Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Cousin Jenna, You Stood Up & Walked, Pushed Dolly Stroller, Sat In Dolly Stroller, Scared of Popup Book

Hi Crazy Bopper!

Jenna Says "doodle oodle doodle doo"

I called to wish my sister Christa a happy birthday. I could hear your cousin Jenna in the background saying "doodle oodle doodle doo". Christa told me that when Jenna puts on clothes that are too tight, she takes them off and hands them to Christa and says "doodle oodle doodle doo". She's saying that she wants to pass her smaller clothes on to you. Its pretty cute.

Stood Up On Your Own & Walked

You stood up on your own tonight in the living room. I backed away from you so you took a couple steps towards me.

Pushed Your Dolly Stroller Around

You walked around pushing your dolly's stroller tonight. You sure enjoyed it. Mommy held onto the handles with you to make sure that you didn't fall over. Later I helped you too. I held onto the handles or the side of the stroller while you pushed it from your bedroom to the living room and back. A few times you stopped to and grabbed my hand and pulled it off the stroller. You didn't want me helping. We have to help though because the stroller is very light and you can fall easily while pushing it by yourself. Here's a silly picture of you and your stroller.

Sitting In Dolly Stroller

On the weekend, you wanted to sit in the stroller. Mommy put you in it and I took some pictures. We pushed you around the living room. You silly baby. You are too big for your dolly's stroller. You kept crying to get in the stroller if we took you out. As soon as we'd put you in it, you'd sit quietly and let us push you around. You had a look on your face like you knew you were doing something silly that you weren't supposed to. We'll have to keep you out of the stroller. Its only a toy, its too small for you and it just might break with you in it. Here's a picture of you silly girl.

Scared Of Pop-Up Book

Tonight you had one of your scared screaming outbursts. You are apparantly are scared of a little dinosaur pop-up book. You aren't scared of dinosaurs, but you scream, freak out, flail your arms and try to get away when the pop-up book is opened near you. Its so strange. Its just like you were scared of the sunflower hat that came on one of your dolls for christmas. You pulled it out of your toy box one day, screamed and cried and threw it away from you. You did it one other time. When we were getting pictures taken of you and the other kids at Sears, the photographer put a bouquet of daisys next to you for one of the photos. You screamed and flailed to get away from it. Its the strangest thing.

I love you silly little girl!

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