Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Gymnastics Class

Hi Doodle Bopper!

You have lots of fun at gymnastics class.  Here are a few photos…

IMG_1232 crop

IMG_1247 crop

IMG_1267 crop

I love you cute baby girl!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Sure! / Sit On My Back Cameron / I Liiiike It

Hi Cute Girl!

Eating Lettuce

You Mommy and I went out to supper tonight at Pizza Delight. You had chicken nuggets and fries. When you were done, you leaned over to my plate and grabbed a chunk of lettuce from my Caesar salad. We were surprised to see you eat lettuce. You kept grabbing lettuce and croutons, putting them in your mouth and standing up with a smile on your face and saying “yummmmm gooood”.



You kept standing up on the booth seat during supper. At one point, we told you that you have to sit down on your bum… you said “Ohhh sure mommy”. You’ve been saying “sure” lately. When we ask you if you want something, you say “yaaaaah sure” or “okkaay sure”.

Get On My Back Cameron

This evening, Cameron put you on his back and did some pushups. When you got down, you got in a pushup position and said “Get on my back Cameron”. He then pretended to sit on your back.


Taking Your Puffer

You’ve had a cough and a cold for a couple weeks now. Your cough got worse last week so we took you to the doctor. They prescribed a puffer for you. We’ve been giving it to you for a few days now. You used to had when we put the mask over your face, but now you do so great. You take deep breaths just like you’re supposed to.

But you still don’t like it sometimes. On the weekend a couple times, you fought us and said “no pupper”. Tonight after we layed down in bed, I asked you if you wanted to take your puffer.. and you said no. Then I said it would make you feel better.. and you softly asked “make my cough better?” … and I said yeah … then you said you wanted to take it. I gave you two puffs from each of your two puffers. You took great deep breaths … you did so great.

Helping Daddy Work – Iiiiii Liiiiiike It

This evening, I was installing some doorway thresholds … one in the bathroom and one at the deck door. When you realize I’m working, you often want to come and help. Tonight you came over and said “I help you Daddy” … and I said OK … you asked what I was doing and looked at the tools and equipment I had … a big smile came over your face and you said “Iiiiiiii liiiiike it”. You’re so funny. You helped me hold the drill while I drove some screws and drilled some holes. Other times when I’ve been working and you’d come to watch and help, you’ve said “great job Daddy!”.

You’re such a silly girl and I love you sooooo much!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Few Updates

Hi Little Girl!

I Can’t Lift Mine

On the way home this evening in the van, I had my hand on the armrest attached to my seat. I was fidgeting with it and moving it up and down. I then heard you grunting behind me. I looked back and you had your hand on the armrest of your car seat (which actually looks kinda like the arm rests on our seats)… and you were trying to lift it up like me. You were saying “uhhhhgghhh .. urrrrrrr … I can’t lift mine”.


A little while later, you were saying “akkkkseattts … akkkksseattts ?” I was wondering what you were saying. I asked you what a couple times, and you repeated what you were saying a couple times. I realized that you were asking “where are the backseats?” I had the two back seats beside you stowed in the floor. You were wondering where the seats were. I pointed to the floor and said, they’re in there. You then said “Ohhh, I’ll look for it”.

Emma’s Art

Today at work, I printed off scanned copies of the art you made back around December… the ones you did with your markers. I really like them. I have them up on my wall, beside the photo of you that was taken the day we got yours and Jenna’s photos done at Sears. Every time I look at your picture, I smile. Today, seeing your smiling picture reminded me of yesterday when you and Jenna were eating pizza in the living room … I was taking pictures of you and you stood up and said “cheeeeeeeeeese!!!” with a big smile on your face. Jenna joined in too and we were all saying “cheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeese!!”

Toy Room

When I picked you up at Nikki’s today, she said you kept telling her something today but she didn’t know what it was… you were saying you have something. She was trying to get you to tell me, and finally you softly said something … you were saying “I have a toy room”. The new house that we’re moving into has a separate dining room beside the kitchen that we’re planning to make a toy / arts and crafts room for you. I think we’ve told you about it… and you’re obviously pretty excited about it because you keep talking about it.

I love you little girl!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Fun At Jenna’s Birthday Party

Hi Baby Girl!

We went to Jenna’s birthday party today. You and Jenna had a so much fun playing.

For a long while, you both were hanging out the living room window, being silly and yelling.  You silly girls had a blast.


You cute girls took a break from eating pizza long enough to pose and say cheeeeezzzzze.


Yaaaaaaay!  Hula hoops!


I love you cute silly girl!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Little Devil

Hi Little Devil!

Little Devil

Last night, you found a set of Halloween devil horns.  You asked what they are so I told you that they were horns, like a cows. You were happy to put them on.  You sure do look like a little devil.


We were sitting in the living room this morning.  Devon was playing his Nintendo DS game, and it became loud. It got your attention, so you went over to him and asked “what are you doing? …. You doinnnn your home-wook?” Then you guys chatted back and forth for a while.

I Liiiiike It

You’ve been saying “Iiiiiiiiii Liiiiiiiiiiike it” and “Iiiiiiiii Looooooove it” lately. It’s pretty cute and funny.

Guess What Daddy

Tonight while I was laying in bed with you, you looked at me with a smile and said “Hey … guess what …. Daddy?”. I replied with a what, and then you said something but I’m not sure what it was … I think it was something about having a toy room in our new house… which is true … you will have a toy room in our new house. You asked me “guess what” a couple more times …. One other time you replied something about going to Jenna’s party tomorrow.

I said to you “Hey … guess what Emma?” When you replied “what”, I said “I love you” …. You smiled, then leaned over and kissed me on the lips.

Later, when you were up coughing, I was carrying you … I said “Hey … guess what Emma?” When you replied “what”, I said “I love you” …. You smiled, and pushed your cheek up against my lips for a kiss.

I love you little girl!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

First Gymnastics Class

Hi Sweet Baby!

You went to your very first gymnastics class today with Mommy and Nana.  You had lot of fun playing.  Here are a few photos of you having a great time.

I love you baby girl!

Monday, March 14, 2011

Helping Daddy and Lots Of Talking

Hi Cute Baby Girl!

Helping Daddy
I was working on installing the last laminate floor in our house yesterday. I finished it up this evening. You enjoyed helping me out … you love working with your Daddy. You did a bit of hammering with my rubber hammer … you sanded a piece of baseboard.


I put all my nails in a plastic cup. While I was putting the baseboard back on, you took the cup and dumped the nails on the floor, then cleaned them up… saying “I clean up”. You dumped them a couple more times and picked them up again.

Cup Holder
This evening, when I picked you up, you were looking for the cup holder on your car seat. The car seat in the van has a cup holder, but there isn’t one in the car. You something like “I cannt find my cuppp hoder”.

That’s My Spot, That’s Mommy’s Car
Brenna was with us in the front seat. You pointed at her seat and said, that’s Brenna’s spot…. You pointed at yourself and said that’s my spot. You pointed at the car door and said “that’s my car” … I poked my chest and said “that’s my car” … you argued with me and said “that’s mommy’s car”.

I Don’t See Him Either
We stopped on the way home at Cameron’s school to pick him up. He wasn’t waiting for us when we got there. You said “I doont see him”. I said I don’t see him … and you replied “I don’t see him either”.
There was a bag or piece of litter on the school steps quite a distance away… about 50 m or so, so it was barely noticeable. It was moving around a bit in the wind. You said “a leaf!! … there’s a leaf on the stairs”.
When Cameron came outside, I said I see him, and you followed by saying “I see him tooo”.

I’m In Your Spot
You grabbed Ernie and your blanket and went in to bed. I covered you up and went to the kitchen to put some more milk in your cup. As I was approaching your bedroom, I heard you laugh. When I peeked in, you were laying on the side of the bed that I lay on, smiled at me and said “I’m in your spot Daddy”.

I Love My Puppy
You sure do love your puppy Jaxon. When he’s not around, you say “where’s my puppy???” Tonight you were saying “I love my puppy”. Earlier in the evening, you wanted to give Jax a treat. You said to him “here Jax … sit down Jax”.

Talking So Much
Again… this is another update saying how amazed we are at how much you can talk. You put sentences together and can say almost anything.

Last week when Mommy picked you up at Nikki’s, you said “Ohhh … Mommy, my yangie is in Nikki’s house … you haffa go get it” Mommy then said “what do you say” .. and you replied “please mommy”.
It’s just so amazing how smart you are.

You are getting so good with counting. Most times you start at five and count to ten. At a furniture store on the weekend, you were counting the steps as you climbed them … you said “five … six … seven … eight … nine … ten”

Singing & Playing With Devon
Devon played with you for a while in your bedroom. He was playing your drum and you were playing with your toy guitar. You were turning in circles and singing loudly. You weren’t really saying any words … just yelling “La La La ….. La La La”. I took a video.
Part way through the video, you bow, with the guitar hanging off your neck and say a quiet “thank you”.

Emma Devon Singing

I love you baby!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Furniture Shopping–Silly Girl

Hi Cute Baby!

Today, we decided to go out shopping. You love shopping. When we ask you if you want to go shopping, you reply with a very excited “Okaaayyy!!!” We had breakfast at McDonalds, and you played in the play room for awhile.
Not so long ago, you couldn’t climb up above the first level in the play place, but you did today. You were pretty proud of yourself. You couldn’t quite climb up to the third level.


We went to a baby flea market at the Confederation Centre….. it was a flea market for baby toys and clothes. You had a great time. Mommy did lots of shopping. I spent my time chasing you. You kept running to the boxes of toys on the floor in front of display tables and had a great time rummaging through the boxes and playing with the toys.


Next we went to a furniture store to look for a new couch. You had a good time climbing the stairs, running around, climbing up on beds, sitting on couches, etc. You had fun with a Dora loft bed set. There was a stair case at one end so you could climb right up into the bed. There was a play table and chairs under the loft bed. A tent that surrounded the play table made it a pretty cool tent. You had fun with it.
Later we went to Sears to see what they had for couches. I put you in a crib to see what you thought of it. You didn’t mind it.
After that, you climbed into a toddler bed. You snuggled in, and I covered you up. Silly Emma.


I love you cute baby!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Playing Guitar & Other Cute Updates

Hi Cute Baby!

I’m just so amazed by you every day little baby. You are so amazingly smart. Your understanding of what we say just grows every day. You understand everything. You can repeat almost everything. Now you are talking to us … you’re putting together sentences with words that we didn’t even know that you knew. You are so smart and amazing.

Boots First
When I picked you up at Nikki’s this evening, you ran to greet me at the door with a huge smile on your face…. And you jumped into my arms, put your thumb in your mouth and layed your head on my shoulder. You’re so cute. When I started to get you dressed, I tried to put your jacket on … you sternly said “boots first”, so I put your boots on. Lately, you don’t want to sit down to get your boots on… you hold on to me and lift your legs one at a time.

So after your boots I went to put your jacket on, and you sternly said “hat first” … so I took your hat out of the arm of your jacket and put it on first… then I put your jacket on.

Oh yeah, you wouldn’t let me put your hat on. You pulled it away from me and said “Nooo! .. I do aaaw by mysefff”. You put it on, but you put it on backwards. I kept telling you, but you kept disagreeing with me. You kept saying “noo … it not backwards”. Here’s a cute photo of you in your hat just before I took you out of the car at home. You’re so beautiful!

Hat In Jacket Sleeve
It didn’t happen today, but many times when I tried to put your jacket on, you’d realize that your hat was stuffed in your sleeve. You’d take your arm out, giggle and tell me that your hat was in your sleeve. I then take your hat out of your sleeve and put your jacket on.

Guess Who
Before we left Nikki’s I asked you, “who are we picking up on the way home” … you looked at me with a smile on your face … it was obvious that you were thinking about it … and you said “mommmeee?” I said “no… guess again” … you smiled and thought about it again and said “Cammen?” … and I said “yeaaaaaaah”.

I See Him …. I Don’t See Him
When we pulled into the school parking lot to pick up Cameron, you said “I see him” … I replied “I don’t see him” because he wasn’t there. You said that you saw him a couple times, then started saying “I dooont see him”.

You Found My Babbaaa
After I put you in your car seat at Nikki’s, you were looking for your babbaa. I picked it up .. I think it was sitting on your lap. You said with excitement, holding your babbaa up … “you found my babbaaa!”

It’s Slippy
Lately when we walk out of Nikki’s house, you make some comment on the weather outside. Tonight, you said “its icy”. The other day you said “its slippy”. Other things you said have been “its snowing”, “its cold”, “its windy”.

Tooo Loud
Any time I turn the radio up too loud in the car, you growl at me “toooo louuud” …. “tooo louuud daddeeee”. I guess you don’t like the radio being loud, because you immediately complain any time I turn the radio up too loud.

You’re so funny. Quite often when I ask you something like “are you ready for bed?”, you reply with a quick and cute “noo-ope”. Sometimes you elaborate by saying “noo-ope … I not ready for bed”. I think it’s pretty cute.

Another cute response is when you actually want to do something. You respond to our question with a cute “Oooh-Kayy”. It’s pretty cute.

Playing Guitar
I picked up my guitar to strum a bit this evening … you were laying quietly on your bed watching TV. After a couple minutes, I saw your bright eyes peaking up over the coffee table at me. You climbed to your feet and came over to see me. You gently strummed the strings with your fingers. You then sat down beside me and strummed with me. One other thing you do sometimes is reach out and put your fingers on the frets and say “I put my fingers here”

After we played together for a while, you decided to get your own toy guitar. You said something like “ I get my gggtar”. You got it from your bedroom, hung it around your neck and then pressed the musical fret buttons.

Eating Over Mommy
Last night, we gave you a cookie while you were sitting on the couch next to Mommy. You started leaning over her while you ate. She kept telling you not to eat over her because you were getting crumbs on her. So then it became a big game … Mommy was laughing .. you were smiling and giggling and spitefully leaning over her to get more laughs. Here’s a picture of you. Silly girl.

You’ve said “perfect” couple times lately when you do something. You say “there …. Purr-pett”. You’re so smart … and oh so silly.

I love you beautiful baby!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Ernie & Walking Around Walmart

Hi Silly Baby
We went toWalmart to get a few things this evening. You wanted to walk, so I let you. It was hard to keep you moving because you were so distracted by all the stuff on the shelves. You walked over to the Easter candy shelves and said “woooowwww” and “oooooooooh”, grabbed a bag of chocolate eggs and said “mmmm…. Choccc-letttt”. Each time we got you away from something, you’d find something else on another shelf. Chocolate is your favourite, but you like chips and other stuff too …. You were walking by some chips on the end of an aisle and said “ooohhh chipps”. After we got you moving, you did OK.
When we heading for the checkout, I was carrying you. As we walked past the end of an aisle, you said “Errrnieeee!” Since it was a candy aisle, I stopped and backed up to see what you were talking about. On a shelf at about the height of my elbow, I saw the top of a black fuzzy head. It was an Ernie teddy laying on top of some candy. I was so amazed that you saw him at all, and really amazed that you knew it was Ernie. All you could see was the hair on the top of his head and you only would have been able to see that for a quick second as we walked by. I got him for you and you grabbed on to him and wouldn’t let go … so we bought him for you. You wouldn’t let him go. You even cried a devastated cry when I took him away from you for a second so that the cashier could scan the price tag.
I love you little baby!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

First Swimming Lessons Done

Hi Cute Baby!

First Swimming Lessons Done

Today was your last day of swimming lessons. You have fun as always. You never did pay attention to the class much. You preferred to run around in the pool and do whatever you decided you wanted to do.

Here is your ribbon and report card. You did an awesome job.


Today was actually a special day at swimming lessons. We got to go down the waterslide. You and I went down together twice. You were pretty excited and had a lot of fun. You weren’t one bit scared … even when we were sitting at the top waiting to go down …. Even on your second time down …. Even when we were flying down the slide … you had fun.

Luv u baby!


Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Turn Datt Down / Kiss Daddy Better

Hi Cute Baby Girl!

Love Pretzels
When I picked you up today, Nikki said that today she brought out a bag of pretzels and didn’t think you or any of the other kids would know what they were. You then said “Ooo I just love pretzels”.

Turn Datt Down
When I put you in the car and started the car this evening, the radio came on. Right away you said “eeeee turn datt down”. Other days when the radio is too loud, you’ve said “toooo loud daddy ... tooo loud”.

I Love My Puppy
On the way home, I was saying “I love my Emma” trying to get you to say “I love my daddy”, but instead, you said “I love myyyy .... puppy”.

I Love Fish & Fries
When we got home, Brenna asked what we were having for supper... I told her fish and fries. From the kitchen, I heard you saying “I love fish and fries”.

Kiss Daddy Better
Tonight while we were sitting on the couch, you were looking at a scrape on my hand. You were pointing at it and touching it lightly and saying “huuurt?” You looked up at me with your head kinda sideways and with a really cute look on your face and said “I kiss it better?”. You then held on to my fingers with both your hands and then kissed my hand and said “muu-aaah”, and then said “there, aaawww better”.

I love you sweet baby girl!