Thursday, January 28, 2010

Uhhh Ooooh, Showing Off, All Gone & More

Hiya Cute Emma!

Swinging On Deck In January

Nikki your babysitter was sick today, so you spent the day at Nanna & Grumpy's. You had a pretty good day. It was a warm spring-like day. Grumpy had you outside on the deck in your swing. Hard to believe that you were outside having fun in your swing on January 28th. There's snow coming tomorrow ... so we only got a couple days of spring weather.

Rubbing Daddy's Face ... Nice Daddy

You're so cute. This evening, I took a picture of you softly rubbing my face. You do that when I say "nice daddy". You reach out and rub my cheek with your hand. I kinda forget how it started, but I think it started a few months ago. I had my face near you and you used to lightly whack my face with your hand. Mommy and I would say "no hitting", then Mommy would rub my face or shoulder and say "nice daddy". We might have taught it to you during our drives in the car. Mommy and I would say to you "where's Mommy" or "where's Daddy". When you'd look at me, Mommy would rub my shoulder and say "yeah, nice Daddy". I'd do the same when you looked at her. You now do it, but after rubbing my face for a bit, you gently whack my cheek. I also rub your cheek and say "nice Emma".

Snuggling In & Rubbing Daddy's Shoulder

When I pick you up near bedtime and you lay your head on my shoulder, I usually rub your back. A couple times a week or so ago, you rubbed the back of my shoulder as I was rubbing your back. It was pretty cute.

Saying "Uh-Oooooh" After Burp

This evening when you and I were having supper, I burped after taking a drink of pop. You looked at me and said "uhhh ohhhhhhhh". It made me laugh. You've been saying "uhhh ohhhhh" quite a bit lately. You said it last night after you burped. It was funny.

Showing Off At Restaurant

You're quite the show off. You Mommy and I had supper at pizza delight last night. A woman sitting at the table behind Mommy was talking to you. You loved the attention and acted like a little showoff... making faces, making noises, etc.
There was a family a few tables away. When you noticed them looking at you once, you just continued to stare at them and make noises & and do things to try to get their attention. You were smiling in a silly way and showing off. You've been doing something lately where you put a piece of food in your teeth and and smile. You shake your head back and forth and make a noise like "ummmmm ummmmmm ummmmm". I think I taught that to you while playing around with you at supper.... ooops :)

Gesture When We Say "All Gone"

You do the funniest thing. Whenever we say "all gone" or "all done" to you, you look at us with a cute look on your face and extend your arms out to the side with your palms up....kinda like a questioning shrug. You do it every time. I'm not sure how we got you started on doing that. I think we might have made that gesture to you several times when we said "all gone" to say that the food that we were feeding you was all gone. It really is so adorable when you do it.

Stayed Standing On Your Own

Tonight, you stood up on your own for at least 10 seconds while you and I were playing on the floor. We think you will be walking soon. You can walk all around the house while holding onto our hands. In the evenings, we've been getting you to walk back and forth between us while we sit on the floor. You take a few unbalanced steps, then throw your arms up and fall into our arms. You are getting more brave and balanced every day.

I sure love you wonderful baby!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Teeth!!! (A total of 12...oh my)

Hi Baby Bopper Boo!!

I sure don't get a chance to write to you much!  I just had to tell you about all your new teeth!!

You have four new molars! We noticed they were coming in right before we left on our vacation. By the time we got home, the one on the top left was through and we noticed the other day the other 3 are also through. We think  they are molars...but your kanine teeth aren't through we're not exactly sure what teeth they are yet. We'll investigate further some day you feel like letting us look in your mouth!

I sure do love you, Sweet Pea!!  Muah!

Love, Mama:)

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Walking Around.... With Help

Hi Little Doodle!

You were a very hyper little baby this evening. You were taking a few steps on your own. And, you were very proud of yourself. You walked while holding onto Mommy's hands back and forth from the living room to the far end of the kitchen several times. I took some videos of you walking. The photo below was copied from one of the videos and shows you walking with Mommy in the kitchen.

This next photo is one of you walking towards me. I was sitting in one of the chairs in the living room. You were standing up in front of Mommy and decided to walk over to me. You did your usual take a few steps, then fall forward. I had the camera in one hand and you can see me reaching out with my other hand to catch you. I shot the photo just in time to catch you. As you can see in the photo, you're starting to fall forward ... I caught you before you hit the floor.

I love you cute little walker!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Climbing Stairs, Bath Toys & Microwave Stand Cupboard

Hi Doodle Doo!

Climbing Up The Stairs

You crawled up the stairs for your first time. It was actually the first time that you tried. Mommy brought you to the bottom and let you go. She followed you though. When you got to the top, you squirmed back down to the bottom again. You went up and down several times until you got a bit tired.

We took some video of you walking back and forth between Mommy and I. We had to hold on to your hands. You aren't walking on your own yet, but you have fun walking around everywhere when we're holding you hands.

Mad That I Was Squeaking Your Bath Toys

You had lots of fun splashing in the bathtub. We took a few pictures and videos. You cried when we took you out. Mommy took you to dry you off and put on your jammer jams. I stayed in the bathroom to squeeze the water out of your rubber toys. I had to stop because the squeaky noise it was making was driving you crazy... you wanted to be playing with your toys.

After your bath, mommy dried your hair with the hair dryer. It was the first time that you ever got your hair blow dried. Mommy said you liked it. You didn't get excited, but at least you didn't hate it.

Crawled Into Mirowave Stand Cupboard

This evening, you were in the kitchen. You crawled over to the microwave stand cupboard, opened the doors up and crawled in. You opened it many times, but this time you crawled right in. You tried to close the doors so we helped you. When we closed the doors, you'd pop one of them open, and we'd squeal with happiness. You had lots of fun.

I love you sweet baby!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Reading Books

Hi Baby Emma!

You sure do love flipping through your books. Pretty well every time we play in your bedroom, you pull your books off the shelf and flip through them. I don't think you even really care about the pictures in them. You just like flipping through. I sometimes point to the pictures and say what they are and try to get you to look, but you just keep turning the pages.

Here's a cute picture of you flipping through one of your books while sitting on a chair in the living room. You're pretty adorable.

I love you!!!

Monday, January 4, 2010

Squeaky Toys & Splashing In The Bath

Hiya Cute Little Splasher!

You were so excited to have a bath tonight. You were slamming your hands down and splashing the water all over the place. You had Mommy and I soaked. We had a plastic cup in the tub to rinse your hair. You kept trying to drink from it. You're a silly monkey. Here's a picture of you chewing on one of your many squeaky rubber bath toys. I like to fill your rubber toys with water, then squirt your belly and arms with them. You giggle when I do that.

I love you beautiful baby!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Ah Ah Ah ... Don't Touch!

Hi Pretty Girl!

You are growing up so much. You are becoming so smart and aware. You've learned that you are not allowed to touch the TV because we say "AH AH AH" and "don't touch" when you go over to it.

Often now, you crawl over, pull yourself up to stand right in front of the TV, then look over your shoulder at us as if to say, aren't you going to stop me? Here's a photo of you in action.

You've also been standing there in front of the TV, staring at the screen with one or both hands in the air, moving your fingers or swaying your hands, almost unable to stop yourself from touching the screen... you sometimes do touch it. But you pull your hands away quickly when we say don't touch. You're such a cutie.

I love you sweet baby girl!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Chasing You Down The Hall

Hi Silly Doodle!

We were playing a fun game. I was in your bedroom and you were in the hallway. You'd crawl over to the door and and peek in. When you saw me, you'd yelp and take off crawling on your hands and knees as fast as you could. I'd crawl after you and say, "I'm gonna get you, where do you think you're going". That would make you yelp and laugh and crawl faster. When I caught you, I'd tickle you and make you laugh really hard. It was a lot of fun. I took a few videos. There's a couple photos below. The quality isn't the best because I copied the pictures out of the videos.

Here's a picture of you peeking around the corner of the door into your bedroom.

Here's a picture of you after I caught you in the hallway. I was kissing and tickling you. You were screaming and laughing like crazy.

I love you silly monkey!

Friday, January 1, 2010

January 1st Supper & Playing In Crib

Hiya Doodle Doo Bopper!

Nana, Grumpy and Uncle Billy were here for New Years Day supper. It was a fun day. Here you are taking a few steps with Grumpy's help.

You were pretty cute snuggling with Uncle Billy on the chair. You're such a cute thumb sucker.

You just started doing something pretty cute. When I tried to put you to bed, you stood up, turned on the musical toy in your crib, held onto it and started jumping up and down, dancing.

You would also walk over to the head of your crib and point to the dinosaur decals on the wall and make an excited squealy noise.

You did all this over and over. It was really hard to get you to sleep. We hope that you don't start thinking that bedtime is play time. You're such a crazy little monster. Here's you being silly and crazy :)

I love you crazy little monkey!