Sunday, September 13, 2009

Today & Some Photos of Recent Events

Hi Emma Doodle Doo Monster!

You're such a cutie. You roll and move around a lot in your crib while you're sleeping. When we put you to bed, we usually just throw one blanket on you, then check on you a little while later to fix the blanket and put more blankets on you. We usually find you up in a corner with no blankets. I think that's what wakes you up. Sometimes when you cry out in the middle of the night, I go in to find your head pushed up in the corner ... the crib rails must hurt your little head.

This is a photo of you this morning being a good girl playing with your toys in your bedroom. You can see your new wooden toy box behind you.

These are two pictures of you climbing up on a bag of blankets. Silly girl, you're climbing before you are even walking. I snapped a couple pictures of you. You smiled for the first one, and then performed for the camera for the rest. You were doing your silly squinty smile and were even doing a silly wave too. You are a crazy silly performer.

This is a photo of you on my shoulders. A few weeks ago, I gave you your first shoulder ride. You had a lot of fun. I walked you around to the kitchen, the living room, your bedroom, and to the bathroom mirror so you could see yourself.

These are photos of mommy and I carrying you in your backpack carrier. We went for a hike on the Strathgartney trail. I carried you in, about 20 minutes or so. Then you started crying and screaming ... you wanted your mom. Mommy carried you on the trail back to the car. She did such a great job... it was uphill all the way back. It was hard work.

You're so funny. You've been clicking with your tongue a lot lately. You've done it before, but you been doing it a lot the last few days. You repeat whenever mommy or I click our tongues first. Its cute :)

I love how cute and cuddly you are. When I got you up from your nap this evening, I was carrying you around. You kept wrapping your arms around me, and resting your head on my shoulder while you sucked your thumb. While on my shoulder, you made some cute cooing and sighing sounds. Its so sweet when you are cuddly like that.

You just finished your bottle and we just put you to bed. Before your bottle, we were playing with your toys on your bedroom floor. I love playing with you and especially just laying down and watching you play. I love to watch you explore the world. I love watching you move and I love watching your expressions.

I love you big bunches!


  1. What a nice idea writing these notes about Emma I hope you like to read them when you are older Emma

  2. By the way anonymous is Grammie love you Emma. I don't know much about this .When I went to post it ,It came up anonymous.

  3. so so so so so sooooo cute from devon