Sunday, January 3, 2010

Ah Ah Ah ... Don't Touch!

Hi Pretty Girl!

You are growing up so much. You are becoming so smart and aware. You've learned that you are not allowed to touch the TV because we say "AH AH AH" and "don't touch" when you go over to it.

Often now, you crawl over, pull yourself up to stand right in front of the TV, then look over your shoulder at us as if to say, aren't you going to stop me? Here's a photo of you in action.

You've also been standing there in front of the TV, staring at the screen with one or both hands in the air, moving your fingers or swaying your hands, almost unable to stop yourself from touching the screen... you sometimes do touch it. But you pull your hands away quickly when we say don't touch. You're such a cutie.

I love you sweet baby girl!

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