Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween Doodle Doo!

Your second Halloween was a lot of fun. It sure was much more fun than your first Halloween. You were 7 days old and we spent that weekend in the hospital. You were very jaundiced and it wasn't going away on its own fast enough so you had to spend the weekend in the hospital in a special bed with a light shining underneath you. The light makes the jaundice go away.

Here you are sleeping in your special light bed on Halloween night. It was like your very own cute costume. You look like a beautiful little angel. Mommy and I stayed in the room with you all weekend. We had the room all to ourselves. Mommy and I shared a pullout chair to sleep on.

This is a closeup picture of you in your special bed. You're such a beautiful little baby.

We got you a skunk costume for this Halloween. It is pretty cute. It has a heart on the back of it with the name "Lil Stinker" on it. We visited Nana and Grumpy in the morning to show them your costume. You gobbled up some cheezies while we visited, yum, yum!

We stopped by a farm near the cottage to get some pumpkins. The photo above is of you sitting on a hay bale next to a couple pumpkins. After that, we spent the afternoon grocery shopping, etc. We didn't get home until late in the afternoon. You didn't nap all day. You finally were ready for a nap around 5 PM. We had to wake you just before 6 PM so we could put your skunk costume back on and take you out for your first trick or treating experience. We would have liked to let you sleep, but we couldn't let you miss out.

Here you are in the front yard in Mommy's arms just before she took you trick or treating to a few houses in the neighborhood with some of the other neighborhood kids and parents. You were such a tired little stinker sucking your thumb.

You got a few treats on your short walk around the neighborhood. You sure loved the cheezies :) The next two photos are Mommy and I posing with you in your costume on the front step.

We are so glad that you had a fun first real Halloween. Well, it was probably more enjoyable and fun for Mommy and I. You were an adorable little stinker.

I love you big bunches, little stinker!


Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Driving Your Car Better & Eating With Both Hands+

Hi Doodle Doo Bopper!

We visited Christa, Noah, Ben and Jenna on your birthday. You had fun playing on Jenna`s car. It was the first time that we saw you pushing yourself foward. Since then, you`ve been starting to push your own car forward a little bit when you`re sitting on it. Jenna had fun with you when you were on her car. She was pushing and pulling you around. She pushed you forward into the couch a few times. We had to jump up and stop her so she didn`t push you into the couch too hard and knock you off the car.

This is Jenna getting ready to give you a push while you drove her car.

Haha... I laughed at you while you were eating tonight. After I fed you supper, I gave you some cheezies on your high chair table. You were gobbling them up, often with one in each hand. I then gave you a few corn twists too. I laughed when you had a cheezie in each hand, and then leaned over to try to bite into the pile of corn twists at the same time. I never expected that you would need more than your two hands while eating... haha.

You were so nice offering to share a cheezie with me. You took it back and put it in your mouth just as I was going to bite it. You`re a silly little monster ... but you`re a darn cute monster :)

Lots of hugs and kisses!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Opening Presents...

Hi Big Baby One-year-old!!

So, Daddy told you all about your wonderful birthday party!  You were such a good-girl baby!!  I'm going to tell you about the part where you opened all of your presents from all your terrific family and friends!!

You were quite enthusiastic about opening presents...but not for the reason you might think!  You loved opening presents so that you could try to eat all the wrapping paper!

Here is what you got for your birthday:

From Nana and Grumpy you got a wonderful's called Songs 'n Smiles Silly Town.  It makes funny sounds and music and has really neat blocks that come with it.  We put it together first and you really like to play with it.

From Aunt Christa you got a great-big, lonnnng CaterSpeller!  It's a caterpillar with all the letters of the alphabet!  It looks really great in your room!

From Kaleigh you got an awesome purple Dora zip-up blanket, a shirt, and a baby wearing a bumble bee costume.  Jenna really, really liked the Bumble, we let her play with it.

Grammie gave you a really nice baby and a very pretty purple outfit and some money, too!  She also got you a nice book called Love You Forever.  She wrote on the inside of it for you.  I hope you will have it forever.

From Cameron, Brenna and Devon you got a really neat Laugh 'n Learn Purse.  It makes music and sounds and it came with toy lipstick, keys, a bracelet and play money inside.  You really like it.

Daddy and I got you a play table.  It plays music and makes sounds and you love it.  When Daddy put batteries in it for you, you stood up and danced to the music it made.

Old Nanny gave you a really nice card with money in it.  She wanted you to get something you need with it.  Maybe Daddy and I will put it in a bank account for you...since you don't really need anything right now.

Our neighbors, Steve and Margaret, and their daughter Abby couldn't make it to the party but they gave you a really nice pink outfit for a present.  That was really nice of them!

Your cousins Noah and Ben made you homemade cards.  Ben was especially proud to give you his (he made two).  I think you liked them a lot...because you tried to eat them!!!

You sure did get a lot of presents for your birthday.  You are a very lucky little baby.

I love you big giant bunches and whacks!!

Muah.  xoxoxo.

Love Mama

1st Birthday Party

Happy Birthday Sweet Baby!

Your birthday party was fun. We had the party on Sunday, the day after your actual birthday. Most of the family was there. Nana, Grumpy, Grammie, Alan, Christa, Ben, Noah, Jenna and our neighbor Kaleigh. We all had pizza, then you opened all your great presents. You had so much fun. You ripped the paper off some presents, but mostly tried to eat the paper and card envelopes. Mommy will post some pictures and tell you all about your wonderful presents.

Here is your birthday cake made out of chocolate and white cupcakes. We were gonna get a Whinnie the Pooh theme, but thought this one was cuter. We'll try to save the little teddy bear as a keepsake.

This is Mommy brining you your cake with a candle on it. Everyone was singing happy birthday. You weren't overly excited. I think you were trying to figure out why everyone was singing and mommy was walking towards you with a cake. Needless to say, Add Imageyou didn't blow out your candle... I'm sure you will next year. You started screaming and getting excited after mommy started giving the cupcakes out to the other kids.

You sure had fun devouring your very own cupcake. It was a great first birthday party!

I love you so very much!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Happy Birthday Beautiful Baby!

Happy Birthday Beautiful Baby Emma!

We've been trying to decide what to do for your first birthday card. We decided to take some photos of your letter blocks and a couple of your special teddy bears. These are the photos that we used on your card.

This is the teddy bear that Grammie gave you for your first christmas. Its the bear that she gave me for my first christmas in 1974. Grammie cleaned it up and gave it to you along with a picture of me as a little baby sitting next to it.

We spelled out Happy First Birthday with letter blocks that we used as props to spell out your name when we were taking pictures of Mommy and I last October while you were still in Mommy's belly.

The rubber Sesame Street and Whinnie the Pooh blocks are the ones that we bought for you at a yard sale at the end of the summer. You have fun playing with them. We've played games with you in your room. We stack them up into a tower and you knock them over and squeal.

The backdrop is the soft pink blanket that the Easter Bunny gave to you. You like it a lot. You like to snuggle with it and suck your thumb. Everything is sitting on the wooden toy box that we got for you at the flea market a little while ago.

In this picture, we spelled out your name. The Whinnie the Pooh is the first bear that we got for you. We got it for you before you were born. He's really soft. You love to snuggle with him and kiss him.

This is the 118th picture that I took of you. Its you, one year ago, at the young age of 33 minutes. You are holding onto my finger with your tiny hand.

Here you are 1 hour and 45 minutes old and snuggling with me. I am so happy. It was so amazing to finally be able to have you in our arms.

You are one year old today. It is amazing how fast time passes. You have grown so much, and we love you even more every day. You are such a miracle. We spent 8 months watching you grow in Mommy's belly and counting the minutes until we were able to hold you. On October 24, 2008 at 2:37 pm, you were born and filled our lives with such joy. It was like a dream the day you were born. I was so incredibly happy and filled with emotion and joy the day you were born. You are so amazing. You have made this past year so amazing. You make us so happy every day. I love to experience the world with you and watch you grow every day. Every day with you is amazing.

You are our sweet baby Emma Doodle Doo. I look forward to spending each and every day with you watching you grow. Each day with you is incredible. You are our amazing gift.

Happy Birthday Emma Doodle Doo!
I love you soooooo much!

Happy Birthday, Doodle Doo!!!!

Happy birthday, Doodle Doo!!!

It is so hard to believe that it was a whole year ago that you came into this world to meet your Daddy and me and your brothers and sister.  It seems so weird to think that it was a whole year ago...and yet...I can't remember or imagine our lives without you.

I still remember the first time I held you...  I remember the look on your Daddy's face and how proud he was when you were born.  I remember how happy I felt that you were here and that you were healthy and safe.  I felt so lucky to finally have you.  And I still feel like the luckiest lucky every time I see your big smiley face looking up at me.

Here you are just seconds after you were born...  It is kind of a gruesome picture, because you were so new...but I wanted to put it in here because it is how you looked the very first time we saw you...  You can see that you were literally bent in half.  When you came out of my tummy the doctor said that your umbilical cord was wrapped twice around your neck.  Your Daddy and I knew that even though you were born a month early that you were meant to come to us that very day...  It could have been a much scarier time if that umbilical cord had tightened around your neck if you had stayed in my belly longer.

This picture shows you just minutes after you were born when the special neo-natal team were working on you.  They were at your birth because you were born early.  They made sure that you were healthy and strong before they gave you to Daddy and me.  It seemed like such a long wait to hold you!

Here you are when they finally finished.  They wrapped you up and were getting ready to give you to me to hold for the first time.  When I looked at this picture after you were born, I always said that you were just as upset to have been waiting for me as I was waiting for you!

Here you are finally in my arms.  It was such hard work giving birth to you, but even though I was very tired, I was so happy to finally have the chance to snuggle you.  Daddy was so proud and so happy.  For many days after you were born, Daddy would become overwhelmed with emotion just looking at you.  We cried joyful tears together many times at the hospital after spending hours just looking at you.

You were such a special baby then, and you are even more special now.  We love you so completely.  You brothers and sisters adore you and their faces light up when they see you, just like your face lights up when you see any of them.

So, what did we do on the day of your first birthday?  Well, we didn't have your birthday party today, because Cameron had football in your party is tomorrow.  Lots of friends and family members will be coming to celebrate with you.

Today, though, we travelled to Souris for Cameron's football game.  We dropped Cameron off at the field and then we went to visit Aunt Christa and your cousins, Noah, Ben and Jenna.  After a little while, we left you with Christa and you played with Jenna while we went to watch Cameron's game.  Christa says you ate and ate and ate the whole time!  You sure do love to eat!

We picked you up after the football game and when we got back to Charlottetown, we went to eat Chinese food.  You weren't very hungry after eating all afternoon at Christa's...but you still ate lots!  When we were eating supper, we started playing a game that I've been playing with you for about a week now.  You love it!  I say, "Emma, where's your belly?  Show Mama your belly..." and then you lift up your shirt and show me your belly.  As soon as you do, I grab your belly and tickle you and you giggle and laugh.  You think it's such a funny game!

You are such a wonderful and happy baby.  We love you so much.  Happy, happy, happy first birthday, Emma Doodle Doo!!!

Love and hugs and kisses, from Mama. 

Friday, October 23, 2009

7th Tooth & Another Coming Soon!

Hi Little Baby Emma!

You got your 7th tooth. Its the one on the left side of your two bottom front teeth. The one on the right of you top front teeth will be coming soon.

We're glad that you don't really bite us any more like you used to :)

I love you so very much!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

You sixth tooth...and more!

Hi Emma Doodle Doo,

New Tooth

You finally got your sixth tooth!!  It is on the bottom on the right side of your two middle teeth!  I think you are also getting some more teeth because you are really chewing on your fingers a lot...and you're a little cranky, too.

Still Sick :(

Daddy and I took you to the doctor again yesterday.  You were up crying all night again the night before.  Poor little monkey.  Dr. Coady looked at your ears and throat and listened to your chest.  He said your left ear is still infected.  You have more medicine to take.  Luckily, this medicine seems to taste better than the last stuff you had.  You don't fuss at all when we give it to you.  Actually, you even seem to like it and you try to suck every drop out of the syringe we give it to you in.  We have also been giving you advil and tylenol to help you feel better.  You gobble it all up without complaint.  You're such a good girl baby.

Supper Time

Tonight for supper we had chicken and french fries and peas.  You were soooo hungry!!!  You ate tons and tons and tons!  You would eat everything we put on your tray and then you would scream for more.  You are such a great eater.  While you were eating, you would put your hand out to give Daddy a bite and when he'd go to take it from you, you would take it back and eat it yourself.  You're so funny!

A Budding Musician

Last night Cameron and Brenna were playing with you.  You were a little bit cranky so they took you into Brenna's room.  Brenna decided to play the keyboard for you....with her bottom!  Cameron was holding you and you were dancing and screaming with excitement.  Then, they decided to let you play the had so much fun!   You were so fascinated by the sounds the keyboard made - you were an awesome little musician!!

After you had such a great time playing the keyboard, they decided that you might like to play the drums.  So, they took you downstairs to play rockband!  You loved banging on the drums and you really liked the sound that the drum sticks made when you banged them together, too!  Mostly, though, you liked chewing on the drum must be those new teeth that you are getting!  All in all, I would say you are going to be very talented - it runs in the family.  Uncle Billy will be very, very proud!

That's all for now, sweet baby bopper.  We will write to you again soon!

Love, Mama. 

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Pincher & Cute Hair Flip

Hi Doodle Doo!


Mommy told you about driving the van. It was pretty funny. We took you out of your seat. You were so active. You were squirming all over the place. You blew the horn a couple times. I put the window down and you were trying to climb out off my lap. You were hanging on to the steering wheel and jumping up and down like crazy.


It was funny tonight. I was putting corn twists in my mouth and you were taking them from me and eating them. You giggled a "haha" every time you did it. You sure love to eat. You have both hands going. Oh yeah, in the wall behind you in the picture that mommy posted is pretty messy looking. That's because we're patching walls to get ready to paint, hopefully before your birthday party.


When we're holding you, you gently pinch the skin on our neck. It doesn't hurt most of the time, but sometime's it hurts a little. Its usually your left hand that you pinch with. Your right hand is usually holding on to our shoulder or you're sucking your thumb on that hand.

Driving Your Car & Hair Curl Over Left Ear

You are getting better at driving your car. You have lots of fun on it. You push on the horn and turn the wheel. You push around with feet. You only really push it slowly backwards and turn it a bit, but you are just starting to move around on it. Very soon, you'll be driving around everywhere. I'm posting a cute picture of you on your car. In the picture, you can also so the cute hair curl that you have over your left ear. Your hair is actully a bit messy too because you just got out of the bath tub. The next cute picture shows your cute flip better.

When I put you to bed tonight, you rolled over to your back. I covered you up and left the room. You cried a bit and kept crying, so I went back in. I tried to cover you up, but you sat up and cried so sadly. I picked you up and you snuggled in, layed your head on my shoulder and sucked your thumb. I sang some of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star to you (just like mommy does) and layed you back down. You immediately sat up crying, so I picked you up. You layed your head on my shoulder again, so I took you out. I rubbed your back and rocked you around. You let out a quiet sobbing "mama". Sometimes you just wanna snuggle with your mommy. When she finished what she was doing, she took you and the three of us snuggled on the couch. You layed your head on her shoulder and sucked you thumb. After a little time with mommy, you were ready for bed :)

We love you giant bunches sweet baby girl!

Squeaky Clean....and stuff.

Hey boppy booper,

I have lots of neat things to tell you about!

Arms in your jacket:

The other day, when Daddy and I picked you up at the babysitters, Daddy was holding you while I was putting your jacket on.  I was saying, "Put your arm in..." which I always say, but this time you actually took your arm and put it in your sleeve all by yourself.  You are such a smart girl!!!  You do it everytime we put your shirt or jacket on now!

Driving the van:

Friday night, we were watching Cameron's football game from the van because it was very cold and rainy.  You were tired of sitting in your seat, so Daddy and I took you into the front seat with us.  You LOVE standing up at the steering wheel!!!  Daddy and I took some pictures of you playing with the steering wheel - you were so happy!

Feeding Daddy....NOT:

I think Daddy has told you before about how you started feeding him your supper...  Well, tonight, after you finished eating your supper, I gave you some corn twists to eat.  You really, really LOVE to eat corn twists!  Instead of feeding Daddy corn twists, you were taking them out of his mouth and eating them yourself!  And you would giggle as you did it!  It was really funny:)


Tonight when it was bathtime, Daddy washed you and played with you while Mommy was folding laundry.  When I was all done with the laundry, I came in to wash your hair.  But, by the time I got there, you really wanted to get out of the tub.  You weren't very happy when I wet your hair...and when I turned on the spray to rinse your hair, you screamed and screamed and screamed.  You've liked the sprayer in the past, but tonight you wanted nothing to do with it!  Of course, your hair was all soapy and I needed to rinse it rather than drag it out, I just very quickly sprayed your hair off.  The water was going in your face and eyes and you were super duper mad!!  But, I got it done fast and we pulled you out!  We got your jammer jams on and then you were all better!

Pearly Whites:

After bathtime and jammer jams, we showed Daddy how you know how to brush your teeth.  Daddy hasn't seen you brush them before because you and me have always brushed your teeth while Daddy was at work!  You sure love to brush your teeth and you do a really terrific job!  Daddy took some pictures of you brushing your teeth!

You are such a wonderful creature and Daddy and I love you big giant heaps and bunches!


Love Mama!!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Feeding Daddy & Big Girl Taking Medicine

Hi Cute Funny Baby Girl!

Yesterday at supper, you were eating pancakes in your highchair and were sitting between Mommy and me. I was playing around and talking to you. You kept reaching out towards my face as you always do. You had a piece of pancake in your hand, so I ate it out of your hand. You kept picking up pieces and reaching out towards me. I ate a few more from your hand. You were pretty happy and impressed by it. You looked over at Mommy a few times with a big grin on your face. You smiled at me lots too.

You finished taking your antibiotic medicine a couple days ago. I haven't told you that you've been such a big girl. When you first started taking it, you screamed and cried when we gave you your medicine, but you got much better at taking it. We still had to hold your hands and feet, and you turned your head back and forth to get away from it, but you didn't scream and cry. You'd purse your lips together tightly to keep the medicine out of your mouth. But you seemed to have fun with it... you'd kinda grin at us.

I love you cutie pie!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Drank Through a Straw

Hi Cute Baby!

You drank from a five-alive juice box through a straw today. At first I was putting the straw in your mouth, then squeezing the box, but you soon learned how to close your lips and drink from it yourself. You drank from a straw several weeks ago.

At a restaurant on the weekend, you were screaming for us to feed you water with a straw. We dipped the straw in a glass of water, put our finger over the top of it to keep it full of water, put it in your mouth and let the water pour out in your mouth. You squealed at us to keep feeding you. You didn't want to try to drink from the straw yourself... you wanted us to keep feeding you.

Tonight at supper, you screamed at me when I was drinking a glass of water... you wanted some. I held it to your lips and you drank some...and spilled lots too. You pushed your face forward so hard the glass left a red ring on your face. I switched you to a plastic cup, then a sippy cup.

A short while ago tonight, you were on the couch with us. You climbed up us to get to the back of the couch. When you got near the top, you stood up on us, bounced up and down and yelled happily.

You were pretty awake. When I tried to put you to bed, you kicked your feet, and instead of laying down, you landed on your feet and then sat on your bum. I took you back out... then mommy put you to bed.... and you went to sleep for her.

You're such a cute baby!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving, Doodle Doo!!!

Hi sweet baby!

Today is your very first Thanksgiving!  When you are bigger you will learn that Thanksgiving is a day where we think about all the things we have to be thankful for!  We sure do have lots and lots reasons to be thankful!

I am so thankful for you and your brothers and sister.  I am thankful for your wonderful Daddy.  I am thankful for our families and that we are all healthy.  We have so much and I feel like the luckiest lucky.  I hope someday you feel really lucky too!

Today, Daddy and I took you and Cameron and Brenna to visit Nana and Grumpy and then to your Aunt Christa's for Thanksgiving dinner.  Devon didn't come with us today but I know he feels really lucky to have you for his baby sister.

You sat in your highchair at Aunt Christa's and gobbled up everything we gave you:  turkey, potatoes, carrots, turnip and rolls!  I think you were very thankful for the wonderful meal Christa made for us!

You got to play with your cousins Jenna, Ben and Noah.  After dinner, Daddy and I took you to visit Grammie and Old Nanny.  You sure smiled lots and had fun.

Here are some pictures of our day:

This is you gobbling up your Thanksgiving dinner.  Yum, yum!

This is you, Daddy and me posing for the camera while Brenna takes our picture.

This is you playing with your cousin, Jenna.  She was giving you lots of kisses!

Here you are with Grammie at Old Nanny's house.

This is you and me at Old Nanny's house.

And, finally, this is you and Old Nanny.

We sure did have a great Thanksgiving!!

I love you big, giant, bunches!!  You are such a wonderful baby!  Muah.  xoxoxo

Love,  Mama

Monday, October 5, 2009

Screeches & Kisses

Hi Doodle Bug!

Today, I met you and Mommy for lunch. We had Subway. We gave you roast beef, tomatoes, bread and chocolate chip cookies. You sure do love all food.

Mommy sang paddy cake to you again. You watched her and smiled... and clapped your hands. We didn't even show you how to clap your hands... you just knew. You're such a smart baby.

You fell asleep in your car seat. Its so heart-warming to watch you. Your eyelashes look so pretty. Your nose and lips are so cute. Your face is so soft and perfect. You look like a little angel. You are such a wonderful baby... we love you very much!

I played with you for a while this evening in your bedroom while Mommy was making us supper. She gets to play with you all day long... I love when I get to play with you in the evenings when I get home from work. I was stacking your rubber blocks in front of you while you sat on the floor. You kept knocking the tower over and screeeeeched loudly over and over. I took a few videos of it, but the videos couldn't capture the extent of your piercing screech. You silly little monster.

I took a few photos of us playing together... here's one...

Near bedtime, you gave Mommy and I lots of kisses. Its pretty cute and funny. When we're holding you, we ask for kisses. You turn to us, open your mouth and stick your tongue out slightly as if you are going to lick something. Its funny.... that's how you kiss us.... well, thats how you kiss us on the rare occasion that you don't turn your head away from us when we go to kiss you. You gave us each a bunch of kisses :)

You are so wonderful! You make us very happy! We love you so much!

I love you!


Sunday, October 4, 2009

First Update In a While

Poor Sick Baby - Finally Slept Through The Night

You slept all night last night from around 10 PM until after 7 AM. We gave you a bottle, and you went back to sleep with us in our bed until about 10 AM. Whew, we all needed the sleep. You've been sick with a cold and were up pretty much all night the past few nights crying. Your nose is stuffy and you find it hard to breath. You, Mommy and I didn't get much sleep over the past few nights. We took you to the hospital yesterday to get checked out. You have an ear infection. We got some medicine, so we hope you get better soon. The medicine doesn't taste very good, and you scream and fight when we try to give it to you. It's sad, but it will make you better. I think the medicine is helping you already. Oddly, you were waking up a few times through the night for about a week. Maybe your ear infection was coming on for a little while.

You Weigh 21 lbs

Oh yeah, they weighed you at the hospital. You are just over 21 lbs, but you had pants, a t-shirt and diaper on.

Funny Feeding Yourself

You are soooo funny. Mommy and I fed you supper tonight. We gave you a bit of baby food, then gave you some little blocks of cheddar cheese for the first time. Of course you loved it. We finished it off with some peach yogurt. Early into eating the baby food, you took the spoon away from Mommy and started chewing on it. You screamed when she took it back from you, so she gave it back and got another spoon to feed you with. I helped you put some food on your own spoon and let you try to put it in your mouth yourself. Each time you did it, you did your silly squinty smile... you were so proud of yourself. We laughed at you a whole whack... it just made you make more silly smiles.

Brat! Dropping Stuff For Daddy To Pick Up

When you were done eating, you dropped your spoon on the floor, and then leaned over your high chair to look at it. I picked it up and gave it back to you. Then you dropped it again. This time, I left it on the floor. You looked at it, then at me, then looked at the spoon again and wailed a loud scream. You're such a brat :) You kept dropping it. You would squeal each time I didn't pick it up, or if I picked it up and didn't give it to you. You'd also squeal at me if I put my hand under to catch it before you dropped it... and then you wouldn't drop it until I moved my hand.
This morning when you were in your high chair after breakfast I have your colourful plastic chain toy. You played with it for a while, then threw it on the floor. I picked it up and gave it to you. You squealed a few times when I didn't get them for you. I started giving it back to you and I held onto one end. When you dropped it, I was still holding it. This made you mad. After a few times, you yanked it away from me and dropped it off the other side of the chair.

You Clapped Along To Paddy Cake

Today, Mommy had you clapping. She was singing paddy cake and you clapped along. You're such a smart baby.

We Had A Fun Two Days Home Together

Mommy was with Nana at the hospital on thursday and friday because Nana hurt her ankle. You and i spent all day thursday and friday together. You weren't feeling too well and didn't want to sleep. I was tired too so I took you in to our bed. I layed down and put you beside me. You were laying there so contently sucking your thumb and looking at me. You smiled at me, had a small giggle then went back to sucking your thumb. We had a good nap.

On our two days home, we played a lot on the floor. I learned that you like to grab and snuggle soft blankets and things and then suck your thumb. We were playing on the floor in our bedroom. You crawled over to mommy's pink fluffy house coat, grabbed it with your hand, layed your head on it and sucked your thumb. You also do it with the small light fluffy blanket that Grammie gave you when you were born. You cuddled with the fluffy Whinnie the Pooh that we got for you before you were born. You like cuddling with your Pooh bear. You give him kisses on the nose. Its pretty cute.

Here's a picture of us playing on the floor :)

You Might Be Able To Blow Out Your Birthday Candle

On friday, Devon taught you to blow air like you were blowing out a candle. He did it first, then you did it. Later I tried it and you did it too. Maybe you will be able to blow out your birthday candle.

You Said Moooo

You have a couple cow toys. tonight, mommy taught you to say mooo.... she said mooo, and you repeated it.

You sure have lots of fun playing with all your toys. We just keep buying more for you. You'll be so spoiled. You have fun playing with your rubber blocks. The larger ones are Whinnie the Pooh and the smaller ones are Sesame Street.

You Even Like Typing

While I was typing this, you crawled over onto my lap from Mommy's lap. You were screaming and trying to get to the laptop. You always want what you're not supposed to have. You scratched at the keyboard .... see what you wrote below. Somehow you managed to save the file, and close it, and close our internet windows too. Silly girl.

m, knnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnm jjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjj kkjhioguy6jnbg5r6bng5rgt gncgv bnt455555cvvhvbe4n 5rfvb6yuijko,l;./.';op76,,. ,'k lm nbnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn'[ -0j['';l90opl[[[[[[[;]0

Kissing Devon Through The Glass

Devon was outside on the step today waiting for his friend to pick him up to play for the afternoon. Mommy was holding you at the door. You were kissing him through the glass. Your mouth was open and you were licking the glass.

Happy Sounds

You make lots of sounds now. Some of them even sound like words. Sometimes it sounds like you say "yeah" at appropriate times. You make happy sounds sometimes, like when you are watching TV. I was holding you in my arms tonight and you were watching the "Toopy and Binoo" show coming on. You made some cute happy sounds like "huuuuu" and "wuuuuuu".
Tonight when the kid show "Big & Small" was on, you were watching intently. You kept crawling over to the TV, pulling yourself up, grabbing the stereo speaker and trying to touch the TV screen.

You are a cute little monster. We love you big bunches!