Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Recognize Numbers / Sweet Loving Girl

Hi Sweet Baby Girl!

Recognize Numbers

This evening you really surprised me.  You wanted to make popcorn and wanted to press the buttons on the microwave, so I picked you up so you could press the buttons.  While waiting for the popcorn, I pointed at each number in order from one to nine.  You knew every one of them…  but you’ve known how to count for a while.   You said “what about zero” ….  haha… you’re a silly smart girl.

What really impressed me was that you named off some of the numbers that I pointed to randomly.  You recognized around 4 different numbers as I pointed to them.

Later we brought Mommy over to show her.  She also recorded a video on the camera.  Of course you silly girl…. you said “I don’t know” for most of the numbers we pointed to.

Sweet Loving Girl

You were extra sweet and loving today.  You gave us lots of hugs and snuggles.   You snuggled and said “I lovvve you daddeeee” a few times.  A few times you also said to us, “I love William”.  You also gave him lots of hugs.  It was cute.  Your hugs did turn into squeezes and William got mad and was screaming.  I took some pictures.  I didn’t get any really good ones, but these ones were cute.

IMG_3166 crop

IMG_3169 crop

Needed Mommy To Lay Down With You

You stayed up until after 9 this evening, which is pretty late for you.  Mommy was saying, you’re 3 now, so you can go to bed by yourself.  Mommy took you up to bed to tuck you in but ended up wanting her to lay down with you.  You said to Mommy … “I know I’m 3 now mommy”.  Mommy said “does that mean that you are going to bed by yourself”.  You replied “no, that means I want you to sleep with me”.  So, Mommy layed down with you for a while.

I love you sweet baby girl!

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