Saturday, March 13, 2010

Driving Your Car In The Driveway

Hi Emma Doodle!

It was a nice summy day, so Mommy and I took you outside. We slid you down your little plastic slide ... you weren't too impressed with it. We pushed you around the driveway on your car. We pushed you around for a while on a car that we had in the garage. You never rode that car before. We bought it last year at a yard sale. It was old and faded. We put you on your own newer car when we realized that the wheels were cracking and breaking on the old car. You already drove and pushed your newer car lots in the house all winter. You sure loved driving your car. We pushed you up and down the driveway over and over. You were talking and smiling lots. You'd get mad when we stopped.

Here's a picture of you pushing yourself around.

You had lots more fun when we pushed you. Here I am pushing you.

This picture shows how much fun you were having when Mommy was pushing you.

I love you pretty baby!

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