Friday, February 25, 2011

Sitting To Get Boots On / Drawing On Window / Cranky & Mommy’s Girl In Morning

Hi Cute Baby!

Sitting Down To Get Boots On
Nikki has a little side table near her front door. Every day when we pick you up, you sit down on the lower shelf while we put your boots on. Here’s a picture you with one boot on, and playing with someone’s gloves.


Drawing On Window
This evening on the way home, you were drawing on the fogged window beside you with your finger. It was the first time you ever did it. It was pretty cute.

writing window

Cranky In The Morning
You are pretty cranky in the mornings ... most mornings, you don’t want to get up. A few days ago I decided to take a video of you. You had your face buried and were sucking your thumb. You would just grunt any time I said something to you. Several times you grunted “liggghht offf”.

Mommy’s Girl In Morning
You sure are Mommy’s girl in the morning. You are still cranky and grumbly, but at least you like to snuggle with her. When you’re awake and in our bed, if I try to get close to you, you give me the elbow... that means that while you’re sucking your thumb, you grunt and push me away with your elbow.

I love you little baby!

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