Tuesday, September 15, 2009

You little turkey....

Do you know that it is past your bed time??  I put you to bed a little after 9 pm because you are a tired little gremlin and 9 pm is your usual bed time.  When I tried to put you into your crib, you started to fuss a little, so I sang you Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star, which is what I always do when you fuss.  Then, usually, you willingly go to bed.  But, lately, you have been fussing more and more when it is bed time or nap time.

Tonight, when I left your room, you started crying a little...but I left you because usually, after a minute or two, you drift off to sleep.  But, the crying got progressively worse as the minutes ticked by and Cameron came in and asked if he could go and get you.  I finally relented and said that he could.

When he opened your door, your were standing up in your crib crying pitifully.  He rescued you and brought you out to the living room where you sadly sat on his lap and sucked your thumb.

Poor, poor, poor little baby!!
Earlier this evening, Daddy and I went for a walk with you in your stroller.  Here you are playing with some toys while you are waiting for us to leave.

Silly little monkey - you're chewing on a shovel!!!!!

Now you are snuggling with your Dad while he gives you a bottle.  Another bottle that is...because I already gave you a bottle before I put you in bed!  I sure hope when you are finished of this bottle you go to bed like a good girl baby, without fussing or crying or standing in your bed!

Love you heaps and piles!!  xoxoxoxo

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