dancing On New Floor

I replaced your bedroom floor carpet with laminate flooring on the weekend and rolled out a new mat for you. You were pretty excited about the new floor and mat. You were dancing on the mat. You stutter-stepped on the mat and turned in circles. I stood on the mat and did it with you. You then pressed the button on your Elmo book to play music, grabbed my hands and said "dannsssss daddeee". We then danced around. You mostly would hold one hand and twirl in circles. You're such a cute little girl.

Juuuuis, Bilk & Waaader

When you ask for a "baa-baaa", you know what to ask for. You mostly want juice... you love orange juice. When we don't have any, we say there isn't any, would you like milk or water. Your reply is "juuuuis aaaaall gonnnnne ?" When you want milk, you now say "bilkkk". We'll say, do you want some water... you reply by saying "no, juuuis" or "no, waaader". Sometimes I think you're just trying to be a comedian, because you'll ask for one thing, then ask for another, when we confirm with you, you'll ask for something different again. Tonight, I said do you want some juice, I'll get you some juice. I was holding you in my arms while I was pouring it. You were saying "Iiii liiiikkke juuuis".

You're such a cute baby! I love you!

Friday, November 12, 2010

Emma's Art & More Talking

Hi Wonderful Baby!

Talking To Jenna, Ben and Grammie

You were talking to Jenna on the phone the other night. You were saying "Hi Jennna". You and Jenna both were pretty excited. You were talking jibberish back and forth. I asked you if you wanted to say hi to Ben, right away you said "Hi Ben … aaaan Noah". You are so smart. You mentioned Noah even though nobody said his name. You said lots of hi's.

Later I gave my mom a call and gave you the phone… You said hi and when you heard who it was, you said "hiiii grammmie". You were pretty hyper. You were in our bedroom, walking in circles around a luggage case on the floor and saying "feee fooour feee fooour feee fooour ……" I think you were counting a couple of minnie mouse t-shirts (for you and Jenna) that were on top of the luggage.

It was a windy night and you could hear the wind howling outside of our bedroom window. A couple times, you said to Grammie, "aaa heeear aaat? ….. Hrrrruck." You were asking her if she could hear that….. The truck. It was cute.


Last night, you drew a couple really nice pictures. I sat with you to help. I didn’t help you at all with the pictures. After you would select a marker from the box, I'd take the cover off for you…. And then but the cover back on when you were done … that's all. Here's a picture of you working on one of the photos in your high chair.

I'll save one or both of the pictures for you, put them away, frame them for you or something :) Here's a picture I took of your art. Mommy put the purple circle squiggles on the top right coner of the top picture.


You are so cute. You hear everything. It was so funny. You were in your high chair this morning. We were all busy as we usually are in the morning. Mommy was gathering some things for our lunch and said to me … "do you want some crackers Jeff?" A short while later you looked at me and said " … aaaa-an some caackers .. Jeff ?" Haha… it was so funny. You said it a couple times.

I love you little baby!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Reading Sound Book - So Smart!

Hiya Baby Girl

Tonight I was reading you one of your books. You sure love your books. You often aren't patient enough to let us read them to you. You want to turn the pages, and say "aaa daaat" while pointing at things, or now you actually know what many things are and you point them out and say them. The book was called Bug's Big Baby .. its about Bugs Bunny looking after a Bear. Anyway, its a musical book, with five buttons down the side. The buttons have different pictures on them and make different sounds. The same picture as the buttons is also all throughout the story. When you get to that picture, you are supposed to press the same button. When we reached those parts of the books, I would point in the story and say, press that button. You would then press the right button all on your own. You are so amazing. You got every one of them right for the whole story. You are so smart.

I love you smart baby!

Monday, November 8, 2010

Talking So Much, Understanding So Much

Talking So Much

You are such an amazing little girl. We can't believe how much you are talking lately. Your vocabulary is growing bigger and bigger every day. You say so many things. You repeat everything that is said to you. When we say something to you, you repeat the last word or the key word in the sentence. You just seem to be constantly talking. When you repeat something, you say it in such a cute little voice, and you have intonation in your voice so you are repeating a word as a question. You say a word, and make your voice really cute and high pitched at the end of the word. Its so cute.

On the weekend, you pulled a box of Kraft Dinner out of the cupboard (actually you pulled 3 boxes out at the same time). You brought it to me and said "oopen, oopen". We decided to cook it for you. Mommy, got out a pot and boiled some water. Each time you got impatient, Mommy would say, just wait, I'll cook it for you. You'd then repeat "... aa cooook ... it ?" Haha .. it was so cute.

Also on the weekend, we were sitting around in your bedroom. We could hear Devon and his friend Shawn playing in the family room in the basement below us. You said "aaaa kidds dooin ?" You could hear them playing and asked what are the kids doing. You're so cute.

Saying Thank You
Oh you are so darn cute. I just love it. Most times when we give you something, you say "tink yu" or "teek yu". Its so darn cute how you say it in your cute little voice... and you're so polite too.

You Tired?
Its so cute. When you see Mommy or I yawning, you look at us and in a cute voice say "aa tired?". You're so adorable.

You also said to Mommy a few times, "aa cooowd?" when she was sitting with you with her arms crossed, looking like she was cold.

Cominn Daddee
When you're leaving a room, you'll grab the door knob, then turn around to me and say "aa cominn daddee ?" You're so cute.

Pillow - Lay Down
Last night, I layed down with you in your bed to try to get you to sleep. You tossed and turned and fussed for a long time. I finally decided I'd just get up and see if you'd sleep by yourself. You immediately sat up, grabbed your blanket and started shimmying yourself along so you could get off the bed. So I sat back down. You then layed back down with your blanet. Then you tapped the pillow beside your head, said "paawwoooo .... laaay dowwwn daddee" It was pretty darn adorable.

Playing With Hair Clips
You love playing with your little ponytail elastics. You call them ponnnnies. Last night, I was laying down on your bedroom floor with you when you were playing with them. I played with them with you. I took one little elastic and placed it on the floor, then I surrounded it with about 8 of your small hair clips (that look like flower petals) to make a flower. Then I said look Emma, a flower. And you'd repeat... "a foowwerr ?"
Tonight, you were trying to reach up on your dresser and were saying something like "fowww-werrr" I didn't know what you were saying. Then I realized you were reaching for the little dish with your hair clips and elastics in. I picked it up, sat on the floor with you, then you started taking the pieces out to make a flower like I was doing the night before. You are such a smart baby.

Obsessed With The Potty - Sometimes, Starting To
Tonight, you were pretty obsessed with your potty. You worked to pull your pants off, saying "offf, off, off". Then you opened and took off your diaper. Then you ran naked-bummed, into the bathroom to sit on your little princess potty. You kept running from the bathroom to your bedroom, to the living room. You'd sit on the potty, lean back, look around, get up, look in the tub, say "bye waaater" (you say that when the tub drains after a bath), you go over to the toilet and say "fuuuush", and try to flush it. When you do flush to the toilet, you wave at the water going down and say "byeee peeee"

Anyway, tonight, I was chasing you around, trying to put a diaper on you. It get a diaper on you, then you'd rip it off and head to the potty again. You'd sit on the potty, then you'd get up and say "aa door" and close the door, then sit back down again, then get up, and run back out to the living room, play with some toys, sit down and watch TV,e tc. You kept running back and forth.

I Love You So Much
You are so amazing. I love playing with you. I love sitting with you or laying on the floor with you. I love watching you do everything that you do. I can just sit and stare at you, watching your face, watching your expressions, watching you enjoying life and exploring the world. You're an amazing little girl. I love every day with you. You make me so happy.

I love you sweet baby.