Monday, February 28, 2011

Bunch Of Updates

Hi Cute Baby!

You’re a pretty amazing baby. Some days it seems like you are advancing in leaps and bounds. Like today, we were in awe watching you. It just seems some days that you are talking so much more, using some much more expression, using so much more body language. I took a bunch of videos of you.

Pointing at Dinosaurs
While we were playing in your bedroom, you stood up and started touching and pointing at the stickers on your wall. You were pointing at the larger dinosaurs and saying “mommy dinosaur” and were pointing at the smaller ones and saying “baby dinosaur”. You were also pointing at the sheep and saying “sheep in its bed”.... and pointed at the clouds and said “clouds”.

Making a Fire
Usually when I light a fire in the fire place, you say “aaa making a fire?” Tonight you also said “wowww” and “a bootifull fire”.

Sit Down Cameron
This evening, you wanted Cameron to colour with you. You were saying something like “a colour aaa mee Cameron”. Then you told him to “sit down” at your little plastic picnic table to colour with you. When he sat down, you said “turn around”. Then the two of you coloured on some paper.

You Do Want To Colour Cameron
After Cameron coloured with you for a while, he decided to get up. You told him to sit down and colour, and he said he didn’t want to colour. You kept assertively telling him “youuu do wann colour”. You both argued back and forth for a while.

Emma & Cameron Colouring

Acting Crazy & Dancing
A couple times tonight and lately, you were talking in strange growly voices and stomping around and swinging your arms.

Emma Dancing

Drawing On Patio Door
Tonight at supper time, you were drawing in the steam on the patio door. You were doing lots of scribbling with your finger. While you were scribbling you were saying “aaa what I making” ... so I asked you what you were making, you said you were making a lion.

Potty Dance
While standing up on the kitchen chair, you noticed Mommy’s belly and started saying your baby was kicking. After some funny exchanges between you and Mommy, you started twisting your body and arms and dancing. You said you were doing the potty dance. The potty dance is one of the latest commercials for Huggies pull-up diapers. You probably have seen it on TV.

Emma Potty Dance 2

Getting So Smart Reading Books
You are getting so smart. You kinda know the names of some of your books. You can point out pictures in some books and you know what they are. Tonight you wanted me to read your “I Was So Mad” book. I read it to you a lot. You really amazed me with the things you knew in the book. Firstly, I asked you what the book was and you said “SOOO MAD”. You normally can point out pictures and repeat what we’ve said about them before, but tonight you almost read the words on a couple pages. On the frogs in bathtub page, you said a couple broken sentences about frogs in bathtub ... and mom wouldn’t let me .... I so mad. That is pretty much what the story says on the page. I was amazed. You also said some similar broken sentences about wanting to play in the clean sheets ... grandma wouldn’t let me ... I was so mad”. You were also pointing at the words on other pages and asking “whhhattt datt mean?” So you are now recognizing words and know that they mean something.

Caarrry Monstorrr
At the end of your book, you pointed at one of the characters and started saying in a growly voice “caaarrry monstorrrr .... aaarrrrrghhhhhh”. You said it a few times while making strange faces. You funny little girl.

I’m In Your Spot
Tonight in your bed, you moved to the side I usually lay on and said “I’m in your spot” with a smile on your face. Then you kept telling me to “layyyy dowwnn”. So I layed down on your side of the bed and said haha, I’m in your spot. You thought that was pretty funny and wanted to get your spot back.

I in your spot

Cuuuse Me Sorry
You are so polite. If you want to get by someone, or the puppy, you often say “cuuuse me”. Its pretty cute. You also say “sorry” a lot if you run into someone or step on someone. This evening, you said sorry to your “my little pony” doll because you stepped on her while climbing out of bed.

Any time I ask you if you are tired around bedtime, you reply by saying “noppppe .... I OK”. You also say “I OK” if I think you got hurt and ask if you got hurt.

Tickling Daddy
While we were reading in your bed, you randomly started tickling my neck with your two hands. So I tickled you back ... then you tickled me back ... and I tickled you back . We had fun with that for a short while.

Knocking On The Wall
After we finished reading in your bed, you sat up, knocked on your wall and said “aaanbody home?”. You’re such a silly Emma.

I love you baby girl!

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