Saturday, October 24, 2009

Happy Birthday Beautiful Baby!

Happy Birthday Beautiful Baby Emma!

We've been trying to decide what to do for your first birthday card. We decided to take some photos of your letter blocks and a couple of your special teddy bears. These are the photos that we used on your card.

This is the teddy bear that Grammie gave you for your first christmas. Its the bear that she gave me for my first christmas in 1974. Grammie cleaned it up and gave it to you along with a picture of me as a little baby sitting next to it.

We spelled out Happy First Birthday with letter blocks that we used as props to spell out your name when we were taking pictures of Mommy and I last October while you were still in Mommy's belly.

The rubber Sesame Street and Whinnie the Pooh blocks are the ones that we bought for you at a yard sale at the end of the summer. You have fun playing with them. We've played games with you in your room. We stack them up into a tower and you knock them over and squeal.

The backdrop is the soft pink blanket that the Easter Bunny gave to you. You like it a lot. You like to snuggle with it and suck your thumb. Everything is sitting on the wooden toy box that we got for you at the flea market a little while ago.

In this picture, we spelled out your name. The Whinnie the Pooh is the first bear that we got for you. We got it for you before you were born. He's really soft. You love to snuggle with him and kiss him.

This is the 118th picture that I took of you. Its you, one year ago, at the young age of 33 minutes. You are holding onto my finger with your tiny hand.

Here you are 1 hour and 45 minutes old and snuggling with me. I am so happy. It was so amazing to finally be able to have you in our arms.

You are one year old today. It is amazing how fast time passes. You have grown so much, and we love you even more every day. You are such a miracle. We spent 8 months watching you grow in Mommy's belly and counting the minutes until we were able to hold you. On October 24, 2008 at 2:37 pm, you were born and filled our lives with such joy. It was like a dream the day you were born. I was so incredibly happy and filled with emotion and joy the day you were born. You are so amazing. You have made this past year so amazing. You make us so happy every day. I love to experience the world with you and watch you grow every day. Every day with you is amazing.

You are our sweet baby Emma Doodle Doo. I look forward to spending each and every day with you watching you grow. Each day with you is incredible. You are our amazing gift.

Happy Birthday Emma Doodle Doo!
I love you soooooo much!

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