Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Officially Started Walking & Climbing On Fire Place

Hi Sweet Baby!

Officially started walking

I think today is the day that you officially started walking. You took 10+ steps on your own several times. Mommy would stand you up and slowly let you go. You did it quite a few times. You were walking to the coffee table from a chair across the room where the cat was sleeping. After getting to the coffee table, you'd drop to your hands and knees and crawl like mad, screaming and laughing all the way, trying to get to the cat. We had to chase you before you got to the cat. You love to go up to her, but she's cranky and could scratch you. We took some video of you walking. Here's a picture of you in action. The quality of the photo isn't that great because it was copied from one of the videos.

Rubber Legs

After walking across the living room several times, you decided it was enough. Your legs turned to rubber. Every time Mommy picked you up and tried to stand you up on your feet, you'd let your rubber legs bend as soon as your feet touched the floor. She was lifting you up and down, and you were letting your rubber legs bend and extend as she lifted you up and down.

Climbing on fire place

You can be such a brat climbing everywhere. Here's a picture of you trying to climb up on the fireplace stove. You do it all the time. We have to pick you up and take you away from it. Needless to say, we don't light the stove until you are in bed for the evening.

I love you wonderful little baby!


Sunday, February 21, 2010

Getting Into Cupboards, Drawing, Saying Maaaa, Drinking From Straw & Smacking TV Screen

Hi Little Doodle!

Getting into the cupboards

When we let you loose in the kitchen, you like to get into the cupboards. If I feel like letting you play, I'll sit with you to make sure you don't drop any big cans on your feet. Here's a picture of you getting into the cereal cupboard. I let you play long enough to get a few photos, but stopped you before you had cereal spilled everywhere.

Drawing on a notepad

You were using a pen to scribble on a note pad. You were so happy. You screamed any time that we took the pen or pad away from you. We were worried that it was too dangerous to let you play with the pen. You kept putting it up near you head. You ended up with some pen marks on your face and a few on your neck but you didn't get hurt.

Saying "Maaaaaaaa"

You say mom quite a bit now. You actually same something more like "muuuuuuuu" or "maaaaaaaa". Yesterday, you were on our bed with me. Mommy had her back to you using the phone. You kept looking over to her and saying "muuuuuuu". You also say it when you and I are playing and Mommy isn't in the room. You look towards the door and say "muuuuuuuu".

Getting good drinking from straw

You are good at using a straw now. You love juice packs. Sometimes if we give you the juice pack to hold, you squeeze too hard and squirt juice all over the place.

Smacking TV Screen

You can be such a brat. One of the bad things you do is go over to the TV, stand up and bang on the screen. When you first started going over to the TV, we'd say "don't touch" and you wouldn't touch. Now you race over and slam your hands on it. You yelp and laugh and move faster to smack the TV if we tell you not to. You think its pretty fun.

I Love you!


Monday, February 15, 2010

Being Cute, Dancing, Visiting Old Nanny & Jenna

Hi Cutie Emma!

Being Cute

You were doing something funny recently. You were twitching your lip to do a smile with half you mouth... over and over. It was pretty cute. I didn't get a picture of it.

You had fun playing with a rubiks cube. You look so cute.

Yesterday, you started doing a shrug with one shoulder. You did it over and over. I don't know where you would ever learn such a thing.

Dancing On Toybox

You started dancing when Cameron was playing his trumpet in the basement below your bedroom. You were sitting on your toybox playing. You extended your arms out to the side, bent at the elbows and started twisting your upper body back and forth. After a few twists, you slipped off the toybox. I caught you.

Visiting My Family

We went east to visit my family on the weekend. Here's you and Old Nanny. You still act a bit shy around her :)

You and Jenna had fun playing when we got to her house.

I love you cute baby!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Climbing On Toy Box & Bouncing On Horse

Hi Cute Baby!

Tonight, when we were playing in your bedroom, you crawled up on your toy box. You do it all the time now. You kept standing up and trying to grab the window blinds. Thats so you.... always doing what you shouldn't be doing.

You were a good girl and sat down a few times. I was sitting in front of you to make sure that you didn't fall. You leaned in while saying "mmmmmmmmmmaaaaaaaa" to give me a kiss. You reached out, grabbed my shoulder, then leaned forward and kissed me. You kept doing it over and over. You're so cute.

You also had some fun bouncing on the horse that you got for Christmas. Your horse makes music and horse galloping noises when you bounce on it, spin the wheel on the top and press buttons on the handles.

I love you cute little baby girl!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

15 Month Vaccinations & Measurements

Hi Emma Doodle!

I took you for your 15 month needles this morning. You and I had a chocolate chip muffin while we waited for the nurse. I had you sitting on my left knee and i was feeding you pieces. When I wasn't fast enough, you'd lean over and try to bite the muffin. You're so funny.

There were two other babies in the waiting room when we got there. There was a little girl a couple months older than you. She was walking all around the waiting room and saying "hi dad" to her dad. You say hi dad sometimes. There was also a little boy about 2 months old. He was so tiny and cute. Its so hard to believe that you were ever that small... and inactive :) I carried you aroundthe waiting room. You were very intrigued watching the other babies.

When we went into the nurse's office, I was holding you while her and I were talking. You reached up for the light switch behind me and turned it off, making the room dark, except for the nurse's computer monitor. You then turned to us and said uhhhh oooooooh. You were pretty cute. You did it a few more times.

You got a needle in each arm. It hurt as soon as she gave you the needle. You started to scream and cry. I held you close and rubbed your back, and you felt better quickly. I moved you up closer to the light switch and you turned the light off again. It cheered you up because you smiled and said a quiet uhhh oooh.

Here are your measurements... the nurse didn't tell me your percentile, but I did a calculation on a website.
- height 31 3/4 inches (82nd percentile)
- weight 23 lbs 15 oz (65th percentile)

Your height may not be accurate. When I layed you down on the measurement table, you started getting mad. She got a pretty close measurement just before you started getting really mad and squirming all over the place. You're getting to be such a big girl.

You were in a great mood by the time we left. I put you in your snowsuit on the waiting room floor and spun you around a bunch of times. You giggled and laughed every time I did it.

This evening you were a very happy baby. I sat out with you while you had supper. We had lots of fun playing, laughing and giggling.

I love you little baby girl!