Saturday, March 19, 2011

Little Devil

Hi Little Devil!

Little Devil

Last night, you found a set of Halloween devil horns.  You asked what they are so I told you that they were horns, like a cows. You were happy to put them on.  You sure do look like a little devil.


We were sitting in the living room this morning.  Devon was playing his Nintendo DS game, and it became loud. It got your attention, so you went over to him and asked “what are you doing? …. You doinnnn your home-wook?” Then you guys chatted back and forth for a while.

I Liiiiike It

You’ve been saying “Iiiiiiiiii Liiiiiiiiiiike it” and “Iiiiiiiii Looooooove it” lately. It’s pretty cute and funny.

Guess What Daddy

Tonight while I was laying in bed with you, you looked at me with a smile and said “Hey … guess what …. Daddy?”. I replied with a what, and then you said something but I’m not sure what it was … I think it was something about having a toy room in our new house… which is true … you will have a toy room in our new house. You asked me “guess what” a couple more times …. One other time you replied something about going to Jenna’s party tomorrow.

I said to you “Hey … guess what Emma?” When you replied “what”, I said “I love you” …. You smiled, then leaned over and kissed me on the lips.

Later, when you were up coughing, I was carrying you … I said “Hey … guess what Emma?” When you replied “what”, I said “I love you” …. You smiled, and pushed your cheek up against my lips for a kiss.

I love you little girl!

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