Monday, February 21, 2011

Glitter Hands / Sooky / Bratty Brat

Hi Cute Baby!

Glitter Hands
Tonight we were playing around ... I was tracing your hands on the paper in one of your art notebooks. You tried to trace my hands too. I also traced your feet. I found a glue stick and some gold glitter and got an idea. I painted your hands with the glue and pressed them onto the paper ... then sprinkled the glitter on the paper. It turned out really nice. Here’s a picture of it.


You had fun playing your drum tonight.

Our Little Angel ... Or Devil?

Most often, I only write about all the cute and wonderful things that you do. You sure can be a sook and a brat too. You can be really cute and sweet, but you can also be a sook and a brat ... and its often spiteful ... and its obvious that you are proud of yourself for it.

Such a Sook

This evening, you were playing with your toy laptop. You started making too much noise by loudly rubbing the mouse on the keyboard. We asked you several times to play more quietly but you didn’t listen.... so we took it away from you and said you could play with it in your bedroom instead of right beside us in the living room. You screamed and cried and ran towards your bedroom sobbing... you threw yourself down on the floor in the hallway, layed face down and buried your face in your hands.

I picked you up, snuggled you and took you into your room. I put you down on your bed with your laptop and tried to get you to play with it. You layed face down on your bed, buried your face in your hands and cried. It was a pretty fake-sounding cry. Silly girl. I eventually got you to come down on the floor and play with cars with me.

Such a Bratty Brat

You sure can be a spiteful and intentional brat. You sometimes stand up on your chair and look at us with a big grin on your face... sometimes you yelp a “look at me ... I’m so bad ... I’m so proud of myself” spiteful laugh. Here’s a photo of you right after you stood up on the chair.

While you were standing, we asked... “are you supposed to be standing up on the chair” and you’d reply with a spiteful and quick “nooope”.

So we asked you nicely numerous times to sit down on your bum. To comply, instead of sitting your bum on the chair, you sat down on the table with your feet on the chair. You had a big grin on your face because you knew you were doing what I asked you to do but not doing what I wanted you to do. You big smartie pants! Here’s a picture of you sitting on the table you silly bratty girl.

Hahaha - I Got It

Sometimes we can hear you saying “hahaha - I - got - ittt”. I think a couple times you may have said it after you took something, but most of the times you’ve said it, we could just hear you off in your room or at a distance saying it ... and we’re not really sure what you’re talking about. Its pretty cute anyway.

Haha - I’m In Your Spot

This evening while you were sitting on the couch between Mommy and I ... I leaned and shuffled forward for something .... and you dove head first behind me and said “haha - I’m in your spot”. You silly little girl.

I love you silly Emma!

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