Wednesday, February 3, 2010

15 Month Vaccinations & Measurements

Hi Emma Doodle!

I took you for your 15 month needles this morning. You and I had a chocolate chip muffin while we waited for the nurse. I had you sitting on my left knee and i was feeding you pieces. When I wasn't fast enough, you'd lean over and try to bite the muffin. You're so funny.

There were two other babies in the waiting room when we got there. There was a little girl a couple months older than you. She was walking all around the waiting room and saying "hi dad" to her dad. You say hi dad sometimes. There was also a little boy about 2 months old. He was so tiny and cute. Its so hard to believe that you were ever that small... and inactive :) I carried you aroundthe waiting room. You were very intrigued watching the other babies.

When we went into the nurse's office, I was holding you while her and I were talking. You reached up for the light switch behind me and turned it off, making the room dark, except for the nurse's computer monitor. You then turned to us and said uhhhh oooooooh. You were pretty cute. You did it a few more times.

You got a needle in each arm. It hurt as soon as she gave you the needle. You started to scream and cry. I held you close and rubbed your back, and you felt better quickly. I moved you up closer to the light switch and you turned the light off again. It cheered you up because you smiled and said a quiet uhhh oooh.

Here are your measurements... the nurse didn't tell me your percentile, but I did a calculation on a website.
- height 31 3/4 inches (82nd percentile)
- weight 23 lbs 15 oz (65th percentile)

Your height may not be accurate. When I layed you down on the measurement table, you started getting mad. She got a pretty close measurement just before you started getting really mad and squirming all over the place. You're getting to be such a big girl.

You were in a great mood by the time we left. I put you in your snowsuit on the waiting room floor and spun you around a bunch of times. You giggled and laughed every time I did it.

This evening you were a very happy baby. I sat out with you while you had supper. We had lots of fun playing, laughing and giggling.

I love you little baby girl!

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