Saturday, June 30, 2012

New Bike / Swimming At Cottage

Hi Baby Girl!

New Bike

You really haven’t been riding your tricycle much this summer, but hopped on it in the house recently and you were really good.  You rode it all around the house with no problem.  Soooo, we decided to go buy you a bike with training wheels.  We went out shopping and looked around at a few stores.  We got you a blue bike with robot on it … you really liked it.  Its a 14” bike.  It seemed almost a bit too big for  you, but it will do you for a while.  The 12” that you were trying was too small for you.

Here’s a few photos of you on your new bike.

IMG_5227 crop

IMG_5246 crop

IMG_5251 crop

You had a lot of fun.   You really love your new bike.  You aren’t strong and balanced enough to go riding by yourself yet, so I still follow you around.


You and I went swimming at the cottage for the first time this year.  We played on the shore for a while, and then we played around on the raft.  The water was pretty warm.

Here you are testing the water.  The tide was on its way in.

IMG_5261 crop

Our wet footprints together on the patio stones on the shore…. awwww … you have such cute little feet.

IMG_5273 crop

Finally swimming … we had lots of fun.

IMG_5293 crop

I love you little baby!

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Soccer - Second Evening – Scores !!!

Hi Sweet Baby Girl!

This was your second evening of soccer.  You did much better this time.  You had lots of fun and in the game at the end, you scored a couple goals.

There’s my cute baby girl.

IMG_5101 crop

Such a silly silly girl!

IMG_5107 crop

Here you are just about to score a goal.

IMG_5141 crop

And celebrating!!!!

IMG_5146 crop

Here you are about to score another goal.

IMG_5152 crop

And more celebrating!!!!

IMG_5164 crop

You had a great soccer class.  I’m proud of you baby girl!

I love you!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

First Sport – Soccer #11

Hi Baby Girl,

This evening you joined your first official sport.  It was your first night a soccer at the Eliot River Ramblers Soccer Club.  Your first sport jersey number is #11.   You had lots of fun and did really well.  You would have done even better if we had practiced with you a little so you would know the rules a little better …. that your goal is to kick the ball in the net and that you can’t pick up the ball with your hands.

Your first soccer experience consisted of some fun stuff like running around, kicking the ball, running and picking up cones, and a 3 on 3 game at the end against another team.

There’s my cute little athlete.

IMG_4650 crop

You had a lot of fun.  Almost looks like you’re posing here.

IMG_4653 crop

Here you are running and kicking the ball.

IMG_4623 crop

Here you are kicking the ball to a team mate in a practice drill. 

IMG_4600 crop

You had fun in the drill running to pick up cones.  Looks like your team mates are cheering you on.  There’s our cute little #11.

IMG_4615 crop

Here you are playing a 3 on 3 game at the end.  Looks like you knocked one of the kids over. 

IMG_4735 crop

Running after the ball … having a tonne of fun.

IMG_4705 crop

I think you tackled the poor boy in blue shorts to get the ball.  Then another boy fell on top of you.  Even in a big pile-up, you still had your hand on the ball.  I took a few more photos of you climbing out of the pile-up with the ball in your hands.  You might be pretty good at rugby too.

IMG_4724 crop

A few times you picked the ball up with you hands.  You ran as we yelled to you to put the ball down and kick it.  This photo was taken during a game.  You grabbed the ball and ran toward the net.  One of your team mates ran beside you.  You stopped before getting to the net and set the ball down.

IMG_4711 crop

You did really well and had lots of fun.  I can’t wait till next week to watch you again.

I love you!

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Tee Ball

Hi Big Girl!

Mommy and I signed you up for tee ball and soccer.  They will be starting soon.  So you can get some practice we bought you a glove, a ball and a tee.  We have a small bat that I think used to be Cameron’s. 

Tonight I set it up in the yard.  We threw the ball back and forth a few times and I set the ball up on the tee for you.  I gave you some pointers on holding the bat and swinging at the ball.   You did pretty well.  You hit the ball a couple times.

IMG_1538 crop

You got the most enjoyment out of knocking the tee stand over.

IMG_1542 crop

We played a little catch too.  You kept trying to throw the ball from your glove … you silly girl.

IMG_1521 crop

You mostly just wanted to play on the swing.  You did take a break from swinging a couple times to play with the tee ball.

IMG_1505 crop

IMG_1526 crop

I love you little baby girl!

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Swinging And Pumping Your Legs / Can I Take My Seatbelt Off

Hi Sweet Girl!
Pumping Your Legs
Today when we picked you up from school, you said “I learned to pump my legs on the swing today”.   You already knew how to pump your legs to move yourself on the swing, but I guess you learned how to do it better today.
When we got to Sherry’s (Will’s babysitter) you ran down to the swing set.  You did really well swinging yourself really high.    You had big smiles for the camera as you were kicking your feet and swinging.
IMG-20120607-00137 crop

Can I Take My Seatbelt Off Please
Every time we get somewhere in the van, like when we stopped in the driveway at Sherry’s today, and when we went to the store, etc, you put your hands on y our seatbelt buckle, look at us and cutely say “can I take my seatbelt off please”.  We say yes and also say thank you for asking so nicely. 
A little while ago you learned to unbuckle your seatbelt and sometimes unbuckled it before we actually stopped.  We were very stern with you and told you that it is very important that you do not take your seatbelt off until we say it is OK.  So now you ask nicely every time.  You’re such a nice sweet girl.
I love you sweet baby!