Saturday, April 3, 2010

Brushing Teeth, Easter Gift From Grammie, Playing Outside

Hi Sweet Emma!

Brushing Your Teeth

You saw me brushing my teeth, so you wanted to brush your teeth too. I put some of your new tooth paste on your brush and gave it to you. You put the brush in your mouth and started brushing. You walked around all over the house with the tooth brush in your mouth. I followed you around to make sure you didn't fall. You cried when I finally took it from you, but you got over it quickly.

Easter Gift From Grammie

Grammie gave you an early easter gift.... a lamb teddybear. You liked it.

You also walked around the house dragging the bag that the lamb was in. While you were dragging it, you stepped on the other string and the bag ripped open.

Outside Playing And Pushing Your Car

It was such a sunny warm day so we played outside for a while. Here you are just hanging around.

Here you are having a great time pushing your car around the driveway.

It was a fun day as usual.
I love you baby!

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