Saturday, March 27, 2010

Officially Walking & Other Stuff

Hi Cute Baby Emma!

Fun With Xylophone

We bought you a toy xylophone today. You had lots of fun playing it.

Mommy was playing Mary Had A Little Lamb. You liked listening to her play because you kept bringing it to her to play. You were sitting on the loveseat playing and decided to drop the mallets over the back of the couch ... you drop things behind your toy box all the time and then say uhhh ohhhh. I was taking a video of you. You turned around towards me and started jumping up and down on the couch. I'm glad I was right in front of you, because you fell forward. Your belly landed on the edge of the couch and you were falling head first towards the floor. I reached out and grabbed you just in time. The video shows you starting to fall and you can just see the side of you falling towards the floor. I must have turned the video off as I was reaching out to grab you. Here's a picture of you jumping just before you fell.

Really Officially Walking

You were walking so much today. You were walking all over the house. I guess you are now really officially walking. Well you started walking at this pace a couple days ago.... it would be pretty much on or just after your 17 month birthday.

So Coordinated, Putting Straw In Juice Box

You are getting so coordinated. This morning, I gave you a juice box. You drank about half of it, then started playing with it. You pulled the straw out and then kep trying to put the straw back into the hole in the top. You did it several times. I'm amazed at how coordinated you are. I tried to help you hold the juice box a few times. You would grab my hand and push it away. Haha. You do that a lot when I try to help you.

Putting Bottle On Your Foot

Tonight you were laying on me on the couch while I was giving you a bottle before bed. As usual, you would drink a little, then push the bottle away for a while. While I was holding the bottle off to the side, you started pushing at the bottle with your foot and making uuuuuh uuuuuh noises. I thought you were trying to push it away... because when you don't want food or a cup or bottle, you sometimes throw it away or shove it further away. I realized that you were trying to stick your foot up into the hollow shell of the bottle from the bottom (in where the bottom of the liner is). It was so cute and funny. I started doing that to you a long time ago while we were snuggling and I was giving you a bottle. During the times that you didn't want to drink your bottle, I would sometimes slide the bottle over your bare toes. Its pretty silly but you always had fun. Its cute that you were pushing your foot on the bottle trying to get me to put if over your toes.

Eating Ice Cream With Cameron

Cameron was sitting on the loveseat having some icecream this evening. You were walking around all over the place. You kept walking over to Cameron and opening your mouth for ice cream. When he gave you some, you'd walk around the living room a bit, and go back when you were ready for more.

I love you little baby Emma!

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