Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Snuggling Before Bed and Performing At Restaurant

Hi Cute Baby!

Snuggling in bed before you went to your crib

Tonight and last night, you were crying in your crib and didn't want to go to sleep. I layed down with you in our bed. You sucked your thumb and fell asleep right away. I then put you back in your bed. I hope this doesn't become a routine for you. You don't cry very often when we put you in your crib. Often, we just wait, and you go to sleep soon. Tonight, we knew you weren't going to sleep. You were standing up in your crib when I went in.

You didn't want to go in your crib for the first few nights after we got back from Florida. That's probably because you slept in bed with Mommy and I some nights that we were away. It was kinda cute. At home, you'd drag your beloved Dora blanket around, walk up to our closed bedroom door and try to get in. You'd look at us with your thumb in your mouth and a sad look on your face and point at the door and make sad noises to get our attention. After a few nights, you were content to go to sleep in your crib. Before that, we had to let you fall asleep in our bed, or we'd snuggle with you on the couch until you fell asleep, then we'd put you in your crib.

Being a cute performer at restaurant

This evening, you, Mommy and I decided to take a drive to Summerside. We ate at Maid Marions. Before we got out of the van, we asked you several times .. "do you want to eat some fries"? You replied with a clear "nooo" a couple times, even shaking your head no a couple times. I'm not sure if you meant yes, or if you really meant no. We took you in anyway. You did love the fries.

You were so funny... I hope I can remember everything that you were doing... I was wishing that I had a camera. Mommy says you were being a ham.... haha. You sure were. We were sitting by the kitchen. Every time a waitress walked by, you'd be looking around trying to see them... and said "hi" and "bye" almost every time. You were gobbling up the fries, and meat and coleslaw. Near the end of the meal, you were reaching and pointing to the table and grunting "uhh uhh uhhh". We soon figured out that you wanted some ketchup to dip your fries in. I put some on your plate and you started dipping. You started out just licking the ketchup off the fries. but later started eating them. At one point, you were dipping the fries in the coleslaw. The really funny part was when you stuck a fry in your mouth, hanging out ... then dipped your fingers in the ketchup. Mommy and I started laughing. You immediately knew that you were entertaining your audience. You looked up with a huge satisfied smile on your face, with a fry hanging out of your mouth.

When we left, you were waving and saying "bye" to all the waitresses. You were also looking at and touching some of the flowers on display at the front counter. You didn't freak or cry like you've done before. I think you're starting to like flowers now.

I love you little sweetie!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Lots of Updates & Photos

Hi Beautiful Baby!

Performing and Laughing

You are growing up so fast. You're so happy ... most of the time. Most of the time, you're happy, smily and laughing. You laugh when people laugh. You really act proud of yourself when you realize that someone is laughing at something that you're doing. You are such a performer. You look back with a half smile on your face, just making sure that people are laughing at you, then you'll smile big and laugh out loud and make other squealing noises. If you know what it is that made people laugh, you're sure to keep on doing it to get more laughs. Here's a picture of you performing while we were out eating at Chilis in Florida. You're such a nut :)

Here are a couple of pictures of you performing on the plane on the way home from Florida. I just love the one of you making a face and pointing at the camera. You really are a nut... just like your Dad .. haha!

Lots of Talking ... Lots of "Noooo"

You are talking all the time now. Mostly you are just babbling jibberish, but you do say some words. You say mommmmiiieee a lot. You say dadddieeee too, but not as much as mommy. We sometimes get you to say "I love mommy" or "I love daddy" ... you're just learning those ones, so they aren't as clear. You can say eyes, nose, etc. You say "nooooo" a lot. You say yes sometimes, but its more of a squeak ... a soft "yeeee" or "yuuuu". No certainly is your favorite. When we ask you a question, your answer is "noooo oooo". You often say "nooo" when you really mean yes. I try to get you to say yes when I know you mean yes, but you still don't. When you really mean no, its quite clear that you know what you're saying. You say "hi" a lot. You pick up a phone, put it to your ear and say "hi" then start talking jibberish.
Here's a picture of you playing with the phone in the hotel room in Portland on our way to Florida.

You are always picking up and playing with the phones at home too. Here's a picture of you on the phone at home that I copied from a video.
Saying Bye and Mee Mee Me

You say "byyye" all the time. Its cute. If I pick you up and walk away from Mommy. You wave to her and say "byyye". Its quite often a big "bbbuuuyyyeeee".

You say "meee meeee me" in a sad voice or sometimes an angry voice a lot when you want something or if we're taking something away from you. Its pretty cute.

Still Walking Lots - Running Sometimes

Of course, you walk around everywhere all the time. You even try to run sometimes.

Sitting On Your Toy

You're funny. You like to sit on one of your toy play-sets. You back up to it and sit your bum on it. Also, when Mommy opens her closet when you're around, you go in and sit on her shoe rack. You're pretty cute.

You Love Being Outside

You love it outside. We had you out a few times on the weekend. We had you on the deck, and you wanted to get down to the grass, so we took you down the steps. You had lots of fun walking around and playing with your big plastic toys. Tonight, I took you out on the deck with me while I was BBQing. You wanted to go down the steps, so I held your hands and helped you. You walked around holding my hand for a while. I then helped you back up the stairs. I was holding both of your hands above you head and you walked up that big stairs, on giant step at a time.

You Can Point to Eyes, Ears, Etc

You know what a lot of things are. You know where your eyes and ears are. The other day when you were out on the patio swing with mommy, you were pointing at Pooh's eyes and ears and belly ... mommy was asking you where they were on a Winnie the Pooh hose sprayer that was out on the deck. Here's you on the swing with the Pooh hose sprayer.

Being Spitefully Bad :)

You are so bad. You picked up an unsharpened pencil and walked into your bedroom. When you went to put it in your mouth, I said no ... and you took it out of your mouth. Then you started putting it up to your mouth and pulling it away quickly, then put a big smile on your face. You did it several times until I took the pencil away from you. I took a short video of it. I copied this picture out of the video. It captures your badness ... you look so bad and proud of yourself.

Snuggling & Looking At Pictures

Tonight you were doing cute things and talking lots while we played in your bedroom, so I ran to get my camera to take some pictures and video. Of course, when I get the camera ready, you stop talking and performing. I layed on the floor and you sat down in front of me and snuggled in. We looked through the pictures and videos on the camera for a long time. You were so interested in them. You were so quiet, just sitting there and looking at the screen on the camera. You would point to yourself in the pictures and say "baaabbeeee" and make other cute sounds. You even started kissing the screen for a few photos. I played the videos for you. I would ask you, "do you want me to play the videos for you". You'd nod your head yes and make a cute little yes squeak. A couple times, my thumb was just over the play button. You grabbed my thumb and started pushing it down onto the button to get me to play the video.

A short while after we finished looking at the pictures, I was taking a video of you. You came over to me. I didn't know what you were doing... I thought you may be trying to crawl over me to get to the door. I figured out that you were trying to sit in front of me again and snuggle in to look at more pictures.

Kissing Minnie Mouse Picture

You sure did love Minnie Mouse and Mickey Mouse when were were at Disney. Mommy was showing you pictures on the computer and showed you the one of all of us posing with Mickey and Minnie. You gave Minnie Mouse on the screen. Its cute, in that photo, we're all looking at the camera but you are reaching for Minnie.

Had Fun Playing Hiding Game

A week or so ago, when we were playing in your bedroom, we played a hiding game. You were at one end of your dresser. I crawled up along the front and looked at you. You smiled and giggled. I then decided to crawl back and try to hide behind the other end. You came out looking for me and then would giggle and laugh when you saw me. You would then go back behind your end and try to hide. When I looked around the corner, you were crouched down with your head up against the dresser trying to hide. You giggled when I saw you. We did it a few times.. it was cute.

First Chariot Bike Ride Of Season

We had you out for your first chariot/bike ride for the season. Mommy and I took you for a ride behind our street, down to the highway and down to Victoria. The total ride was about 15 km. You were tired, so you slept for a lot of it. It was such a nice day.

You are an amazing baby girl ... I love you giant bunches!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Brushing Teeth, Easter Gift From Grammie, Playing Outside

Hi Sweet Emma!

Brushing Your Teeth

You saw me brushing my teeth, so you wanted to brush your teeth too. I put some of your new tooth paste on your brush and gave it to you. You put the brush in your mouth and started brushing. You walked around all over the house with the tooth brush in your mouth. I followed you around to make sure you didn't fall. You cried when I finally took it from you, but you got over it quickly.

Easter Gift From Grammie

Grammie gave you an early easter gift.... a lamb teddybear. You liked it.

You also walked around the house dragging the bag that the lamb was in. While you were dragging it, you stepped on the other string and the bag ripped open.

Outside Playing And Pushing Your Car

It was such a sunny warm day so we played outside for a while. Here you are just hanging around.

Here you are having a great time pushing your car around the driveway.

It was a fun day as usual.
I love you baby!

Friday, April 2, 2010

14 Teeth, Saying Doodle Doo, Swishing Food Off Tray, Playing With Crayons, Walking Lots, Kisses

Hi Doodle Doo Bopper!

14 Teeth

You now have 14 teeth. Your third tooth on your top right side came in a couple days ago, and the one on the left side came in just recently. Here's a cute picture of you. It shows some of your teeth :)

Saying Doodle Doo And Lots More

This morning, after sleeping all night (first night in a while), we woke to you making happy sounds. We took you into our room with us. We were saying doodle doo and you were repeating it. You're also talking all the time. You say "mama" a lot. You say "dada" and "daddy". You say "baaabaaaaa". You like to sit down with us and look at pictures and videos on the camera and on the computer. You point at the pictures of yourself and say "baaabeeeee". When we say "that's Emma", you repeat by saying "Emmmmma". You also point and say you want a cookie by saying "kuug-guuh".

Swishing Food Off Your High Chair Tray

You're so funny. When you've had enough to eat, you put your hands on your high chair table and move them back and forth fast to make all the food left on your table fly off. Here's a picture of you in action.

Playing With Crayons

We bought you some crayons and a notepad last week. I sat on the floor a few times with you to see if you'd scribble on the note pad. You made a few marks on the paper, but you mostly like taking the crayons out of the box and putting them back in. Here's a picture of you having fun.

Walking All The Time

You hardly ever crawl anymore. Once you started walking, you just walked more and more. You now get up to your feet and walk everywhere. You stroll around all over the house. You even carry things around like your xylophone and hippo car. Here you are walking around with your xylophone. You're wearing the tshirt that we got for you in Dominican Republic. Its too big for you :)

Kisses For Mommy & Daddy

You're so cute. Without even asking, you sometimes pucker up with a grin and move towards Mommy or I while making a mmmmmmma to get a kiss. Right after getting a kiss from one of us, you turn to the other for a kiss making a mmmmmmma sound. You even do it when we're both not there ... you turn looking for your other kiss. You're such a sweet wonderful baby.

I love you little angel!