Friday, March 26, 2010

Pigtails, Saying Mooo & More, Nooo Moooaa, Pointing At Light Switch

Hi Little Cutie!


Nikki, your babysitter put pig tails in your hair yesterday. You look so cute. We put them back in your hair this morning.

Talking Lots, Saying Moooo

You've been changing so much lately. You are talking lots. When we ask you what a cow says, you say moooo. You say aeeef aeeef when we ask what a puppy says. You sometimes say meoooow when we ask what a kitty says.

Saying Noooo Mooooaa

When we're feeding you in your highchair, you say nooo moooooa when you've had enough. You're often blabbering non-stop when we're driving you around in your stroller or a shopping cart. We took you out for a walk in your chariot last night. You were making happy babbling sounds the whole time. You get cranky when we stop, but you're happy when we're moving.

Pointing At Light Switch

The past few nights, you took off from the living room to your bedroom. I crawled behind you, then peeked around the corner to see you sitting and playing with your toys. When you looked at me, I'd move my head back ... then you'd laugh. I did it over and over and we shared some big laughs. It was in the evening and getting dark. You pointed to the light switch and made a noise, asking me to turn the light on. It was pretty cute.

Walking Even More

You're walking even more now. You still stagger around, and fall down sometimes but you are walking much better and more now. You even get up on your own and walk. You always look so proud of yourself when you're walking. You'll be running in no time.

I love you!

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