Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Few Silly Updates - Walking & Running, Amazing Trick

Hi Cute Walking Doodle!

Doctor Visit - Have an Ear Infection

We took you to clinic after work to have your ears checked. We're flying to Florida next week and we're afraid that any ear infection will hurt you while flying. You've been getting a cold for a few days... your nose has been running, you've been coughing a bit, you are waking up two times each night and you are rubbing and pulling at your ears. We just had you in to see Dr Coady last week to get your ears checked. Your ears looked fine then. But you screamed and cried when he was looking in your ears. Tonight, when Dr Hooley came into the room, you almost started to cry. He shined the little ear flashlight at you a few times to cheer you up. He looked in one ear and you were fine. You started screaming and crying when he looked in the other ear. Lucky we took you, your right ear is pretty infected. He prescribed you antibiotics. We hope your ears are all better by the time we fly next week.

Walked All Over The Waiting Room - Trying To Run Already

Before we seen the doctor, you walked all over the waiting room for the 20 or so minutes that we were waiting. You walked from the waiting room, into the toy room, back to the waiting room, over through the door to the doctor's exam rooms. You peeked around the corner into Dr Coady's office and his nurse Mary was there. She talked to you for a minute, then you went walking into the waiting room. You tried to go back in to see her about 4 more times. You were so cute taking short little steps all around. You waddle around so cutely, babbling noises the whole time. You've only really be walking for a few days and you're already starting to try to run. Many times while you were walking around, you would start walking faster. I was following you around to make sure you wouldn't fall.

Eating and Playing With Straw

After the doctor visit, we went to eat at the newly built Maid Marians. We sat at a small booth with you in a highchair at the end. The table was so small, it was hard to keep everything out of your reach. We got you some water in a cup with a lid and straw. After you had your fill of drinking, you kept pulling the straw out, and putting it back in. You're so smart and coordinated. Mommy and I shared our supper with you... you had lots.

Amazing Trick - Flipped a Coffee Creamer Like Mom & Dad

While we were waiting for our food to arrive, you were getting impatient, especially seeing everyone around us eating. I decided to entertain you with a silly thing mommy & I do in restaurants. We turn a coffee creamer upside down, then push down on it with our finger, then flick our finger back and down. It makes the creamer flip forward and up in the air. We try to make it flip and land rightside up, or we make it try to land on top of another creamer. Its a fun silly game. Anyway, I flipped a creamer towards you a few times. Then I handed it to you. You turned it upside down on the table, put your finger on it and flipped it. It did a half turn and landed upright. It was your very first try ever... it was awesome. You are so smart :) I have a feeling you'll be silly just like your dad.

I love you silly girl!

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