Thursday, June 7, 2012

Swinging And Pumping Your Legs / Can I Take My Seatbelt Off

Hi Sweet Girl!
Pumping Your Legs
Today when we picked you up from school, you said “I learned to pump my legs on the swing today”.   You already knew how to pump your legs to move yourself on the swing, but I guess you learned how to do it better today.
When we got to Sherry’s (Will’s babysitter) you ran down to the swing set.  You did really well swinging yourself really high.    You had big smiles for the camera as you were kicking your feet and swinging.
IMG-20120607-00137 crop

Can I Take My Seatbelt Off Please
Every time we get somewhere in the van, like when we stopped in the driveway at Sherry’s today, and when we went to the store, etc, you put your hands on y our seatbelt buckle, look at us and cutely say “can I take my seatbelt off please”.  We say yes and also say thank you for asking so nicely. 
A little while ago you learned to unbuckle your seatbelt and sometimes unbuckled it before we actually stopped.  We were very stern with you and told you that it is very important that you do not take your seatbelt off until we say it is OK.  So now you ask nicely every time.  You’re such a nice sweet girl.
I love you sweet baby!

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