Thursday, December 30, 2010

Dancing to Elmo's Song and Beebeee In Belly

Hi Wonderful Baby!

Dancing to Elmo's Song

When we were playing in your bedroom tonight, you walked over to your dresser and started reaching for the stereo on your dresser. You were trying to reach the buttons and were saying "Eeelmo ... sonng .... la la". There is a Sesame Street CD in there that we play for you. You wanted to listen to Elmo's Song. When I started it, you came over to me and said "cmmon... dessse", grabbed my hands and started to dance with me. We held hands and danced around in circles. Several times, you would let go of one hand and twirl. You're so funny.

Beebeee In Belly

When we were laying in your bed, trying to get you to sleep, you lifted your shirt up, tapped your belly with your finger, and said "beebeee .... in belly". I said nooooooo, there's a baby in Mommy's belly. Then you responded with one of your adorable repeating questions... " a Mommeeees bellly?".

I love you!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

My Daddeee and Rub Toes

Hi Princess!

You are so amazing. Every couple of days, I notice that you are talking and understanding more and more. You are speaking more in sentences. You are pointing out things that interest you and you can talk about and describe them. You seem to understand almost everything we say to you.

My Daddeeee!

When I picked you up at Nikki's after work this evening, you ran to me and jumped into my arms with a huge smile on your face. You yelled Daddeeeeee as you jumped to me. When I picked you up, you turned around to Nikki, Sara and Ryan and said very assertively a couple times ... "MY DAAA-DEEE!!!"

Rub Toes

Tonight when we were sitting on the couch, trying to quiet down before bed, you layed down on your back, pointed your foot to me and said "aa rub aa toessss". You sure are Mommy's girl :)

Want Daddee to Lay Down With You

After letting you play and watch TV in the living room for a while, you agreed to go to bed. Lately its strange for you to agree to go to bed. I think we've already told you that you now go to sleep in your own bed. We have to lay down with you most nights though. For the last little while, its been hard to get you to go to sleep. You don't want to go to bed. When we say its time for bed, you say "Noo" and go on about your business. When we get you in to bed, you fight us and try to climb out of bed, yelling "coussssh" or "Teeeveeee".
Right now, you only want Daddeee to lay down with you. I'm not sure why, but its OK. Hopefully you will let Mommmee lay down with you some day.

I Tired Too

Tonight when we were laying in bed, I said, "I'm tired"... you replied by saying "I tired too". It was pretty cute. I said nite nite emma... and you replied with a cute "niittte niitte dadddee". You're so sweet.

Criss Cross & Round and Round the Garden

While we were laying in bed, you started saying "cisss coss". I didn't know what you were saying so I got you to repeat it a couple times. I finally figured it out what you wanted. You were laying on your belly and wanted me to rub your back like Mommy does. She plays a game with you where she rubs your back. She says "criss cross apple sauce, spiders crawling up your back, tight squeeze, cool breeze, now you got the shivers" ... she finishes it by tickling your back. Next you said "round and round" you wanted me to play another game which is "round and round the garden, like a teddy bear, one step, two step, tickle under there" ... finishing by tickling your neck. Each time I do it. You snicker, and smile and then said "gennnn" asking me to do it again.

I love you wonderful baby!

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Little Musician

Hiya Little Baby!

You've been quite the little musician over the christmas holiday. You sure loved the piano at the family christmas party at Mommy's uncle Louie's house. Here's a couple photos of you playing the piano.

You got some toy musical instruments for christmas. In the package, you got a drum, maracas, a tamborine, a guitar and a wrist band with bells on it.

Here you are shaking your maracas.

You really loved your drum. You walked around the house much of chrismas day beating on the drum. Here's a couple pictures of you playing your drum.

I love you smart baby!

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Ornaments

Hi baby!

When your cousin Noah was born just before Christmas in 1999 I gave him an ornament for Christmas and gave him an ornament every year since. I gave Benjamin an ornament every year since he was born a couple years after Noah. Then in 2008, I gave one to Jenna ... and of course, I gave one too you to my sweet baby.

Christmas 2008 - Your First Christmas

This is the first ornament that I made for you. I bought it as a plain wooden ornament and I painted it.

Grammie gave this to ornament you.

Grammie also gave you this ornament. It has a baby picture of you in it.

We think that Mommy's cousin Carrie gave this ornament to you when you were born.

Christmas 2009 - Your Second Christmas

This is the ornament that I made for you. I made it out of polymer clay. It hardened when I baked it in the oven.

Grammie gave you this ornament.

Grammie gave you this ornament too.

Christmas 2010 - Your Third Christmas

This is the ornament that I made for you. Its a cute penguin made from polymer clay.
I sure do love you baby girl!

Saturday, December 18, 2010

First Skate, Knowing Your Numbers & Colours

Hi Little Cute Baby!


We took you skating for the first time today. Well, Mommy and I didn't skate this time. We decided to just wear sneakers so we could hold you up more easily. It was a special skate organized by the Engineers Association. There was hot chocolate, candy and Santa Claus was there. You got your picture taken with Santa a few times. You sure loved skating. You cried and fussed when it was time to get off the ice.

Here’s a picture of you with Santa Claus.

Here’s a picture of you skating.

Knowing Your Numbers

You are getting good at knowing your numbers. You know your numbers 1 through 10, but you can't say them start to finish yet. We'll start you off and you'll say a number or two, then we say another number and you keep going with another one or two. Sometimes you get the order messed up, or you just keep saying the same number over and over.

Christmas Lights and Knowing Your Colours

You know some of the colours but you can't really identify the right colours by sight yet. You say gweeeen, lelllow, redddd, bluue, orrrange but when you're pointing at a colour, you rarely say the right colour. You like the christmas lights. You go over to the tree and touch them. I try to get you to say the colours. Every time we walk by the bush out front, you want to touch the lights... you reach for them and say "aaa touuush ittt".

Bye House, Bye Lights

This evening, when we were leaving in the van, you were saying "byyyye houssssse ... buyyye lights". The were saying goodbye to the christmas lights on the outside of the house.

I love you cute baby!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Mommy's Belly, Santa, More Art

Hiya Sweet Baby!
Baby In Mommy's Belly

We've told you that Mommy has a baby in her belly. Last week, Mommy pointed to her belly and said, "Emma, what's in here". First you said "shamu" … haha. That was because you were having supper on your shamu plate and were saying shamu a couple times before that. After we had a laugh, we asked you again. You gently poked Mommy's belly and said "baby". Then you said "kiss" and moved in and gave Mommy's belly a kiss. It was pretty cute. I was taking a video… but I missed the shamu part.

Santa Clause

We took you to see Santa Clause at the mall while we were shopping on Saturday. We didn't plan to bring you there. If we planned it, we would have dressed you a little better and might have put your hair in cute pony tails. Haha ... Oh well, what can ya do, we got your picture taken anyway. Your silly pants are riding up your legs. I should have fixed your pants at least. You sat on Santa's knee, but didn't seem overly excited. You actually look a little curious and concerned. I guess at your age, he's still a stranger. On the ride home tonight, I asked you if you were excited that Santa Clause was coming.... you acknowledged with a couple nods while you were sucking your thumb. Here's a picture of you and Santa.

Saying Cameron

Ohh, you make me laugh. You can say pretty much everyone's name pretty well, but you always call Cameron "maa-mon" or "maa-mron". Usually, when we correct you, you say it right. It makes me laugh ... I'm not sure why... its just funny. You'll be talking and refer to Cameron as "maa-mron" or you'll call for him by saying that. If he walks in the room, you'll say "maa-mron". Cameron often corrects with a stern "Camm-ronnn", and sometimes you'll say it correctly and sometimes you just say it wrong again. You silly duck.

Picking On Cameron

Tonight at supper, Cameron was sitting beside you. You kept reaching your left foot out and touching his elbow while he ate. Each time, he'd flap his arms and make crazy sounds like a big bug landed on him. You're react by laughing hysterically. You guys did this same thing a whole bunch of times. Here's a picture of you laughing your head off.

Quack Quack

Speaking of silly ducks. Last week during supper, you tucked your hands up near your armpits and flapped your elbows like wings and said quack quack. It was pretty cute. You must have learned that at Nikki's. Silly girl. I took a video of it.

Dressed For Outside
Late sunday afternoon, you were walking around the house, playing and getting into trouble. You decided to get dressed to go outside. I started you by putting on the skirt wrap and top on you that Mommy and I got for you in the Dominican Republic a year ago. You insisted that I put it on you. So, to finish off the outfit, you put on a hat, your polka-dot rain coat, Brenna's shoes, and my camera bag. You looked pretty silly. It was cold and getting dark, so we didn't go out.

Playing at McDonalds

While Mommy went to an appointment one evening last week, I took you for supper at McDonalds. You played in the play room. You had lots of fun. You're not old enough to climb high like other kids, but you had fun on the lower level things like the slides. Cameron's cousins were there too. Here's a picture of you on the slide.

Here's a picture of you and Cameron's cousin Ethan. He's a couple months younger than you.

More Art
You've been colouring a lot lately. I was helping you out on the weekend. You'd pick out a marker, and I'd help you take the cover off. You'd then colour on the page, and give the marker back to me to put the cover on. Tonight, Cameron was helping you while you drew a couple pictures. Its funny to watch you. Much of the time, you're watching TV intently, and scribbling circles on the page at the same time.

Here is one of your latest works of art. It is really nice.

I love you baby girl!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Christmas Parade & Lights, Haaa-leee Bite, Sleeping In Own Bed, Cooooouch

Hi Wonderful Baby!

Christmas Parade
We went to the Santa Clause Parade in Souris yesterday. We watched it with Grammie, Christa, Layton, Ben and Jenna. We visited Grammie and Old Nanny before we went to the parade. Grammie, Old Nanny and Christa were so impressed with you, how much you've grown, and how well and how much you are talking.

You were pretty excited about the parade. You, Jenna and Ben loved all the candy that people in the parade threw to and handed to you. You stuffed your pockets with candy. Here's a photo of you picking up some candy that someone threw from a float.

You loved all the trucks. You waved and yelled "hiii truck" and waved bye after they went by. Here's a photo of you yelling "hi" to the trucks and people in the parade.

One of the funniest things was how you reacted to a couple potatoes. There were a couple people dressed up as giant potatoes. As you were watching them walk up the road, you were screaming "Hiiiii Tatooooooo ... Hiii Tatoooooooo". It was pretty cute.

Here's a picture of you and Jenna waiting with excitement for the next float to come.

Santa Claus was the last float. You were excited to see Santa and the reindeer, though you were more excited about the potatoes. You don't really understand Santa and Christmas, but your excitement is starting to build. By the time christmas gets here, I'm sure you'll be very excited.
Here's a photo of you and Mommy. You were excited. You were waving and yelling "hi" to Santa Clause and the reindeer.

Putting Christmas Lights Up Outside

We put up some christmas lights on the house and on the bush in the front yard. You came out for a while to play. You didn't stay out too long.... you were getting kinda cold. I followed you around and took a few pictures. Here you are playing in one of your playhouses.

Putting Up Our Christmas Tree

We bought a really nice new artificial christmas tree last night. We put it up tonight. While I put the tree up, you helped me out, played a bit, and walked in circles around the tree. You were playing with the lights and the tree. You said "I liiike it".

Here's a picture of you sitting next to the tree. You really like the lights. You say "tooouch iiiiit". You say that every time we walk by the lights on the tree outside too.

Here's a picture of you playing with the lights on the tree.

Here's a cute picture of you putting an ornament on the tree.

Haaaa-leeee Bite

This morning when we were getting out of bed, you lifted up your pajama shirt, were holding your belly and whimpering that you were hurt. There was a little scratch on your belly. You said "haaaa-leee bite" in a kinda sooky voice. Harley is Grammie's puppy. You were playing with him at Grammie's house yesterday. I guess he must have scratched you :) You said it a few times throughout the day today. You were scratching at your hip at one point and also said "haaaa-leee bite" and later your were scratching at your back and saying the same thing ... sooooo, I don't know. I don't think Harley bit you all over :)

Sleeping In Your Own Bed

I don't think we updated you on your sleeping habits lately. For a long time, I think since we got back from Florida, you don't need to go to our bed to fall asleep any more. We lay down with you in your bed, and you fall asleep. Now, you usually wake up somewhere between 5 am during the week and come trotting into our bedroom. I scoop you up, grab your blankie and throw you in bed between us. Sometimes you wake up in the middle of the night, but not very often. On the weekends, you often don't wake and come into our bed until closer to 7 am.


You love to watch TV. You love In the Night Garden. When I turn it on, your eyes light up and you say "Pigggo Pigggo" for Iggle Piggle. You also love Toupie and Binou, but you also love watching almost every show on the Treehouse Channel. For the last few days, its been hard to get you to go to bed. When I take you in to bed. You whine and cry and say in a sad, whining voice "couuussssh ... couuussssh" You want to go back to the couch and watch more TV. I try to get you to lay down a few times, and if you're still crying to go to the couch, I take you back out to give you a little more time watching TV. A couple times, it took me a few tries to get you to bed... I'd take you to bed.. you'd cry to go to the couch... I'd take you back out... after a little TV.. I'd take you back to bed... you'd cry again, etc, etc.

Tonight when I took you to bed, you cried to come back to the couch, so I took you out. We watched Toupie and Binou. When it was over 20 minutes later, I quitely said, its time for bed. You said "noo ... couuussh". So I left you for a few minutes. Then you sat up, reached for me, and said "aaa tiimmme for bed ?" So cute. I picked you up, took you to bed and layed down with you. You fell asleep in a few minutes. You were tired.

I love you cute little baby girl!