Saturday, January 2, 2010

Chasing You Down The Hall

Hi Silly Doodle!

We were playing a fun game. I was in your bedroom and you were in the hallway. You'd crawl over to the door and and peek in. When you saw me, you'd yelp and take off crawling on your hands and knees as fast as you could. I'd crawl after you and say, "I'm gonna get you, where do you think you're going". That would make you yelp and laugh and crawl faster. When I caught you, I'd tickle you and make you laugh really hard. It was a lot of fun. I took a few videos. There's a couple photos below. The quality isn't the best because I copied the pictures out of the videos.

Here's a picture of you peeking around the corner of the door into your bedroom.

Here's a picture of you after I caught you in the hallway. I was kissing and tickling you. You were screaming and laughing like crazy.

I love you silly monkey!

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