Monday, March 29, 2010

Singing Old MacDonald & Saying Cookie

Hi Cute Little Bopper!

Singing Old MacDonald

You started singing Old MacDonald. You sing the "eee iii eee iii ooo" part. You sing that part after we sing a verse. Sometimes you just go around singing that part randomly.

Saying Cookie

You can now can say cookie ... you actually say something more like "kuuh-guuh". Whenever we are near the cupboard where we keep the cookies, you will point and say "kuug-guuh".

Riding Your Little Wagon

You silly girl. You started sitting in a little wagon that is meant to carry your Sesame Street rubber blocks. You sit in it and push or pull yourself around with your feet. Here's a picture. Its not the best picture because your hair is a mess and your nose is running .

I love you cute little baby!

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