Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Snuggling Before Bed and Performing At Restaurant

Hi Cute Baby!

Snuggling in bed before you went to your crib

Tonight and last night, you were crying in your crib and didn't want to go to sleep. I layed down with you in our bed. You sucked your thumb and fell asleep right away. I then put you back in your bed. I hope this doesn't become a routine for you. You don't cry very often when we put you in your crib. Often, we just wait, and you go to sleep soon. Tonight, we knew you weren't going to sleep. You were standing up in your crib when I went in.

You didn't want to go in your crib for the first few nights after we got back from Florida. That's probably because you slept in bed with Mommy and I some nights that we were away. It was kinda cute. At home, you'd drag your beloved Dora blanket around, walk up to our closed bedroom door and try to get in. You'd look at us with your thumb in your mouth and a sad look on your face and point at the door and make sad noises to get our attention. After a few nights, you were content to go to sleep in your crib. Before that, we had to let you fall asleep in our bed, or we'd snuggle with you on the couch until you fell asleep, then we'd put you in your crib.

Being a cute performer at restaurant

This evening, you, Mommy and I decided to take a drive to Summerside. We ate at Maid Marions. Before we got out of the van, we asked you several times .. "do you want to eat some fries"? You replied with a clear "nooo" a couple times, even shaking your head no a couple times. I'm not sure if you meant yes, or if you really meant no. We took you in anyway. You did love the fries.

You were so funny... I hope I can remember everything that you were doing... I was wishing that I had a camera. Mommy says you were being a ham.... haha. You sure were. We were sitting by the kitchen. Every time a waitress walked by, you'd be looking around trying to see them... and said "hi" and "bye" almost every time. You were gobbling up the fries, and meat and coleslaw. Near the end of the meal, you were reaching and pointing to the table and grunting "uhh uhh uhhh". We soon figured out that you wanted some ketchup to dip your fries in. I put some on your plate and you started dipping. You started out just licking the ketchup off the fries. but later started eating them. At one point, you were dipping the fries in the coleslaw. The really funny part was when you stuck a fry in your mouth, hanging out ... then dipped your fingers in the ketchup. Mommy and I started laughing. You immediately knew that you were entertaining your audience. You looked up with a huge satisfied smile on your face, with a fry hanging out of your mouth.

When we left, you were waving and saying "bye" to all the waitresses. You were also looking at and touching some of the flowers on display at the front counter. You didn't freak or cry like you've done before. I think you're starting to like flowers now.

I love you little sweetie!

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