Friday, April 2, 2010

14 Teeth, Saying Doodle Doo, Swishing Food Off Tray, Playing With Crayons, Walking Lots, Kisses

Hi Doodle Doo Bopper!

14 Teeth

You now have 14 teeth. Your third tooth on your top right side came in a couple days ago, and the one on the left side came in just recently. Here's a cute picture of you. It shows some of your teeth :)

Saying Doodle Doo And Lots More

This morning, after sleeping all night (first night in a while), we woke to you making happy sounds. We took you into our room with us. We were saying doodle doo and you were repeating it. You're also talking all the time. You say "mama" a lot. You say "dada" and "daddy". You say "baaabaaaaa". You like to sit down with us and look at pictures and videos on the camera and on the computer. You point at the pictures of yourself and say "baaabeeeee". When we say "that's Emma", you repeat by saying "Emmmmma". You also point and say you want a cookie by saying "kuug-guuh".

Swishing Food Off Your High Chair Tray

You're so funny. When you've had enough to eat, you put your hands on your high chair table and move them back and forth fast to make all the food left on your table fly off. Here's a picture of you in action.

Playing With Crayons

We bought you some crayons and a notepad last week. I sat on the floor a few times with you to see if you'd scribble on the note pad. You made a few marks on the paper, but you mostly like taking the crayons out of the box and putting them back in. Here's a picture of you having fun.

Walking All The Time

You hardly ever crawl anymore. Once you started walking, you just walked more and more. You now get up to your feet and walk everywhere. You stroll around all over the house. You even carry things around like your xylophone and hippo car. Here you are walking around with your xylophone. You're wearing the tshirt that we got for you in Dominican Republic. Its too big for you :)

Kisses For Mommy & Daddy

You're so cute. Without even asking, you sometimes pucker up with a grin and move towards Mommy or I while making a mmmmmmma to get a kiss. Right after getting a kiss from one of us, you turn to the other for a kiss making a mmmmmmma sound. You even do it when we're both not there ... you turn looking for your other kiss. You're such a sweet wonderful baby.

I love you little angel!

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