Monday, March 22, 2010

Talking, Climbing On/In Toybox, Peekaboo, Snuggling

Hiya Baby Emma!

Talking At Supper

We had BBQ pork chops, veggies and boiled baby potatoes tonight for supper. You were getting pretty anxious to eat, so I started talking to you, telling you that it would be ready soon. You were looking back at me intently and making sounds back at me as if to reply. I said the potatoes are pretty well done, then Mommy said maybe she'd get some for you. You replied with a yeeaaah :)
You were so proud of yourself feeding yourself with a fork. When the pork chops were done, we cut some pieces up really small and put them on your tray. You ate the pieces, one hand after the other. You sure love to eat pork chops and steak. We had a hard time keeping up to you. You'd scream for more. We took a few videos of you. I want to start taking more videos of you talking and making noises. Its so cute when you try to talk. Well, you mostly just reply to what we say with single sounds like eeeaa, yuuuu, nuuuu, and other sounds that resemble yes and no.

Climbing On Toy Box & Sliding Off

Tonight when I was playing with you in your room, you were going through your books as usual. You were also crawling into your toy box like you do a lot lately. You put the cover down and crawled on top. When you got up, you sat down, moved over to the edge with your feet hanging over and started bouncing your feet up and down off the side of the toy box. Twice when you were at the edge, you put your arms out and slid off. I reached to catch you. Silly girl!

Climbing In Toy Box

You also like to open your toy box and climb in. I might have told you about this before. Its pretty cute. You lift the heavy lid open. Then you struggle to climb in with all the toys. Its pretty cute. You usually climb in, then climb out, then climb in again ... you usually do it a few times.

Saying "Where's Emma"

Mommy was playing with you in your room before me. We always play peekaboo with you. We'll throw a shirt or pants or a blanket over your face and say "where's emma" "emmmmma". When you pull it off, we excitedly say "there you are... there's emma" Tonight, Mommy put one of your winter hats on your face. Then you started putting it on your face. A couple times you put it on your face and said "emmmma". It was pretty cute. Here's a couple pictures of another time when you were putting a blanket over your head to play peekaboo.

Snuggling In To Read A Book

You later walked over to me, leaned up against my chest, then turned around to stick your bum up against my chest, then slid down to sit down and snuggle in against me. It was cute, it was your way of telling me that you wanted me to read to you. I grabbed one of the many books on the floor and read some of it to you. You hardly ever sit patiently and let me read to you. I can't even finish a page when you are grabbing the pages and flipping through.

I love you sweet baby!

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