Friday, March 5, 2010

Stood Up & Walked, My Birthday Cake, Saying Brenna

Hi Cute Doodle Bopper!

Devon was playing with you this evening your bedroom. He was taking pictures of you with a toy camera. You stood up on your own and started walking towards him. You did this two or three times.

You wrote me a really cute poem for my birthday. Mommy helped you :) It is really cute.

We had cake and ice cream for my birthday. You and Mommy helped be blow out the candles on my cake. Well, we trying to get you to help but I think you just wanted to grab the cake.

You sure loved the cake... as you always do.

Here's a picture of you buttering my nose ... actually it was cake icing ... and actually, Brenna put it on my nose ... you were just rubbing it in :)

You are talking lots more now. You say Mama a lot. You say Dada too. You've started saying Brenna's name .... you say something more like "nenna" or "enna". Sometimes you crawl to the top of the stairs and call to her if she's in the basement.

I love you cute baby Emma!

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