Monday, February 7, 2011

Haaff-faaa Work - Helping Daddy

Hi Cute Little Baby!

You are so darn cute. You are talking so much and you are so much fun. When you want to be sweet, you are so darn sweet. I was working on installing a laminate floor on the weekend and finishing up tonight. You were so interested in coming in to help me yesterday and last night. I was using tape to tape down the foam underlay. You kept coming in and asking "where's the tape". I'd rip off a piece and put it in position and you would tap it down in place.

You were also helping me to push some of the laminate flooring pieces in place.

You liked playing with my rubber mallet too.

You were quite interested my pencil after you seen me marking a piece of flooring so I could cut it. You took my pencil and wouldn’t give it back. Finally Mommy got you your own pencil. You played with it for a while and made a scribbling mess on a few pieces of the floor.

You kept coming in and saying "I hafffta work". Any time that Mommy came in and tried to get you to come to the living room to hang out with her you'd sternly tell her "I haaff-fffaaaa work". You're so darn cute.

Every time I went to the garage to garage to cut a piece of flooring, you'd ask "aaahh goooinnng to cut something?"

You spent Saturday with Nana and Grumpy. When you got home, you walked down and went into our bedroom. You stopped and had a surprised look on your face and said "whhhooooa". Then you said "Wow……. Wow". I think you also said something like "niiiiaaaace" and "prettttty". I took you to your bedroom and said, our floor is like Emma's, while I was tapping your floor with my foot. I put the same flooring down in your room several weeks ago. You then repeated a few times after me while tapping your foot on your floor "yeahhhhh, like my floor".

I love you sweetie!

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