Monday, February 28, 2011

Bunch Of Updates

Hi Cute Baby!

You’re a pretty amazing baby. Some days it seems like you are advancing in leaps and bounds. Like today, we were in awe watching you. It just seems some days that you are talking so much more, using some much more expression, using so much more body language. I took a bunch of videos of you.

Pointing at Dinosaurs
While we were playing in your bedroom, you stood up and started touching and pointing at the stickers on your wall. You were pointing at the larger dinosaurs and saying “mommy dinosaur” and were pointing at the smaller ones and saying “baby dinosaur”. You were also pointing at the sheep and saying “sheep in its bed”.... and pointed at the clouds and said “clouds”.

Making a Fire
Usually when I light a fire in the fire place, you say “aaa making a fire?” Tonight you also said “wowww” and “a bootifull fire”.

Sit Down Cameron
This evening, you wanted Cameron to colour with you. You were saying something like “a colour aaa mee Cameron”. Then you told him to “sit down” at your little plastic picnic table to colour with you. When he sat down, you said “turn around”. Then the two of you coloured on some paper.

You Do Want To Colour Cameron
After Cameron coloured with you for a while, he decided to get up. You told him to sit down and colour, and he said he didn’t want to colour. You kept assertively telling him “youuu do wann colour”. You both argued back and forth for a while.

Emma & Cameron Colouring

Acting Crazy & Dancing
A couple times tonight and lately, you were talking in strange growly voices and stomping around and swinging your arms.

Emma Dancing

Drawing On Patio Door
Tonight at supper time, you were drawing in the steam on the patio door. You were doing lots of scribbling with your finger. While you were scribbling you were saying “aaa what I making” ... so I asked you what you were making, you said you were making a lion.

Potty Dance
While standing up on the kitchen chair, you noticed Mommy’s belly and started saying your baby was kicking. After some funny exchanges between you and Mommy, you started twisting your body and arms and dancing. You said you were doing the potty dance. The potty dance is one of the latest commercials for Huggies pull-up diapers. You probably have seen it on TV.

Emma Potty Dance 2

Getting So Smart Reading Books
You are getting so smart. You kinda know the names of some of your books. You can point out pictures in some books and you know what they are. Tonight you wanted me to read your “I Was So Mad” book. I read it to you a lot. You really amazed me with the things you knew in the book. Firstly, I asked you what the book was and you said “SOOO MAD”. You normally can point out pictures and repeat what we’ve said about them before, but tonight you almost read the words on a couple pages. On the frogs in bathtub page, you said a couple broken sentences about frogs in bathtub ... and mom wouldn’t let me .... I so mad. That is pretty much what the story says on the page. I was amazed. You also said some similar broken sentences about wanting to play in the clean sheets ... grandma wouldn’t let me ... I was so mad”. You were also pointing at the words on other pages and asking “whhhattt datt mean?” So you are now recognizing words and know that they mean something.

Caarrry Monstorrr
At the end of your book, you pointed at one of the characters and started saying in a growly voice “caaarrry monstorrrr .... aaarrrrrghhhhhh”. You said it a few times while making strange faces. You funny little girl.

I’m In Your Spot
Tonight in your bed, you moved to the side I usually lay on and said “I’m in your spot” with a smile on your face. Then you kept telling me to “layyyy dowwnn”. So I layed down on your side of the bed and said haha, I’m in your spot. You thought that was pretty funny and wanted to get your spot back.

I in your spot

Cuuuse Me Sorry
You are so polite. If you want to get by someone, or the puppy, you often say “cuuuse me”. Its pretty cute. You also say “sorry” a lot if you run into someone or step on someone. This evening, you said sorry to your “my little pony” doll because you stepped on her while climbing out of bed.

Any time I ask you if you are tired around bedtime, you reply by saying “noppppe .... I OK”. You also say “I OK” if I think you got hurt and ask if you got hurt.

Tickling Daddy
While we were reading in your bed, you randomly started tickling my neck with your two hands. So I tickled you back ... then you tickled me back ... and I tickled you back . We had fun with that for a short while.

Knocking On The Wall
After we finished reading in your bed, you sat up, knocked on your wall and said “aaanbody home?”. You’re such a silly Emma.

I love you baby girl!

Friday, February 25, 2011

Sitting To Get Boots On / Drawing On Window / Cranky & Mommy’s Girl In Morning

Hi Cute Baby!

Sitting Down To Get Boots On
Nikki has a little side table near her front door. Every day when we pick you up, you sit down on the lower shelf while we put your boots on. Here’s a picture you with one boot on, and playing with someone’s gloves.


Drawing On Window
This evening on the way home, you were drawing on the fogged window beside you with your finger. It was the first time you ever did it. It was pretty cute.

writing window

Cranky In The Morning
You are pretty cranky in the mornings ... most mornings, you don’t want to get up. A few days ago I decided to take a video of you. You had your face buried and were sucking your thumb. You would just grunt any time I said something to you. Several times you grunted “liggghht offf”.

Mommy’s Girl In Morning
You sure are Mommy’s girl in the morning. You are still cranky and grumbly, but at least you like to snuggle with her. When you’re awake and in our bed, if I try to get close to you, you give me the elbow... that means that while you’re sucking your thumb, you grunt and push me away with your elbow.

I love you little baby!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Glitter Hands / Sooky / Bratty Brat

Hi Cute Baby!

Glitter Hands
Tonight we were playing around ... I was tracing your hands on the paper in one of your art notebooks. You tried to trace my hands too. I also traced your feet. I found a glue stick and some gold glitter and got an idea. I painted your hands with the glue and pressed them onto the paper ... then sprinkled the glitter on the paper. It turned out really nice. Here’s a picture of it.


You had fun playing your drum tonight.

Our Little Angel ... Or Devil?

Most often, I only write about all the cute and wonderful things that you do. You sure can be a sook and a brat too. You can be really cute and sweet, but you can also be a sook and a brat ... and its often spiteful ... and its obvious that you are proud of yourself for it.

Such a Sook

This evening, you were playing with your toy laptop. You started making too much noise by loudly rubbing the mouse on the keyboard. We asked you several times to play more quietly but you didn’t listen.... so we took it away from you and said you could play with it in your bedroom instead of right beside us in the living room. You screamed and cried and ran towards your bedroom sobbing... you threw yourself down on the floor in the hallway, layed face down and buried your face in your hands.

I picked you up, snuggled you and took you into your room. I put you down on your bed with your laptop and tried to get you to play with it. You layed face down on your bed, buried your face in your hands and cried. It was a pretty fake-sounding cry. Silly girl. I eventually got you to come down on the floor and play with cars with me.

Such a Bratty Brat

You sure can be a spiteful and intentional brat. You sometimes stand up on your chair and look at us with a big grin on your face... sometimes you yelp a “look at me ... I’m so bad ... I’m so proud of myself” spiteful laugh. Here’s a photo of you right after you stood up on the chair.

While you were standing, we asked... “are you supposed to be standing up on the chair” and you’d reply with a spiteful and quick “nooope”.

So we asked you nicely numerous times to sit down on your bum. To comply, instead of sitting your bum on the chair, you sat down on the table with your feet on the chair. You had a big grin on your face because you knew you were doing what I asked you to do but not doing what I wanted you to do. You big smartie pants! Here’s a picture of you sitting on the table you silly bratty girl.

Hahaha - I Got It

Sometimes we can hear you saying “hahaha - I - got - ittt”. I think a couple times you may have said it after you took something, but most of the times you’ve said it, we could just hear you off in your room or at a distance saying it ... and we’re not really sure what you’re talking about. Its pretty cute anyway.

Haha - I’m In Your Spot

This evening while you were sitting on the couch between Mommy and I ... I leaned and shuffled forward for something .... and you dove head first behind me and said “haha - I’m in your spot”. You silly little girl.

I love you silly Emma!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Painting a Picture

Hi Little Artist

Today, you wanted to do some painting, so I took out the paints and canvas. I put a clean canvas on the easel for you. You did a really great job painting. I think at one point when I asked you what you were making, you said you were making a baby. Haha... maybe you were painting a picture of your little brother... or sister. Here's a picture of your painting.

After you were done of that one, I took out the painting that you worked on back in January. Back in January, I let you paint that canvas too long. You brushed it so much that your painting turned into a big brown blob. You did a great job adding some colour to it today. Here's a picture of your painting.

You were pretty proud of yourself. Here you are showing your work to Mommy. You were saying “loook mommy.... Look what I made”.

I love you cute baby!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Singing, Playing Music & Blues Clues

Hi Baby Emma!

Singing and Playing Music

You’re so cute. You sing and play music a lot. Sometimes when you are playing quietly, we can hear you humming and singing. Today you were playing your drum too. A while ago, I heard you singing and realized that you were saying “we are looking for blues clues, we are looking for blues clues”. You are so funny. I haven’t even see you watching the Blues Clues show. You must watch it at Nikki’s.

Blues Clues

Speaking of blues clues, today, you and Mommy were looking at puppies on a website. An advertisement on that page had a blue puppy paw print on it. You pointed at it and said “a clue, a clue”. Later when we were in your bedroom, you pointed at the mat on your floor and said “a clue, a clue, a clue”. There is a blue puppy paw print in two of the corners of the mat.

Playing the Kazoo

Today you were playing with a kazoo. You walk all over the house humming through it. You were playing the ABC song and Twinkle Twinkle. I took some videos.

I love you little cutie!

Friday, February 18, 2011

Bunch of Updates

Hi Baby Girl!

You are such an amazing little girl. You fill us with such joy. You are so happy and full of spark and joy. I just adore you. I lay down with you in your bed every night until you go to sleep. When I go to bed, I check on you and cover you up with all your blankets. Last night I leaned over and watched you for a few minutes as you slept. You looked like such a beautiful angel sleeping. You used to get up around 5 or 6 am and come trotting into our room. I'd scoop you up and put you in bed between Mommy and I. You snuggle in and go back to sleep. You haven't been coming in much lately. You're pretty tired in the mornings and its hard to get you up so early. You can be grumpy and cranky and its hard to get you up and dressed.

Counting, Colours, Etc

You are counting pretty well now. You still say feee fooor feee fooor sometimes when you are counting. The other night you said something like "one, twooo, feee, fooor, feeee, foooor, seven, eight, nine". You point to pictures and say "two" or "three" somethings if there are two or three things in the picture. You mostly know your colours. You point to things and say the correct colour. You don't always get it right. Last night in your bedroom, you pointed at the yellow wall and said "yellow", then pointed to the blue wall and said "blue". You also pointed to the dinosaur decals and said "blue diiiaaasooor". It was funny, you also pointed to the yellow wall and said "Daddeee's wall" and then pointed to the blue wall and said "myyy wall".

My Van

You and I have been playing a silly game while we drive. You always point out to things with excitement and say what they are… like truck, car, etc. I think one day you were pointing at our van and asking "daddy's van … or my van" or something like that. So the game was, I'd smile and look at you and poke my finger a few times at my chest and say "that's my van" … you'd light up with a smile and do the same thing, poking yourself in the chest and saying "that's - myyy - vannnn". We do that back and forth and have a good laugh over it.

Your Yangeee and New Blankeys

You still love your pink Dora blankey, although its in pretty rough shape since you sleep with it and take it everywhere with you. We bought you a new one exactly the same. You still love your old one, but like the new one too. You also like a pink and purple one that your uncle Billy gave you for Christmas. Last night you were asking for it in bed. You said "that's --- the --- blankey --- billy -- gave --- me".

Talking So Much

You are talking so much now. You now can repeat everything we say… sometimes you struggle with the bigger new words, but you can still repeat them in such a way that we can understand what you are saying. You talk all the time. You are also getting so animated in your body language. You can be bold sometimes when you want something or what us to read you a book … you will say a demanding "Aaa - Reead - Itt", or will say something in a demanding voice when you want something to eat. We just tell you to ask nice, and you will ask in a sweet voice, and say "pleeeaaaaase" in a cute way. You're always repeating what we say or asking us questions in a cute voice. I love when you ask questions. Its always in a cute inquisitive voice and you voice goes higher at the end of what you are asking, with a cute questioning intonation.

You are so polite, always saying "theek you", "theek you daddeee" and "theek you mommy" or sometimes you say it like "seeeek you".

You also so "no theek you" when you don't want something that we offer to you. So cute!

Its pretty amazing because you are so sincere. You seem to know what "thank you" means, and you mean it when you say it.

You also say bless you when someone sneezes. I'm not sure exactly how you say it, but its something like "bessss uuuu". You have even said it when Mommy sneezes when shes in another room.

I have to start taking more videos of you talking so we can look someday. Its always hard to describe how you talk in writing. Its also hard to capture your cute talking on video too. It works best when I can keep the camera hidden when I'm recording you.

Playfully Bad

You can be spitefully and playfully bad. If I lift you to the sink and wash your hands, you run away when I try to dry your hands. You run away laughing and squealing. Its hard to get you to sit down in your chair at the kitchen table. You'll stand up and look at us with a smug grin. You sit back down when we tell you to. Its so funny to watch you… so proud of yourself. When you stand up on something, I sometimes ask you if you are supposed to be standing up… you smirk and slowly shake you heard "no".

Excited on the Phone

Today, you are at Nana and Grumpy's, and you were on Wednesday too. I was just talking to Mommy on the phone and you wanted to talk to me. You came on the phone saying "Dadddeee Dadddeee Dadddeee …. Daddeee Daddee!" Its pretty cute. I talked to you the other day too and you said the same thing but were also saying "My Daddee … My Daddeee!" After you said all that, you were pretty quiet. That's your usual… once you get on the phone with Grammie or Jenna or someone, you just listen quietly.

Excited to See Daddeee

Its so cute when I pick you up at Nikki's. You are sometimes waiting for me right behind the door. Other times when you see me, you come running with your arms out… you jump into my arms, hug me and say "Daddeee Dadddeee Dadddeeee Daddeee Dadddeee!".

Nikki Do That

Nikki often puts your hair in cute piggy tails. When we talk about your piggys, you say "Nikki Do That".

I Love My Daddy & Mommy

You now say that you love Mommy and Daddy. I say to you "I love my Emma" and you then say "I love my Daddeee".

Brother or Sister

I've asked you a number of times if Mommy's new baby is going to be a sister or a brother. You've guessed both, but you've said brother more times as a guess. We'll have to wait and see.

I love you little baby!

Monday, February 7, 2011

Haaff-faaa Work - Helping Daddy

Hi Cute Little Baby!

You are so darn cute. You are talking so much and you are so much fun. When you want to be sweet, you are so darn sweet. I was working on installing a laminate floor on the weekend and finishing up tonight. You were so interested in coming in to help me yesterday and last night. I was using tape to tape down the foam underlay. You kept coming in and asking "where's the tape". I'd rip off a piece and put it in position and you would tap it down in place.

You were also helping me to push some of the laminate flooring pieces in place.

You liked playing with my rubber mallet too.

You were quite interested my pencil after you seen me marking a piece of flooring so I could cut it. You took my pencil and wouldn’t give it back. Finally Mommy got you your own pencil. You played with it for a while and made a scribbling mess on a few pieces of the floor.

You kept coming in and saying "I hafffta work". Any time that Mommy came in and tried to get you to come to the living room to hang out with her you'd sternly tell her "I haaff-fffaaaa work". You're so darn cute.

Every time I went to the garage to garage to cut a piece of flooring, you'd ask "aaahh goooinnng to cut something?"

You spent Saturday with Nana and Grumpy. When you got home, you walked down and went into our bedroom. You stopped and had a surprised look on your face and said "whhhooooa". Then you said "Wow……. Wow". I think you also said something like "niiiiaaaace" and "prettttty". I took you to your bedroom and said, our floor is like Emma's, while I was tapping your floor with my foot. I put the same flooring down in your room several weeks ago. You then repeated a few times after me while tapping your foot on your floor "yeahhhhh, like my floor".

I love you sweetie!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Tubes in your Ears!!

Hi Baby Bopper Boo!

Mama hasn't written on your blog in a very, very long time!  Daddy kind of took over this responsibility while Mommy takes care of posting pictures on facebook.  (I must admit that Daddy does a better job than Mommy!)

I just NEEDED to write and tell you all about your day today....because you had SURGERY today!  Holy cow!

You've been getting icky yicky ear infections for months and months and months, since you were a really little baby.  You saw Dr. Fong, the Ear, Nose and Throat specialist on January 12 and he decided that you needed to have a little operation in order to put tubes in your that the icky yicky ear infections leave you alone! 

Most kids have to wait months to have this surgery but, because you have had soooo many icky yicky infections, Dr. Fong said that you needed yours really fast, and he put you on his cancellation list.  Well, last night we unexpectedly got a phone call from the hospital and they said that the doctor could do your surgery today!  Mommy and Daddy both took the day off work so that we could take care of you today.

Sooo, here's how your day went:

First, Mommy had to take Devon to an appointment early this morning, but you didn't have to be at the hospital until I left you and Daddy in bed while I went to Devon's appointment.  Because of the surgery, you  weren't allowed to have anything to eat or drink before going to the hospital, so we wanted you to sleep as long as you could so you wouldn't be too hungry for too long.

When you woke up, Daddy got you ready and drove you to town and we all met up and went to the hospital.  Daddy dropped us off at the door and parked the van while we went to the admitting department.  You were such a big girl right from the start.  You walked into the hospital, holding mommy's hand and took a number all by yourself at admitting.  Then, when our number was called, you climbed up on the chair and waited for mommy to get you registered.

Next, Daddy and I walked you down do the day surgery area.  You were so happy and excited to be visiting a new place, it didn't even occur to you to be nervous of why we were there.  After getting you all checked in and taking your temperature, one of the nice nurses asked us to change you into some stripey jammies (a johnny shirt) but you weren't very enthusiastic...  You wore your comfy owl jammies to the hospital and you really wanted to leave them on!  The nurse pointed out that there was a little girl about your age across the hall wearing the stripey jammies and that she had a sticker on her jammies.  She promised that she would give you a sticker, too, if you would put them quickly agreed and put the stripey jammies on.  The nurse gave you a Nemo sticker and you wore it proudly on your new duds.

They wanted to check your oxygen level with a funny machine...but not even stickers could convince you to let us put that little device on your finger.  (We ended up giving you the stickers anyway.)  As a matter of fact, tonight Daddy put the stickers in your paper journal and wrote you a note about the day in there.

While we waited for it to be your turn to have your surgery, you were a very good girl.  You ran around for a while and made Mommy (and mostly Daddy) chase you, but eventually you settled down on Mommy's knee and drew some pictures with crayons.  You did a really great job!

A little while later, some nurses came to get you for surgery.  They asked you if you wanted to go for a drive on your bed (as the bed had wheels on it) and you enthusiastically said, "OhhhhhKayyy!!".  You were very excited about it.  We quickly gave your your blankie and your My Little Pony to take for the drive and waved goodbye.  Mommy cried a little cry because she was so proud of you for being soooo brave! 

Only ten minutes later, Dr. Fong came and told us that your surgery went great and that you were in the recovery room.  We had to wait about another 20 minutes or so before they brought you back to us.We could hear you crying when they were bringing you back.  You weren't very happy at all.  It must have been so scary for you to wake up in the recovery room and not know where you were or where Mommy and Daddy were.  When they wheeled you back you were sitting up on the bed crying sadly and Mommy ran to pick you up quickly...but not even that could console you.  It only took Daddy a moment to figure out that they had the oxygen monitor taped to your thumb...your SUCKING thumb!!!!  No wonder you were so very upset.  Mommy and Daddy felt very sorry that we forgot to tell the nurses that they shouldn't put it on that thumb!

Once we removed the oxygen monitor and you could suck your thumb, you snuggled onto Mommy's lap with Yangie and eventually gulped down a glass of apple juice that they brought for you.  You were thirsty after not eating and drinking all morning!! 

Just a little while later, Daddy went and got the van while Mommy got you dressed and ready to go.  We were so very proud of what a brave little patient you were!  And, we sure hope that now, with tubes in your ears, you don't get anymore icky yicky ear infections!!!

I love you Monkey Doodle!!  Kisses and hugs!