Tuesday, May 29, 2012

You Nutty Performer / Spelled Your Name / Didn’t Want Me To Lay Down With You

Hi Little Baby!

Its funny… I still call you that…. little baby.  I’ve always called you that.  Even still, when I snuggle with you or give you a hug I say “I love you little baby”.  I may always call you little baby.

You’re Such A Silly Nut & Performer

This evening before we went home, we stopped at a grocery store to get a couple things for supper.  Soooo, first you walked past a couple people in line at the checkout and threw the item you were carrying up on the belt.  We reeled you back.

Second, you just needed to hold the darn basket while we were standing in line, even though it was heavy.  You made me put it down so you could pick it up.  You’re a strong little girl though.  You surprise me with the size and weight of some things you pick up.

You didn’t do this this evening but it got me thinking.  You are so independent and want to do things yourself.  If I do something like put groceries on the belt at the check out, and you decide you wanted to, you get mad and say “I wanted to do it” and bully me out of the way.  You even will undo what I did … you will take the groceries off the belt, put them back in the basket or cart and start again, doing it yourself.  Silly silly girl.

So third … while at the checkout when were getting ready to pay, you scrambled your way around in behind the cashier.  You looked up at us with a big smile on your face and said “look at me …… I’m working” while you pretending to quickly put groceries into plastic bags with both hands.  After we and the cashier and other people in the store had a laugh, you looked up with a big bubbly smile and said loudly “have a good nite”.

Wrote Your Name

This evening you were playing on your Innotab.  You said you wanted to write your name.  I went over to help you out.  You were in the right place, I just pushed a button to bring up the onscreen keyboard.  You then typed the letters of your name.  You’re such a smart little girl.  I took a picture of you posing with your Innotab.  You still have ketchup on your face from supper.

IMG_1342 crop

Didn’t Want Me To Sleep With You

Lately you’ve been falling asleep downstairs watching TV by 7 or 8 PM.  Then I carry you up to bed.  For the longest while before that, You needed me to bring you to bed, tuck you in and lay down with you.  I often tuck you in and try to get out before you notice, but you always say in such a sad cute voice … “daddeeee … I want you to sleep with me”.

Last night you said that you were ready for bed.  I went up to your room with you, tucked you and went over to shut your curtains.  You said “daddee … I don’t want you to sleep with me”.  I just gave you a hug and a kiss and left you to fall asleep on your own.  That was quite a surprise.  I guess you are a big girl now. 

I love you sweet baby girl!

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