Saturday, June 30, 2012

New Bike / Swimming At Cottage

Hi Baby Girl!

New Bike

You really haven’t been riding your tricycle much this summer, but hopped on it in the house recently and you were really good.  You rode it all around the house with no problem.  Soooo, we decided to go buy you a bike with training wheels.  We went out shopping and looked around at a few stores.  We got you a blue bike with robot on it … you really liked it.  Its a 14” bike.  It seemed almost a bit too big for  you, but it will do you for a while.  The 12” that you were trying was too small for you.

Here’s a few photos of you on your new bike.

IMG_5227 crop

IMG_5246 crop

IMG_5251 crop

You had a lot of fun.   You really love your new bike.  You aren’t strong and balanced enough to go riding by yourself yet, so I still follow you around.


You and I went swimming at the cottage for the first time this year.  We played on the shore for a while, and then we played around on the raft.  The water was pretty warm.

Here you are testing the water.  The tide was on its way in.

IMG_5261 crop

Our wet footprints together on the patio stones on the shore…. awwww … you have such cute little feet.

IMG_5273 crop

Finally swimming … we had lots of fun.

IMG_5293 crop

I love you little baby!

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