Saturday, March 6, 2010

Peeking Around The Corner

Hi Cute Doodle Doo!

You've been climbing around lots. Today, you started climbing up on the telephone table. You sit on the seat, and you even climbed up onto the top. Mommy went out the the kitchen for something. You climbed up on the telephone table and tried to peek around the corner to see her. Here's a cute picture of you.

This morning, we were in the living room looking at sales flyers. You were into everything as usual, and kept grabbing the pile of flyers and throwing them on the floor. I started setting them on top of your head. You thought it was pretty funny.

We went to Summerside for a drive today. We had lunch at Maid Marions. You sure loved gobbling up fries, hash browns, toast and eggs. You got really hyper and squirmy before we left. We couldn't keep you in your chair. Just before we left, you crawled under the table. You were sitting under there with a big smile on your face and giggling.

We went to the farmers market. We bought you a fabric book of nursery rhymes.

It was a nice sunny day so we stopped at a park. It was warm in the sun, but the wind was cold, so we didn't stay long. We took a couple pictures. Here is one of you on a toy car. Its cute, it looks like you and Mommy are driving a small car.

I love you little baby!

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