Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Tubes in your Ears!!

Hi Baby Bopper Boo!

Mama hasn't written on your blog in a very, very long time!  Daddy kind of took over this responsibility while Mommy takes care of posting pictures on facebook.  (I must admit that Daddy does a better job than Mommy!)

I just NEEDED to write and tell you all about your day today....because you had SURGERY today!  Holy cow!

You've been getting icky yicky ear infections for months and months and months, since you were a really little baby.  You saw Dr. Fong, the Ear, Nose and Throat specialist on January 12 and he decided that you needed to have a little operation in order to put tubes in your ears...so that the icky yicky ear infections leave you alone! 

Most kids have to wait months to have this surgery but, because you have had soooo many icky yicky infections, Dr. Fong said that you needed yours really fast, and he put you on his cancellation list.  Well, last night we unexpectedly got a phone call from the hospital and they said that the doctor could do your surgery today!  Mommy and Daddy both took the day off work so that we could take care of you today.

Sooo, here's how your day went:

First, Mommy had to take Devon to an appointment early this morning, but you didn't have to be at the hospital until 9:45...so I left you and Daddy in bed while I went to Devon's appointment.  Because of the surgery, you  weren't allowed to have anything to eat or drink before going to the hospital, so we wanted you to sleep as long as you could so you wouldn't be too hungry for too long.

When you woke up, Daddy got you ready and drove you to town and we all met up and went to the hospital.  Daddy dropped us off at the door and parked the van while we went to the admitting department.  You were such a big girl right from the start.  You walked into the hospital, holding mommy's hand and took a number all by yourself at admitting.  Then, when our number was called, you climbed up on the chair and waited for mommy to get you registered.

Next, Daddy and I walked you down do the day surgery area.  You were so happy and excited to be visiting a new place, it didn't even occur to you to be nervous of why we were there.  After getting you all checked in and taking your temperature, one of the nice nurses asked us to change you into some stripey jammies (a johnny shirt) but you weren't very enthusiastic...  You wore your comfy owl jammies to the hospital and you really wanted to leave them on!  The nurse pointed out that there was a little girl about your age across the hall wearing the stripey jammies and that she had a sticker on her jammies.  She promised that she would give you a sticker, too, if you would put them on...you quickly agreed and put the stripey jammies on.  The nurse gave you a Nemo sticker and you wore it proudly on your new duds.

They wanted to check your oxygen level with a funny machine...but not even stickers could convince you to let us put that little device on your finger.  (We ended up giving you the stickers anyway.)  As a matter of fact, tonight Daddy put the stickers in your paper journal and wrote you a note about the day in there.

While we waited for it to be your turn to have your surgery, you were a very good girl.  You ran around for a while and made Mommy (and mostly Daddy) chase you, but eventually you settled down on Mommy's knee and drew some pictures with crayons.  You did a really great job!

A little while later, some nurses came to get you for surgery.  They asked you if you wanted to go for a drive on your bed (as the bed had wheels on it) and you enthusiastically said, "OhhhhhKayyy!!".  You were very excited about it.  We quickly gave your your blankie and your My Little Pony to take for the drive and waved goodbye.  Mommy cried a little cry because she was so proud of you for being soooo brave! 

Only ten minutes later, Dr. Fong came and told us that your surgery went great and that you were in the recovery room.  We had to wait about another 20 minutes or so before they brought you back to us.We could hear you crying when they were bringing you back.  You weren't very happy at all.  It must have been so scary for you to wake up in the recovery room and not know where you were or where Mommy and Daddy were.  When they wheeled you back you were sitting up on the bed crying sadly and Mommy ran to pick you up quickly...but not even that could console you.  It only took Daddy a moment to figure out that they had the oxygen monitor taped to your thumb...your SUCKING thumb!!!!  No wonder you were so very upset.  Mommy and Daddy felt very sorry that we forgot to tell the nurses that they shouldn't put it on that thumb!

Once we removed the oxygen monitor and you could suck your thumb, you snuggled onto Mommy's lap with Yangie and eventually gulped down a glass of apple juice that they brought for you.  You were thirsty after not eating and drinking all morning!! 

Just a little while later, Daddy went and got the van while Mommy got you dressed and ready to go.  We were so very proud of what a brave little patient you were!  And, we sure hope that now, with tubes in your ears, you don't get anymore icky yicky ear infections!!!

I love you Monkey Doodle!!  Kisses and hugs!


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