Tuesday, October 20, 2009

You sixth tooth...and more!

Hi Emma Doodle Doo,

New Tooth

You finally got your sixth tooth!!  It is on the bottom on the right side of your two middle teeth!  I think you are also getting some more teeth because you are really chewing on your fingers a lot...and you're a little cranky, too.

Still Sick :(

Daddy and I took you to the doctor again yesterday.  You were up crying all night again the night before.  Poor little monkey.  Dr. Coady looked at your ears and throat and listened to your chest.  He said your left ear is still infected.  You have more medicine to take.  Luckily, this medicine seems to taste better than the last stuff you had.  You don't fuss at all when we give it to you.  Actually, you even seem to like it and you try to suck every drop out of the syringe we give it to you in.  We have also been giving you advil and tylenol to help you feel better.  You gobble it all up without complaint.  You're such a good girl baby.

Supper Time

Tonight for supper we had chicken and french fries and peas.  You were soooo hungry!!!  You ate tons and tons and tons!  You would eat everything we put on your tray and then you would scream for more.  You are such a great eater.  While you were eating, you would put your hand out to give Daddy a bite and when he'd go to take it from you, you would take it back and eat it yourself.  You're so funny!

A Budding Musician

Last night Cameron and Brenna were playing with you.  You were a little bit cranky so they took you into Brenna's room.  Brenna decided to play the keyboard for you....with her bottom!  Cameron was holding you and you were dancing and screaming with excitement.  Then, they decided to let you play the keyboard...you had so much fun!   You were so fascinated by the sounds the keyboard made - you were an awesome little musician!!

After you had such a great time playing the keyboard, they decided that you might like to play the drums.  So, they took you downstairs to play rockband!  You loved banging on the drums and you really liked the sound that the drum sticks made when you banged them together, too!  Mostly, though, you liked chewing on the drum sticks...it must be those new teeth that you are getting!  All in all, I would say you are going to be very talented - it runs in the family.  Uncle Billy will be very, very proud!

That's all for now, sweet baby bopper.  We will write to you again soon!

Love, Mama. 

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  1. Uncle Billy is very proud and thinks that Emma ROCKS! xoxo