Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Turn Datt Down / Kiss Daddy Better

Hi Cute Baby Girl!

Love Pretzels
When I picked you up today, Nikki said that today she brought out a bag of pretzels and didn’t think you or any of the other kids would know what they were. You then said “Ooo I just love pretzels”.

Turn Datt Down
When I put you in the car and started the car this evening, the radio came on. Right away you said “eeeee turn datt down”. Other days when the radio is too loud, you’ve said “toooo loud daddy ... tooo loud”.

I Love My Puppy
On the way home, I was saying “I love my Emma” trying to get you to say “I love my daddy”, but instead, you said “I love myyyy .... puppy”.

I Love Fish & Fries
When we got home, Brenna asked what we were having for supper... I told her fish and fries. From the kitchen, I heard you saying “I love fish and fries”.

Kiss Daddy Better
Tonight while we were sitting on the couch, you were looking at a scrape on my hand. You were pointing at it and touching it lightly and saying “huuurt?” You looked up at me with your head kinda sideways and with a really cute look on your face and said “I kiss it better?”. You then held on to my fingers with both your hands and then kissed my hand and said “muu-aaah”, and then said “there, aaawww better”.

I love you sweet baby girl!

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