Sunday, June 10, 2012

Tee Ball

Hi Big Girl!

Mommy and I signed you up for tee ball and soccer.  They will be starting soon.  So you can get some practice we bought you a glove, a ball and a tee.  We have a small bat that I think used to be Cameron’s. 

Tonight I set it up in the yard.  We threw the ball back and forth a few times and I set the ball up on the tee for you.  I gave you some pointers on holding the bat and swinging at the ball.   You did pretty well.  You hit the ball a couple times.

IMG_1538 crop

You got the most enjoyment out of knocking the tee stand over.

IMG_1542 crop

We played a little catch too.  You kept trying to throw the ball from your glove … you silly girl.

IMG_1521 crop

You mostly just wanted to play on the swing.  You did take a break from swinging a couple times to play with the tee ball.

IMG_1505 crop

IMG_1526 crop

I love you little baby girl!

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