Thursday, March 10, 2011

Playing Guitar & Other Cute Updates

Hi Cute Baby!

I’m just so amazed by you every day little baby. You are so amazingly smart. Your understanding of what we say just grows every day. You understand everything. You can repeat almost everything. Now you are talking to us … you’re putting together sentences with words that we didn’t even know that you knew. You are so smart and amazing.

Boots First
When I picked you up at Nikki’s this evening, you ran to greet me at the door with a huge smile on your face…. And you jumped into my arms, put your thumb in your mouth and layed your head on my shoulder. You’re so cute. When I started to get you dressed, I tried to put your jacket on … you sternly said “boots first”, so I put your boots on. Lately, you don’t want to sit down to get your boots on… you hold on to me and lift your legs one at a time.

So after your boots I went to put your jacket on, and you sternly said “hat first” … so I took your hat out of the arm of your jacket and put it on first… then I put your jacket on.

Oh yeah, you wouldn’t let me put your hat on. You pulled it away from me and said “Nooo! .. I do aaaw by mysefff”. You put it on, but you put it on backwards. I kept telling you, but you kept disagreeing with me. You kept saying “noo … it not backwards”. Here’s a cute photo of you in your hat just before I took you out of the car at home. You’re so beautiful!

Hat In Jacket Sleeve
It didn’t happen today, but many times when I tried to put your jacket on, you’d realize that your hat was stuffed in your sleeve. You’d take your arm out, giggle and tell me that your hat was in your sleeve. I then take your hat out of your sleeve and put your jacket on.

Guess Who
Before we left Nikki’s I asked you, “who are we picking up on the way home” … you looked at me with a smile on your face … it was obvious that you were thinking about it … and you said “mommmeee?” I said “no… guess again” … you smiled and thought about it again and said “Cammen?” … and I said “yeaaaaaaah”.

I See Him …. I Don’t See Him
When we pulled into the school parking lot to pick up Cameron, you said “I see him” … I replied “I don’t see him” because he wasn’t there. You said that you saw him a couple times, then started saying “I dooont see him”.

You Found My Babbaaa
After I put you in your car seat at Nikki’s, you were looking for your babbaa. I picked it up .. I think it was sitting on your lap. You said with excitement, holding your babbaa up … “you found my babbaaa!”

It’s Slippy
Lately when we walk out of Nikki’s house, you make some comment on the weather outside. Tonight, you said “its icy”. The other day you said “its slippy”. Other things you said have been “its snowing”, “its cold”, “its windy”.

Tooo Loud
Any time I turn the radio up too loud in the car, you growl at me “toooo louuud” …. “tooo louuud daddeeee”. I guess you don’t like the radio being loud, because you immediately complain any time I turn the radio up too loud.

You’re so funny. Quite often when I ask you something like “are you ready for bed?”, you reply with a quick and cute “noo-ope”. Sometimes you elaborate by saying “noo-ope … I not ready for bed”. I think it’s pretty cute.

Another cute response is when you actually want to do something. You respond to our question with a cute “Oooh-Kayy”. It’s pretty cute.

Playing Guitar
I picked up my guitar to strum a bit this evening … you were laying quietly on your bed watching TV. After a couple minutes, I saw your bright eyes peaking up over the coffee table at me. You climbed to your feet and came over to see me. You gently strummed the strings with your fingers. You then sat down beside me and strummed with me. One other thing you do sometimes is reach out and put your fingers on the frets and say “I put my fingers here”

After we played together for a while, you decided to get your own toy guitar. You said something like “ I get my gggtar”. You got it from your bedroom, hung it around your neck and then pressed the musical fret buttons.

Eating Over Mommy
Last night, we gave you a cookie while you were sitting on the couch next to Mommy. You started leaning over her while you ate. She kept telling you not to eat over her because you were getting crumbs on her. So then it became a big game … Mommy was laughing .. you were smiling and giggling and spitefully leaning over her to get more laughs. Here’s a picture of you. Silly girl.

You’ve said “perfect” couple times lately when you do something. You say “there …. Purr-pett”. You’re so smart … and oh so silly.

I love you beautiful baby!

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