Thursday, September 24, 2009

Some Cute Things You Do!

Hi Doodle Doo Bopper!

I'm just writing a short note to tell you about a few cute things you do.

Yesterday, you were sitting in your high chair. I gave you your sippy cup with milk in it after you had eaten. You tried to drink a bit, then played with it for a while. The cute and funny thing you do is you fling it or drop it on the floor ... you actually do this with many things... well except food :) I picked up your sippy cup and put it back on your high chair table. You grabbed it and threw it on the floor again. We went through this quite a few times over and over. The cute and funny thing you do is when you drop it, you immediately hang over the side of the chair, looking at the sippy cup on the floor ... as if to say ... "aaawwww, I dropped it... Daddy can you pick it up" You're so cute!

Speaking of food... you love food so much. You love all food. When we give you pieces of food like cereal, cheeze, cheezies, etc.... you use both hands, putting the pieces in your mouth one after the other, alternating hands. Then you scream for more... even when you aren't hungry. I think its just a game to you :) We're trying to get you to stop screaming for food. Its cute for a while, but we don't want you to do it all the time.

Yesterday when I got home from work, you and mommy were having a nap in our bed. You both woke when I came in. You were warm, sweaty and your hair was all messy :) I snuggled in with both of you. I tried to give you a kiss, and you turned your head away from me just when I was about to kiss you. You do this to Mommy and I pretty often. You always seem to have a smirk on your face... like you're being bad. This time, in addition to smirking, you giggled as you turned your head away. You little monkey... you got a good kick out of avoiding my affectionate kiss.

Yesterday, while I was at work I was talking to Mommy on the phone. She put the phone to your ear and I talked to you. You didn't say anything, but Mommy said you looked excited. When she took the phone back, you screamed for Mommy to give the phone back. She put the phone back to your ear for a minute, then took it away again... you screamed again... she did that a few times, and you screamed each time. Also, while I was talking to you, Mommy was talking to you... saying "whooos that" "is that Daddy... ", etc. Then she said, "give Daddy kisses".. and she said you kissed the phone. Awwww... such a sweet baby!

You are such a cute little baby girl! I love playing with you and watching you experience the world! I love you soooo much!


First time at the baby sitter's!

Hi Bopper Boodle!

This has been a very special week!  On Tuesday afternoon, I left you at Nikki's (your babysitter) all by yourself for the very first time!  I was nervous to leave you, but you were such a good girl baby!  I took you inside and stayed for just a few minutes while you settled in and played with the other kids.  Then, even though it was very hard for me and I was very nervous, I waved goodbye and left you.  You didn't even seem to mind at played happily and crawled around exploring and looking at all the new and interesting toys.  But, still, it was very hard for Mama and I cried when I left you.  But, I was so proud of you when I picked you up.  Nikki said you were such a wonderful girl - you had a big lunch and when I picked you up, you were sitting up in the highchair eating chocolate cake!  I was so super happy to see you!

Here you are sitting on the floor at Nikki's when we arrived:

Here you are looking at your new friend Ryan (Nikki's little boy):

And, here you are playing with your new friend Sara (Nikki's little girl) after she took your Pooh Bear and your milk! (you didn't mind!):

I took you back to Nikki's today and it was much easier - I didn't even cry!  You seemed a little shy when I took you out of the van, but Nikki's puppies were playing outside and when you saw them you giggled - I knew then that you would be fine!  I took you inside and set you on the floor and right away you started exploring again, so I only stayed a moment before giving you kisses and saying goodbye.  Again, when I picked you up, you were sitting happily in the highchair, this time eating cookies!  You sure LOVE to eat!  Nikki said that both days she was amazed at how much you ate:)  Today she gave you hotdogs (your first time eating them) and smiley fries...  The puppies waited for you to drop some on the floor so they could have a bite....but you gobbled them all up!  You're such a good eater.

Oh - here's something new that you learned that we forgot to tell you about:  you learned to clap your hands!  The first time you did it was last Saturday.  You and Devon and I were waiting in the van while Daddy was in Wal-Mart...  I was clapping and singing to you and you started clapping!  You've been doing it ever since.  We will say "Yayyyyy" and clap our hands and then you will clap your hands.  It is so cute!

You are at such a great age now!  So curious about everything around you and so interactive.  You love when someone sits down and plays with you and you love to show off when you know someone is paying attention to you!

I love you so much.  You are so smart and so beautiful.  Your eyes are still so blue and your hair is the most beautiful's not brown, not blonde and not red...but somehow it's all of those colors at once.  And, it's getting so long and even a little bit curly.

Muah!  Kisses and hugs!  (Oh yeah - you're so funny when we try to get kisses from you!  Daddy will tell you the funny things you do when we try to kiss you!)


Love,  Mama

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

A Letter from Big Brother Devon...

Hi Baby Bopper Boo,

Yesterday for homework, your big brother, Devon, had to practice his handwriting for 15 minutes.  He was allowed to write whatever he wanted so he decided to write you a letter.  I am going to type it here for you to see what he wrote:

Dear Emma:

Hello my little monster.  How are you doing, Cutie?  I love you, you are the best baby ever.  You are gold.  I love playing with you.

Love Devon

Now, isn't that the best letter ever???  Your brothers and sister sure do love you heaps and piles.  You are the luckiest lucky to have so many people who love you so big!

Muah!  Kisses and hugs!
Love Mama

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Splish Splash!

Hi Doodle Doo Monster!

We played for a while this evening in you room tonight. For much of the evening you just played quietly with your toys, but you were an animal for the last while that we were playing. You were crawling all over the place and trying to get into everything. You were climbing all over me and clawing at me to get at toys. You discovered that the drawers on your dresser open. You were pulling at them and opening them. I was busy trying to keep you from jamming your fingers. Mommy says you've discovered opening the drawers already and jammed your fingers before. She said you cried and it hurt a lot. Poor little baby.

We gave you a bath tonight. You are getting much better at sitting up in the tub and staying up. You were playing with your rubber toys. You were sitting up and splashing like crazy with your hands... swinging your arms down and splashing water all over me and everywhere. You were flipping over to your belly, kicking your legs and arms and yelling like crazy. I took a short video of you swimming and yelling. You are getting good at flipping back up to sit on your bum. You went back and forth between your belly and your bum a few times.

Its funny ... you love it so much when mommy sprays you with the shower sprayer. You try to get under the spray... and giggle when she sprays your bum, back and belly.

I love you lots you silly cute little girl!


Friday, September 18, 2009

A special visit! (Etc.)

Hi silliest silly sillier!

Guess what?  Yesterday I took you for a very special visit...  We went to see the woman who will be your every day baby sitter when I go back to work in just a little more than four weeks.  Her name is Nikki and I know that she is going to take very good care of you!  It will be really hard for me to leave you every day, but I know you will do great and you will be such a good girl baby for Nikki.

When we visited yesterday you had a very fun time.  There were bunches and bunches of interesting toys to play with and you crawled around exploring everything.  There are also lots of other babies and kids to play with, too!  Nikki has a little girl named Sara, who is only 4 months older than you.  She has a soother and you really liked taking it out of her mouth and trying to put it in your mouth.  I would take it from you and give it back to her and you would take it right back out of her mouth!  Nikki also has a little boy named Ryan who is 4 years old and he sure does love to play with you!  There are some other babies and kids there, too, that Nikki babysits.  I will be taking you back there next week for a couple of afternoons...just so you can slowly get used to be baby sat.  I hope you don't miss me...too much:)

Today I took you to Nana's and she baby sat you for a few hours while I ran some errands.  When I went to pick you up, you were in your high chair eating your lunch.  You are such a good eater!  You had baby food, a whole bunch of corn twists and 1/2 an orange...  I brought cinnamon rolls and as soon as you saw them, you screamed for some!  Nana shared one with you and, of course, you loved it!!

For supper this evening, Daddy and I took you to Pizza Delight.  You had such fun:)  There was another little boy baby there who was just a little bit older than you.  He was sitting across from us and every now and then he would make a growly sound....and then you would turn and look at him and growl back.  It was very cute and made everyone laugh watching the two of you scream and growl back and forth.

Another thing that you did at supper was start waving at a man.  He waved back at you and then you continued to wave at him for a very long time...even when he wasn't even looking at you anymore.  Usually, you just wave your hand a little by twisting it back and forth...but at Pizza Delight you were waving heartily with your whole arm.  It was very cute.

After supper, we went to watch Cameron's football game.  It was very windy and cold and you didn't like me trying to hold a blanket over you...  Daddy and I decided to take you to Nana and Grumpy's again so they could watch you for the last half of the football game.  You were laying on top of Nana drinking your bottle when we picked you up.  When we were leaving you impressed Nana with your new wave!

You are such a good girl baby.  You impress and entertain everyone!  We all love you whole big whacks and bunches!!!!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Boogada Boogada!

Hi Emma Doodle!

I played with you for a while tonight. You were pretty cute playing in your room. You pulled yourself up to stand at your toy box. You held on with one hand and pulled toys out with your other hand, taking them out and dropping them on the floor. You looked so cute.

You were kinda tired and sucking your thumb. I was sitting on the floor with you on my lap. You sucked your thumb and cuddled in to my chest. I pulled your Whinnie the Pooh bear up to you and you snuggled into it. You looked pretty cute. Your bear is so soft and cuddly. Mommy says you give him hugs every day. That was the first bear that we got you... we got it before you were even born.... its pretty special.

I played with you in our room too. I put you on our bed, then I duck down beside the bed out of sight. I then pop up and 'boogada boogada". It makes you laugh.

You are a special little girl. I love you big bunches!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Babble babble babble

Hi Emma Cutie!

You are in bed. You fussed a bit when we put you to bed tonight around 9 pm. You screamed and cried. When I went in to check on you, you were standing up in your crib. When I picked you up, you put your head on my shoulder and sucked your thumb.... such a cute cuddly baby. I put you back in your crib. You cried for a little while longer, then finally went to sleep. I checked on you a little later, and you were turned around with your head up against the foot of your crib, but you still actually had a blanket covering most of you.

You seem to be more vocal lately, especially tonight. I played with you for a while in your room. You are making all kinds of noises and blabbering. You're making repetitive sounds like "baaa baaa baaa baaa ... waaa waaa waaa waaa .... eee eee eee ... wee weee weee .... yaaa yaaa yaaa yaaaaaab ... blaaaaa blaaaa blaaa blaaa blaaa blaaab blaaab blaaab" and gurgling "goooo gooo gooooo ggooooo" You're cute. Its funny to listen to you babble on.

I think you still only have 5 teeth out. The two front on the top and on the bottom and the top left. The ones you have are continuing to grow out nice and big. We'll let you know when more chompers come out.

I love you little baby!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

You little turkey....

Do you know that it is past your bed time??  I put you to bed a little after 9 pm because you are a tired little gremlin and 9 pm is your usual bed time.  When I tried to put you into your crib, you started to fuss a little, so I sang you Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star, which is what I always do when you fuss.  Then, usually, you willingly go to bed.  But, lately, you have been fussing more and more when it is bed time or nap time.

Tonight, when I left your room, you started crying a little...but I left you because usually, after a minute or two, you drift off to sleep.  But, the crying got progressively worse as the minutes ticked by and Cameron came in and asked if he could go and get you.  I finally relented and said that he could.

When he opened your door, your were standing up in your crib crying pitifully.  He rescued you and brought you out to the living room where you sadly sat on his lap and sucked your thumb.

Poor, poor, poor little baby!!
Earlier this evening, Daddy and I went for a walk with you in your stroller.  Here you are playing with some toys while you are waiting for us to leave.

Silly little monkey - you're chewing on a shovel!!!!!

Now you are snuggling with your Dad while he gives you a bottle.  Another bottle that is...because I already gave you a bottle before I put you in bed!  I sure hope when you are finished of this bottle you go to bed like a good girl baby, without fussing or crying or standing in your bed!

Love you heaps and piles!!  xoxoxoxo

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Today & Some Photos of Recent Events

Hi Emma Doodle Doo Monster!

You're such a cutie. You roll and move around a lot in your crib while you're sleeping. When we put you to bed, we usually just throw one blanket on you, then check on you a little while later to fix the blanket and put more blankets on you. We usually find you up in a corner with no blankets. I think that's what wakes you up. Sometimes when you cry out in the middle of the night, I go in to find your head pushed up in the corner ... the crib rails must hurt your little head.

This is a photo of you this morning being a good girl playing with your toys in your bedroom. You can see your new wooden toy box behind you.

These are two pictures of you climbing up on a bag of blankets. Silly girl, you're climbing before you are even walking. I snapped a couple pictures of you. You smiled for the first one, and then performed for the camera for the rest. You were doing your silly squinty smile and were even doing a silly wave too. You are a crazy silly performer.

This is a photo of you on my shoulders. A few weeks ago, I gave you your first shoulder ride. You had a lot of fun. I walked you around to the kitchen, the living room, your bedroom, and to the bathroom mirror so you could see yourself.

These are photos of mommy and I carrying you in your backpack carrier. We went for a hike on the Strathgartney trail. I carried you in, about 20 minutes or so. Then you started crying and screaming ... you wanted your mom. Mommy carried you on the trail back to the car. She did such a great job... it was uphill all the way back. It was hard work.

You're so funny. You've been clicking with your tongue a lot lately. You've done it before, but you been doing it a lot the last few days. You repeat whenever mommy or I click our tongues first. Its cute :)

I love how cute and cuddly you are. When I got you up from your nap this evening, I was carrying you around. You kept wrapping your arms around me, and resting your head on my shoulder while you sucked your thumb. While on my shoulder, you made some cute cooing and sighing sounds. Its so sweet when you are cuddly like that.

You just finished your bottle and we just put you to bed. Before your bottle, we were playing with your toys on your bedroom floor. I love playing with you and especially just laying down and watching you play. I love to watch you explore the world. I love watching you move and I love watching your expressions.

I love you big bunches!

Quit waking up at night!

You silly little monster!

Last night Daddy and I went out for the evening and Brenna baby sat you.  You didn't want Brenna to put you to bed, but eventually you went to sleep and you were in your bed, snug as could be, when we got home.

You have been waking up in the middle of the night for the past week or so...and last night was no different.  Daddy and I stayed up late watching TV (and reading).  We went to bed around 2 am...and you woke up just as we climbed into bed!!!  I went and got you out of your bed while Daddy went and made your bottle.

You layed in between us drinking your bottle with your eyes closed.  But, even though you were mostly sleeping, you were still being silly.  First, you were helping me hold your bottle and you started twisting it around in circles.  Then Daddy took over holding your bottle and you started whacking your arms and feet.  You kept hitting me in the face!!  Ouch!  I finally had to turn my back to you so that you weren't hitting me:)

It didn't take you long at all to finish your bottle....and when you were finished I scooped you up and put you back in your bed.  You woke another time or two in the middle of the night but went back to sleep without us having to get you.

It sure is hard to have a good night's sleep when you wake up lots.  I hope you go back to sleeping all night soon!

Love you bunches and whacks!!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Hiya Baby:)

Hi Monkey Moo!

Daddy and I took you to Maid Marion's for lunch today in Summerside.  As usual, you were very happy to eat french fries!  Today, though, you were playing a new game.  After you had your fill of french fries and bread, you started picking up your fries and purposely throwing them on the floor.  I would say, "Don't you drop that..." and you would look at me and try to drop it anyway.  Daddy was catching the things you were dropping some of the time but there was still a whole big whack of fries on the floor.  You sure do leave an awful mess sometimes!

After eating, we went to get groceries at a couple of different places.  You sure were a good girl baby.  But, you were getting pretty tired by the end...  You were crying to get out of the shopping cart so Daddy picked you up.  But, when you're tired and cranky, you really want Mama instead:)  So, I carried you for the last little while and that kept you pretty happy.

When we were all done of groceries, we decided to go for a walk on the Summerside boardwalk by Spinnager's Landing.  We took some pictures of you in your stroller.

You sure are a cute little monkey.  While Daddy was trying to take your picture, you were trying to turn around and stand up in your stroller.  Silly little ape:)
We sure do love you bunches and bunches. 

First Entry by Daddy

Hiya there cute Doo-Bopper!

Mommy and I were planning to create some kind of electronic journal for you for a while ... so mommy set this up. Like mommy told you, we've been keeping a written journal to tell you about all the cute things you do and to tell you how much we love you. We're on our second book now. We left a bunch of blank pages at the front of the first book. I've been planning to go back, paste in some photos, and write some journal entries from the early days when you were still in mommy's belly. We'll still write some notes in the written journal, but we'll do most of the writing here. Awwww, typing is so much easier... and neater :)

Halloween Costume

We got you a costume at Old Navy this evening. We got you a cute skunk costume... you're a little stinker. We were planning to get you a dalmation puppy costume (because you sometimes bark and yap like a puppy), and I've been going to the store every day this week, because they were supposed to get some in. They didn't have any tonight, so we decided to go with the skunk. I got a kitty and a monkey costume earlier this week ... just in case they all sold out ... but we'll be going with the cute skunk :)

Squealing & Growling For Food / Taste-Testing With Your Tongue

We had supper at Wendy's. You caught sight of the fries behind the counter when we were waiting for our order and began to quietly growl. You're such a growly growler. When we sat down to eat, you began to growl and scream louder. We kept feeding you pieces of fries. We had to keep everything out of your reach because you claw at everything within your reach. Mommy was feeding you icecream too. It made me think of something funny that you do. You really love food, but don't looooovvve some foods as much as others. Sometimes when we try to put something in your mouth, you stick out your tongue to taste whatever it is before allowing it into your mouth... its pretty funny.

Crawling / Getting Into Everything / Standing & Trying To Climb

We got home pretty late this evening. After a short nap in the van, you were wound up at home. You were crawling around everywhere. Its cute to watch you crawl. You scoot around on your belly. You pull with your hands and kick with your feet.
Anyway, you were trying to get into everything. I sat on the living room floor with you. You pulled yourself up to stand at the couch. Then you tried to climb up onto it to get some toys, but you couldn't make it up. You stood up many times holding onto your sit-on car. The plastic wheels slide around on the laminate floor, so I had to hold it for you. You still don't have the balance to stand up. You wobble and fall on your butt. You are doing a pretty good job of staying upright when you are holding onto something solid. You get brave and reach with one hand to grab me or other things.

Crawling Away Frantically When Chased

You were doing it again... crawling frantically away from me when I chase you. While you were crawling along the floor, I'd say "where are you going" or "get back here". You look over your shoulder and smile... then take off crawling faster and breathing frantically. You're pretty cute.

Ticklish Feet

I tickled your feet tonight. You are pretty ticklish. You were smiling, and giggling and trying to get away from me.

We hope, that when you are older, you will really enjoy reading everything that we wrote about you. We'll print these online journal entries and put them in a binder for you too. With this online journal, your Nana, Grumpy, Grammie, brothers, sisters, aunt and uncle will be able to read the entries and keep informed about what you are doing.

You are a sweet beautiful baby. I love you very much!

Friday, September 11, 2009

The very first entry...of many!

Well, Emma Doodle Doo...  This is it - your blog!  Daddy and I have been keeping paper journals for you, but we decided that this would be an easier, quicker way to write down all the things we want to tell you.  I really hope when you are bigger, you will enjoy reading all the things we write to you!

Already today, you have done something new!  You are such a smart and good girl:)  The last couple of nights while I have been changing your diaper or putting your jammer jams on, you have been playing with your hair brush.  Well...chewing on it mostly.  I would take it out of your hands and brush your hair with it while saying, "Brush your hair, Emma...Let's brush your hair."  This morning, you and I were playing with your toys in your room and you found your brush.  You picked it up and were about to put it in your mouth.  I said, "Brush your hair, Emma..."  And, low and behold, you lifted the brush up to your hair and brushed!!  What a smart girl you are!!  (You then promptly returned the brush to your mouth, but still!)

You are napping now and I must return to my chores....  Yawn!

I love you, sweet baby!