Sunday, January 24, 2010

Climbing Stairs, Bath Toys & Microwave Stand Cupboard

Hi Doodle Doo!

Climbing Up The Stairs

You crawled up the stairs for your first time. It was actually the first time that you tried. Mommy brought you to the bottom and let you go. She followed you though. When you got to the top, you squirmed back down to the bottom again. You went up and down several times until you got a bit tired.

We took some video of you walking back and forth between Mommy and I. We had to hold on to your hands. You aren't walking on your own yet, but you have fun walking around everywhere when we're holding you hands.

Mad That I Was Squeaking Your Bath Toys

You had lots of fun splashing in the bathtub. We took a few pictures and videos. You cried when we took you out. Mommy took you to dry you off and put on your jammer jams. I stayed in the bathroom to squeeze the water out of your rubber toys. I had to stop because the squeaky noise it was making was driving you crazy... you wanted to be playing with your toys.

After your bath, mommy dried your hair with the hair dryer. It was the first time that you ever got your hair blow dried. Mommy said you liked it. You didn't get excited, but at least you didn't hate it.

Crawled Into Mirowave Stand Cupboard

This evening, you were in the kitchen. You crawled over to the microwave stand cupboard, opened the doors up and crawled in. You opened it many times, but this time you crawled right in. You tried to close the doors so we helped you. When we closed the doors, you'd pop one of them open, and we'd squeal with happiness. You had lots of fun.

I love you sweet baby!

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